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Phu Brochures


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Phu Brochures

  1. 1. Pebble Hills University is really an “I don't know how to express my deep international University as it is being appreciation towards your speed reflected in the membership of its Governing responses on my certificate. I am proud to Council which cuts across many countries in be part of this institution. May the good Africa, Europe, South America, North Lord move the institution forward; I will America, Australia, Russian Federation and always be part of the institute.” Asia. It is the universality of the institution in its approaches that is fetching it so much Thanks for your usual co-operation. popularity in recent time among education lovers over and above regional (local) Jide Jolaiya J Universities the world over. I sincerely wish MBA graduate other Universities cultivate the style so that Pebble Hills University academics anywhere may have better opportunities to pool and share their knowledge and expertise to the Glory of God and for the benefit of mankind . Prof. Muhammed Ayinla OMOLAJA B. Sc. (Hons.), MPA, PhD (Bus. Admin.), Dip. (Comp. Sc.), Dip. (Modern Mgt.), ACIA, ANIIM, MNIM, MNMA, ANCS, MIMC, MCIM, MISA, FICA, FCMA, FACPSM President, International College of Management and Technology, and Regional Director, Pebble Hills University, Learning Anytime Dear Students, Anywhere We interact once again with pleasant memories of the year gone by and a fervent hope that the year to come has in store for us many more laurels and a number of opportunities to be more creative. European Office: Pebble Hills University Our teams of international faculties have put in their best efforts to transform you into well-balanced and Villa MontFleuri, well-rounded global professionals. They have been constantly helping you to build an environment of trust 24 Montee de Cimiez, Nice 06000 and create in you a positive attitude, values and ethics much needed as a creditable professional at the France international scenario. We have taken an initiative to re-invent the glorious tradition of value-oriented life. Email Address: You must try to inculcate the skills of selection and maintenance of aim in life. While devoting your energies in pursuit of academic excellence, considerable efforts should be made to spiritual development. Since, in the times of stress, this would provide you the much needed inner strength to carry on with your mission. As an Fax: on-line educational institute, we ensure to provide you the best of support to enhance your academic level; North America: +1-610-602-1879 there are certain things, which we would like to see among all of you. Try to nurture and develop the value Europe: +390-377-243-11-76 forming institutions like family, religion and alma mater. Learn to hold on to what you believe is right and Asia and other continents: +852-301-70497 just. Be gracious enough to accept your mistakes and resolve to improve. Humility never demeans a person rather it elevates him. Take each difficult head on and see it as an opportunity to lern and excel. Phone Number: North America: +1-516-665-6818 Europe: +64-9353-1228 Prof. M. Manfred Asia and other continents: +852-301-45286 PhD, MSS, PgD, MCP, BEng, FSSM President Pebble Hills University
  2. 2. Pebble Hills in a glance As a private institution operating in many countries, the University's outlook is radically different from that of many other universities. Its individualized model of education is based on real-world values that are directly relevant to your life and Recognition aspirations, creating a uniquely forward-looking profile within contemporary higher education. Graduates of PHU programs will be recognized by Global Licensure the following organizations for membership at a Pebble Hills University is in compliance with the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) which is the major Agency for educational grade appropriate to each applicant's qualifications policies and procedures of the Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education (BPPVE) for the State of California and the and working experience: respective universities and colleges located within their jurisdiction. An executed copy of our voluntary agreement letter is on file with the state of California Department of Consumer Affairs and verification of our voluntary compliance is located at International Sales Pros Association International Business Association The Institute of Management Specialists (IMS) The Institute of Manufacturing (IManf) The Somali Ministry of Education and the office of Governmental Communications & Contracts has granted an Educational Licensure Professional Business & Technical to the Pebble Hills University, which PHU can operate and teach in the Republic of Somalia. The Somali Transitional Federal Management (PBTM) Government has authorized to Pebble Hills University to fully teach virtually, in traditional class room or request for educational The MBA and Professional Managers Guild funds on behalf of the Somali Transitional Federal Government. The Academy of Multi-Skills (AMS) The Academy of Executives & Administrators (AEA) The University is fully licensed and permitted, to provide Educational programs, seminars, electronic learning and similar, leading to Asia Pacific CEO Association the granting of academic and professional degrees, by Hutt River Province, Australasia. Asia Pacific VIP Association Asia Pacific BBA Graduates Association Asia Pacific MBA Graduates Association Asia Pacific DBA Graduates Association Accreditation Chartered Association of Accounting And Pebble Hills University is then fully accredited by the Finance International Commission for Higher Education, which is the professional quality control mechanism for Colleges and Universities' standards. Their Accreditation gives a public record of your learning that will be widely accepted by employers, flexible learning for DIST A NC E L EA RNI N G P ROV IDE S A T OT AL EN D T O Chartered Association of Financial Accountants Chartered Association of Directors Association of Certified Financial Controllers professional associations, by other colleges and universities, and will be recognized in and out of state as well as internationally. PHU is also fully accredited by The Professional Managers Association (PMA). PMA will accept Pebble Hills University's your personal needs END SOL UT I ON F O R L I F EL O NG L EAR NIN G Association of Registered Financial Planners Certified HR Managers Association Registered HR Managers Association Association of Certified Investment Analysts graduates for full Membership of the