ISCB Youth Symposium

Dean, School of Data Science & Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Jun. 5, 2016

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ISCB Youth Symposium

  1. The Future of Biology & Medicine is All About Computers Philip E. Bourne PhD
  2. Computers an Ever Powerful Tool 1974 1960’s 1981 Today
  3. The Human Genome • Took at least 10 years and several $bn • Biology’s equivalent of landing on the moon • Genome now costs $1000
  4. Proteins and You HIV Protease Hemoglobin Common Cold Virus Ribosome Prion
  5. Studying Iron Metabolism
  6. Some Things Stay with You Your Whole Life
  7. Numberofreleasedentries Year The Growth of Data is A Major Driver in Biology
  8. Why are there so many different shapes?
  9. Big Data Other ‘Omic Imaging Phenotypic Clinical Genomic Exposure
  10. An Example of That Potential: The Story of Meredith
  11. Josh Sommer – A Remarkable Young Man Co-founder & Executive Director the Chordoma Foundation
  12. “And that’s why we’re here today. Because something called precision medicine … gives us one of the greatest opportunities for new medical breakthroughs that we have ever seen.” President Barack Obama January 30, 2015 Precision Medicine
  13. Being a Scientist is a Great Life

Editor's Notes

  1. Clicks on each name
  2. Within biomedical research, many data types Victims of our own success Data production outstrips data handling and analysis Major long-term changes are needed
  3. Photos: FC tweet; RK screen grab