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Eight {So Far} Things I Wish I Had Thought More About 30-40 Years Ago


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Presented to the iTHRIV students at the University of Virginia, October 30, 2018

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Eight {So Far} Things I Wish I Had Thought More About 30-40 Years Ago

  1. 1. Eight {So Far} Things I Wish I Had Thought More About 30-40 Years Ago Philip E. Bourne PhD, FACMI Stephenson Chair of Data Science Director, Data Science Institute Professor of Biomedical Engineering 1 @pebourne iTHRIV Scholars Program10/30/18
  2. 2. The less of a lecture the more of a discussion the better …. Acknowledgement: The context for this discussion draws from the nearly 100 x Ten Simple Rules.. Which takes us to Take Home One & Two 210/30/18
  3. 3. Take home one … Science is a team sport – more so than ever before … Your long term success will depend as much on the ability to build and maintain a team as it will on your individual accomplishments 310/30/18
  4. 4. Take home two … • Its more … • Collaboration • Management skills • Communication • Verbal • Written • Administrative ability • All impact productivity • Grants • Papers • Teaching awards • Editorial and committee work • Etc. 4 Ten Simple Rules for Getting Ahead as a Computational Biologist in Academia. PLoS Comput Biol 7(1): e1002001. 10/30/18 Science is based on the work of the collective, but is measured on an individual basis
  5. 5. Take home three … (from Hamming) Work on the most important problems in your field Look to societal needs as well as changing technologies to drive your decisions 5 Erren TC, Cullen P, Erren M, Bourne PE (2007) Ten Simple Rules for Doing Your Best Research, According to Hamming. PLOS Comput Biol 3(10): e213 10/30/18
  6. 6. My 2 cents… Here is how I think about what to work on currently … 10/30/18 6
  7. 7. 7 content/uploads/2009/10/Fourth_Paradigm.pdf 10/30/18
  8. 8. How Will Science Change? 810/30/18
  9. 9. Digitization Deception Disruption Demonetization Dematerialization Democratization Time Volume,Velocity,Variety Digital camera invented by Kodak but shelved Megapixels & quality improve slowly; Kodak slow to react Film market collapses; Kodak goes bankrupt Phones replace cameras Instagram, Flickr become the value proposition Digital media becomes bona fide form of communication From a presentation to the Advisory Board to the NIH Director Example - photography 910/30/18
  10. 10. Maybe follow the emergent data & analytics… • A few examples: • Imaging – biggest success in machine learning • EHR’s – still the wild west, but becoming civilized • Integration with environmental data • Cancer • Autism • Prevention – social media • Mental health • Global health • Pandemics • Genes to Ecosystems • Biocomplexity 1010/30/18
  11. 11. Take home four … The most compelling science still needs money (aka money talks) 1110/30/18
  12. 12. Look to what is being funded • Moonshot – cancer genomics • MODs old dog; new tricks • Human Microbiome Project – a gut feel • TOPMed - genotype to phenotype • All-of-Us – precision medicine • ECHO – child health and the environment • BRAIN - neuroscience 1210/30/18
  13. 13. Take home five … Treat others as you treat yourself Trust me, If you don’t it will come back to haunt you 1310/30/18
  14. 14. Take home six … Follow your heart not your brain 14 10/30/18
  15. 15. Take home seven … Diversity of research is a relative term … Figure out where you are comfortable on the spectrum … More diversity means less depth however smart you are 1510/30/18
  16. 16. Take home eight … Its about balance 16 ISMB 2006 ISMB 200910/30/18
  17. 17. Summary 1. Its not about you, its about the team 2. Success requires skills beyond the scientific 3. Work on the most important problems 4. Work the money 5. Respect the views and contributions of all others 6. Follow your heart 7. Diversify to the point of comfort 8. Success derives from life balance 10/30/18 17