eBay Training Courtesy of LearnKey


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eBay Training Courtesy of LearnKey

  1. 1. eBay Training Courtesy of LearnKey
  2. 2. Making Money on eBay training and Build a store on eBay training are brought to us by Learnkey. We will have an overview here of these eBay training courses for us to know whats
  3. 3. more applicable and bring us on the road to success for our own eBay selling business.
  4. 4. In Building a Store on eBay training, the introductiondelves and explains that many small business owners arereaching a marketplace of millions of potential customers by building online storefronts on eBay.
  5. 5. Erica Wadley, the expert instructor for this topic, hascreated an eBay store that has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products while generating more than 99% positive customer feedback. She takes you step-by- step through the process, such that at the conclusion of this eBay training course you have a clear understanding how to easily build and manage your own eBay store.
  6. 6. eBay SuccessKit
  7. 7. Want to have a complete overview of this eBay training courses?
  8. 8. eBay Training Course Outline
  9. 9. Session 1
  10. 10. Section A: Online Auctioning Keys to Success Adam Hersh Online Auction Sites eBay Auctions Other Market Places
  11. 11. Section B: eBays Site Home Page Exploring Categories Searching Buying Auction Items Placing Bids
  12. 12. Section C: Auction Items Event Auctions Charity Auctions Memorabilia Big Ticket Items Prohibited Items
  13. 13. Section D: Listing Auctions Creating a Sell Item Advertising Real Estate Choose Category Suggested CategoriesCategory Strategies Titling Items Abbreviation Create Title
  14. 14. Section E: Auction Description Details Purchase Conditions Appearances Description Text HTML Text Controls Reuse Scheduling
  15. 15. Section F: Pricing Price Options Fees Starting Price Reserves/Low Prices Buy It Now
  16. 16. Section G: Auction Features Private Auctions Pictures Picture Layouts Listing Upgrades Counters Payment Methods Shipping Feature Statics Session 2
  17. 17. Section A: After the Auction Follow up Shipping Non-paying Bidders Bidder Management 2nd Chance Offer Relisting Payment Services
  18. 18. Section B: Feedback Core of eBay Responding Getting Feedback Feedback Violations
  19. 19. Section C: eBay Services Benefits ConveniencesPromotions Services Tab Buying/Selling Tools Trade with Confidence Authenticate Items ID Verify
  20. 20. Section D: eBay Stores Benefits Store Levels Featured Store Anchor Store Store Section
  21. 21. Section E: Auction Management Marketplace Integration Inventory Management Image Management Sale Management Storefront/Checkout Tools Order Management Preferred Solution Provider
  22. 22. Section F: Powersellers eBay Recognition Levels Benefits Maintaining Status
  23. 23. Section G: Trading Assistants Requirements Finding Clients Fees Limits
  24. 24. Section H: eBay Life eBay Community eBay Plans
  25. 25. Making money on eBay Training - eBay Training, Course 2 Sessions - 4 Hours of Training
  26. 26. eBay Training Instructor - Expert Adam Hersh has sold more than 50,000 items on eBay and other auction sites.He was the first named eBay trading assistant. He has soldmore items, received more positive comments. Hed beenan eBay member longer than any other trading assistant in New York City. His business has been featured already on several publications, including Smart Money, Readers Digest, and Business Week. He was selected as eBays collectible seller of the month in September 2003, and featured in the Collectibles Sellers Newsflash.
  27. 27. Make eBay training through Learnkey count. It will also bea good opportunity for you to attend more eBay training and help you become successful in the eBay business.
  28. 28. Please visit:http://earncashonlinesite.info/form.php?id=66065 for more info