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Garlic Mustard -- different roles of juveniles and adults?


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A presentation by Dr. Anne Alerding, Assistant Professor of Biology, Virginia Military Institute.

Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
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Garlic Mustard -- different roles of juveniles and adults?

  1. 1. Garlic Mustard:different roles of juveniles and adults? Dr. Anne Alerding Assistant Professor of Biology Virginia Military Institute
  2. 2. A diverse forest shows verticalstratification and high species diversity
  3. 3. Northeastern forest invasion by garlic mustard decreases plant diversity Plant Diversity # of Garlic mustard plantsStinson et al., 2007 Northeastern Naturalist 14:73–88.
  4. 4. Invasion decreases vertical stratification (monolayer of garlic mustard)
  5. 5. Garlic mustard kills fungi that help native plants grow ectomycorrhizae endomycorrhizae
  6. 6. Cyanopropenyl glycosideFlavonoid glycoside
  7. 7. adultsjuveniles
  8. 8. Project 1: Do juveniles and adults produce thesame amounts & types of chemicals?
  9. 9. Year 1: Juvenile Year 2: Adult (vegetative rosette) (reproductive)
  10. 10. Field Juveniles
  11. 11. Field Adults
  12. 12. Juveniles contain more chemicals! Juvenile 3x108 AdultConcentration 2x108 of Peak 1 (A218/g DW) 1x108 0 Shoots Roots
  13. 13. Project 2:With altered habitat and litter inputs, are animals affected by invasion?
  14. 14. We studied animals that break down litter (detritus): Detritivores
  15. 15. Springtail – an important detritivore in forest litter
  16. 16. Springtails are more abundant in invaded sites Springtailabundance Invaded Uninvaded
  17. 17. Springtail abundance is higher in less acidic soil Springtailabundance Soil pH
  18. 18. Soil pH is less acidic when juveniles increase in abundanceSoil pH Juvenile Abundance (% of Total Plants)
  19. 19.
  20. 20. What can YOU do to help?
  21. 21. Eat Garlic Mustard ‘til you burst!