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User experience and Web Analytics for product managers


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So, you want to be a Product Manager but you are not a a designer and not an analytics professional? The first step is to understand those two areas of expertise and have at least a basic notion of the roles they play on your company. This workshop is going to help you learn the basics of managing a product or service, starting with the understanding of those two skills.

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User experience and Web Analytics for product managers

  1. 1. UX and Analytics for product managers
  2. 2. Who is the Product Manager?● Accepts the journey● Charts the course● Keeps the boat sailing smoothly● Checks the results● Go on for another journey● ...
  3. 3. What a captain must know? Whats happening? x Why is it happening?
  4. 4. What a captain must know? Analytics (Metrics) x User Experience
  5. 5. Metrics (example) Acquisition: Visits Activation: Pages per user Retention: New vs Returning Referral: Traffic source Revenue: $$$(Source: Startup Metrics for pirates:
  6. 6. This is just data
  7. 7. ... but you need information
  8. 8. Analytics - Where to begin?1. Whats important to your business now?2. What are you trying to achieve?3. KPIs!4. Avoid Vanity Metrics5. More KPIs!... and then choose your tools for the job
  9. 9. Analytics - What you see● Completed goals● Negative / positive tendencies● Effects of changes on the product● Conversions● Funnels● ... and a lot more.
  10. 10. Analytics - What you cant see● User profile● Emotions● Causes of success● Causes of failure● ... and a lot more.
  11. 11. UXUnderstanding the needs and expectations of your public so you can offer them the best solution for their problems
  12. 12. UX in Product Management● Researching ○ Card sorting ○ Interviews ○ Focus Groups● Prototyping ○ Wireframing ○ Low fidelity prototypes● Analyzing ○ Heuristics ○ Expert analysis
  13. 13. UX in Product ManagementAnd, the most important:● Test● Measure results● Adjust● Rinse and Repeat
  14. 14. UX in Product Management A/B testing is your best friend!It can be cheap (Google Analytics does it!)It can be easy ( always efficient!
  15. 15. UX in Product Management But dont fall into the trap! Plan your tests and know what youre measuring! (examples at
  16. 16. So, side by side Analytics User Experience behavioral attitudinal quantitative qualitative high fidelity artificial high volume high quality What? Why? Source:
  17. 17. "Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted" Einstein (maybe)
  18. 18. Thanks!Vitor PeçanhaFounder of