Travel Guide To Bedfordshire


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A simple and quick travel guide to Bedfordshire.

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Travel Guide To Bedfordshire

  1. 1. Travel Guide BEDFORDSHIRE HUNGRY FOR MORE INFO AFTER WATCHING THIS? GO TO httpzllagptech.50webs. com/ bedford_5.html FOR LINKS!
  2. 2. Introduction Bedfordshire is a county with a near proximity to London. Because of this, Bedfordshire is often dubbed as, “commuter country. ” However, Bedfordshire has loads of attractions for people to visit. From Historical Sites, to Gardens, to Animal Parks! Because of Bedfordshire's transport links, it's really easy to get around! And with Luton airport situated within the county, it’s also great for visitors from all around Europe.
  3. 3. Top Five Attractions: WOBURN ABBEY Woburn Abbey has been owned by the Russell family since 1547. During this time, the old Abbey buildings were made into a house. Over the years, the improvements the family made have transformed the Abbey into one of the finest historic stately homes in the UK. The current house_ now boasts collections of silver, ceramics, paintings and furniture. It doesn't stop inside the house! There are also some extensive gardens around the Abbey. There are around 3,000 acres of gardens, mainly Victorian in their character, including a deer park, ponds, maze and even a Chinese dairy!
  4. 4. - : ,_. t+ ; 4 . i“. ; F ‘_«', _; ; gr“. ; _. L . _ : , ‘ l“, | ‘I. 3' Ti"fli" -' N‘ . "i- [E I‘ ‘ . “", vé~. "‘ ‘Vail A | ‘V [IV ‘| . “Ir . ,.§J‘. '~Ar? .‘ . 1'. i. .i*. |»*. .’iu“. .~‘~7’| .1.‘I= .l. r‘. =lT. —— ‘ SHUTTLE WORTH COLLECTION Old Warden Park is owned b the Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth Remembrance rust. Richard Shuttleworth inherited the Old Warden Estate on his 23rd birthday and took a keen interest in farming and estate management as well as in motor racing and aviation. He was killed flying in 1940 at the age of 31. Four ears later his mother, Dorothy Shuttleworth, foun ed the Trust as a permanent memorial to him.
  5. 5. Top Five Attractions: MONSTER EVENT CENTRE ' I Here you will find an unrivalled opeortunity to experience driving & riding in a ful size monster truck, 4x4 off road driving for both adults & teenagers, 4x4 rides and quad biking for all the family. I All of their off road driving events are available as activity gift vouchers for that special occasion. I Although this centre sounds very child unfriendly, children as young as three can visit and have a go on the radio controlled monster trucks!
  6. 6. ta -. .. _z r. -; _ E . .; - D if“! " l “ Ff? I . ‘i ii gl ii Iii All ii E 3-1‘: DANISH CAMP Enjoy a visit to the countryside. .. there's history, wildlife, walks, a cycle track, cycle hire and a Norwegian log cabin, serving food and refreshments all day long. If you have time constraints it is not the best place to visit. The restaurant is not a fast-food outlet. All food is cooked to order. However you can enjoy a drink in the tranquil surroundings of Danish Carrp while you wait for your order to be prepared. It does give you an opportunity to relax before your meal!
  7. 7. Top Five Attractions: WHIPSNADE TREE CATHEDRAL I Trees and hedges planted in the form of a medieval cathedral. I Created following the First Wortd War in ‘Faith, hope and reconciliation’, the Tree Cathedral covers a tranquil 3.82ha (9% acres) and contains many tree species. I Grass avenues form chancel, nave, transepts, chapels and Cloisters, and there IS also a dew pon .
  8. 8. r“- I I hope I have been able to show you that Bedfordshire is much more than just “commuter country. ” I The great thing about Bedfordshire is the great mix between great transport links, beautiful scenery, and historic masterpieces. I If that doesn’t agree with your idea of fun, why not try using the countryside to fulfil your adrenaline filled mind at the Monster Event Centre. Thank you for listening