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Recount text


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Recount text

  1. 1. “ a text that telling the reader about one story, action or activity. “
  2. 2. Social Function : To retell the past events.  Generic Structure:  a. Orientation b. Series of events c. Reorientation  Language Features: a. Using simple past tense b. Using clause time
  3. 3. SIMPLE PAST g Subject + Verb 2 Example: I visited Puncak a month ago.
  4. 4. CLAUSE TIME When/after/before/while + Subject and Verb Examples: - When I went to Bogor, I visited Puncak. - I visited Puncak when I went to Bogor.
  5. 5. ORIENTATION It was Thursday evening. All family members were at my parents’ house. My parents invited my uncle, my sister, my brother, and me for their twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage. Everyone was busy to prepare the family party.
  6. 6. EVENTS Suddenly the rain poured heavily and few minutes later the light was off. When the light was off, my brother was roasting lamb, my sister was putting all the plates, spoons, forks, and i was preparing the table with food, and i was helping my mother decorate the cake and candles. Fortunately, my uncle called and when i told him what was happening, he said he would come with emergency lights.
  7. 7. REORIENTATION In the dark, my father looked for other candles and lit some of them. When my uncle arrived, we were still setting up the table. He turned the emergency light on. Under the dim light, we were ready to sit around the table full of food. My father lit the candle and together with my mother they blew out the candle and we clapped, sang and prayed for their health and happiness. Then we started to enjoy the food. While we were having the food, the light was on again. We cheered and clapped once again.
  8. 8. THANK YOU