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Join the DASH7 Team Today

  1. 1. Join The DASH7 Team info@dash7.orgTuesday, May 17, 2011
  2. 2. 3"$4&25+*6$72&0(- 3$78&9)8$:2,;0,*<= 3$>?@$?1)*A)2A 3$78&9)8$:2,;0,*<= 3$$ 3$>?@$?1)*A)2A 3$$ Over 50 companies in 26 countries one global frequency one ISO standardTuesday, May 17, 2011
  3. 3. DASH7 Technology Scalable Range 1-1,000m 433 MHz penetrates walls, bends around metal Sub-1 meter location accuracy Battery Life 100x > WiFi, BT Strong crypto support Open Source Stack Connects to moving objects & people, unlike BT, WiFi Portable to phones, smartcards, keyfobs, MP3 players, more Same antenna and nearly the same silicon as NFC An actual ISO standard - ISO 18000-7 TCO 1/100th of ZigBee’s 50+ member DASH7 Alliance ecosystem Interoperability certification by MET Labs Mandated for use by DoD, NATOTuesday, May 17, 2011
  4. 4. We Aim High By Choosing: the single best global frequency and an ISO standard already mandated by the largest active RFID customer in the world By Collaborating: with subject matter experts from dozens of DASH7 Alliance members and advisors By Competing: as the longest range, lowest power, lowest latency technology in wireless sensor networkingTuesday, May 17, 2011
  5. 5. What We Do Improve: we are working on a variety of initiatives to both improve the ISO 18000-7 standard as well as reference other complementary standards and in some cases, build new specifications and standards to help DASH7 realize its full potential. Certify: our members submit DASH7 products for conformance and interoperability testing using a third party testing house Market: we create greater awareness about DASH7 in order to open new markets and create new revenue opportunities for our members.Tuesday, May 17, 2011
  6. 6. Who Should Join? • Companies building completed hardware devices or hardware components • Companies providing software and services for the internet of things • End users seeking to deploy wireless sensor networking productsTuesday, May 17, 2011
  7. 7. Our Organization Board of Directors Officers & Steering Committee Outreach Working Technical Working Standards & Test & Group Group Regulatory WG Certification WG Security Subgroup Smartcard Subgroup Transportation Subgroup The DASH7 Alliance is a 501(c)6 California non-profit corporation DNA SubgroupTuesday, May 17, 2011
  8. 8. Outreach Working Group • Requirements gathering for new specifications, initiatives • Blogging, social media, website, newsletters • Speaking engagements, trade showsTuesday, May 17, 2011
  9. 9. Technical Working Group • Draft specifications based on approved requirements from the Outreach Working Group • Drive OpenTag adoptionTuesday, May 17, 2011
  10. 10. Test & Certification Working Group • Develops and conformance and interoperability testing procedures in concert with MET Labs • Certifies interoperability across vendorsTuesday, May 17, 2011
  11. 11. Standards & Regulatory Working Group • Submit approved specifications to ISO & other standards organizations and work to ensure ratification • Work with national regulatory bodies • Collaborate with other standards development organizationsTuesday, May 17, 2011
  12. 12. Smartcard Subgroup • New initiative • Exploring use cases and alliance strategies for bringing DASH7 to powered smartcards • Opportunities in access control, retail, logistics, rights & entitlements monitoringTuesday, May 17, 2011
  13. 13. Building Automation Subgroup • Exploring use cases and alliance strategies for bringing DASH7 to “smart buildings” • Opportunities in LED lighting, fixed and mobile asset management,Tuesday, May 17, 2011
  14. 14. OpenTag • Open source firmware stack for DASH7 Mode 2 • Currently in beta • Backed by the DASH7 Alliance • Learn more at projects/opentagTuesday, May 17, 2011
  15. 15. Transportation Subgroup • New initiative • Exploring a wide range of use cases for DASH7 in transportation verticals • Opportunities in in-vehicle communications, air and maritime logistics, and many moreTuesday, May 17, 2011
  16. 16. Why Join? 1. Access the latest 2. Build DASH7 3. Certify your 4. Influence the 5. Network with industry DASH7 specifications products with the DASH7 products using direction of future luminaries. DASH7 Alliance before they become benefit of subject exclusive DASH7 test DASH7 specifications, meetings are increasingly ISO standards. matter experts, free tools and certification regulatory, certification, seen as sales or business DASH7 Alliance development kits, and services. Only DASH7 and marketing efforts is development opportunities members gain a head member-only events Alliance members with consistent with your where suppliers, integrators, start on the that enable your products that have own vision of the future. end users, regulators, and competition by as company to build successfully passed DASH7 Alliance academics convene and much as two years by DASH7 products DASH7 Certified™ members have a unique speak in hushed tones in getting early access to faster and better than conformance and opportunity to shape small groups about new specifications. the competition. interoperability testing the future of wireless DASH7 business may use the “DASH7 sensor networking at an opportunities. Current specifications Certified” logo. early stage. include DASH7 Mode To be included in these 2, and other draft hushed sidebar meetings, specifications in you must be a principal or development include charter member of the the DASH7 security alliance. Fortunately, alliance and common reader meetings take on a different protocol specifications. continent every 10 weeks to ensure maximum international participation. And our annual meeting, held every February, takes place in a warm, sunny place, usually an island.Tuesday, May 17, 2011
  17. 17. Membership Value & Pricing Charter Principal * Associate $50,000 $5K-$20K $500 * Principal member dues vary by member’s annual revenues. <$10MM = $5,000 per year, $10-50MM = $10,000 per year, $50MM+ = $20,000 per yearTuesday, May 17, 2011
  18. 18. 2011 Calendar Summer Meeting June 21-22, San Francisco, California Fall Meeting Sept. 20-21, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Winter Meeting Nov. 15-16, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2012 Annual Meeting Jan 30-Feb 1, 2012 Bridgetown, Barbados (save the date!)Tuesday, May 17, 2011
  19. 19. Joining Is Easy! • Download our membership application at • Complete and return to pat@dash7.orgTuesday, May 17, 2011