Association. These with Chartered Management Association Master's degrees can enter the PMA at Certified Professional Pebble Hills programs are recognized by The Society of Sales and Marketing, UK. Diploma, Masters Association of Certified Management Manager (P.Mgr) level. Those with Doctoral degrees will be and Doctorates of PHU will be eligible to apply for professional membership as either Associates Consultants entitled to enter as Fellows. In addition, the PHU degrees will be (ASSM) or Fellows (FSSM) depending on ages, experience and other conditions. In te rn a ti o n a l Stu d e n t Se rvi ce s Hong Kong Sales And Marketing Association accepted for Exemption from the Association's Diploma, Advanced Chartered Association of Property And The Society of Business Practitioners' Board and Academic Review Council has recommended Diploma, Graduate Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma in Security recognition for graduates of the PHU Master of Business Administration (MBA) to qualify for a Pebble Hills University degrees can be attested as equivalent to US Management Studies at equivalent levels. PHU's Bachelor level Association of Certified Public Secretaries And Senior SBP Award. Specifically, the designated senior award relates to the Society's Fellowship regionally accredited degrees and Royal Charter accredited degree, graduates will also qualify for Credit Transfer award of our Administrators program in corporate management. Candidates holding the PHU MBA will be eligible to jointly earn Graduate Diploma in Management Studies and those with PHU's considered to the highest form of accreditation in the world by Association of Registered Public Secretaries an Executive Diploma in Corporate Management (ExDipCM) and the SBP Fellowship (FSBP). Masters or Doctoral degrees will qualify for award of PMA agencies. An evaluation report is an individualized, written report And Administrators Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration by Credit Pebble Hills University students are accepted for membership within the Technological or Association of Certified Purchasing And Transfer. Managerial Chapters and Applicable Interest Groups. The Design, Technology and Management describing each certificate, diploma or degree you have earned in a Supply Managers Society International is a multi-disciplined learned establishment, which offers membership and foreign country while specifying its U.S. equivalent. Chartered Institute of Training And Pebble Hills University is an official department of the World certification to individual members, and patron and institutional membership to organizations and Development Information Distributed University (WIDU). WIDU is an entity businesses. The society operates on a national and international basis. Chartered Association of Technology And included in the L'Academie Europeenne d'lnformatisation The Council of Institute of Forensic Accountants (IFA), Nigeria has accepted the MOU for mutual PHU graduates are widely accepted by universities throughout the Engineering (A.E.I), established in Belgium under the decree of the Belgian relationship between Pebble Hills University and IFA. The Institute of Forensic Accountants (IFA), world such as Wisconsin International University, USA, International Chartered Association of Hotel And Tourism King Albert II. Pebble Hills University is an approved department was established as a Professional Institution for the Provision of bonafide Qualifications for Forensic Open University, IMPAC University, USA, Concepts University, EU, The Association of Certified Housing Managers of WIDU. WIDU is licensed by Moscow (Russian Federation) to Accountants through the administration of Professional Examinations. IFA was established to train and award scientific degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and University of the Punjab, Pakistan, Westbrook University, USA, Association of Registered Housing Managers provide qualified Forensic Accountants to inspire Public confidence in matters relating to detection The International Institute of Engineers Grand Doctor of Philosophy and approved to act as a world base of of fraud and abuse including white-collar crimes. IFA is also to contribute to the advancement of the Southern Pacific University, University of NorthWest, West Coast educational programs and to facilitate the development of The International Institute of Scientists anti-fraud professionals who are interested in obtaining high quality continuing Professional University (WCU), Akamai University, Midwest Missouri University, St. The International Guild of Academicians expertise Vis educational programs. education on Forensic Accounting. Because of the unique role of the Forensic Accounting, it has Elias School, Bircham International University and St. Augustine The International Institute of Architects necessitated IFA to give specialized training and skills that are not typically part of an Accountant’ Educational Services, etc International Association of Educators formal education. IFA Educational Programmes allow its members to earn credential that can help (INASED) assure the Legal Community, Employers, Individuals and other Stakeholders that the designee Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) possesses Exceptional degree of Experience and Knowledge to provide Competent Professional Students of Pebble Hills University can apply for The International International Association of Science and Forensic Accounting services. Student Identity Card (ISIC), ISIC is the most widely accepted proof of Technology for Development (IASTED) The Council of The Chartered Institute of Cost and Management Accountants (CICMA), Nigeria has international student identification which also helps save hundreds of International Association for Cross-Cultural accepted the MOU for mutual relationship between PHU and CICMA. The Chartered Institute of Cost dollars at home and abroad with incredible discounts only available to Psychology (IACCP) and Management Accountants (formerly known as Institute of Cost and Management Accountants) is The International Association for Computer the premier provider of Professional Training and Certification on Cost and Management Accounting ISIC holders. The International Student ID card (ISIC) is the premier Information Systems in Nigeria. Our Members have objective measurement of knowledge and competence in all facet of discount and identity document for students. More than 5 million International Association of Information general accounting and are Specialist in Cost and Management Accounting. students around the world will purchase an ISIC card this year. To Technology Trainers (ITrain) The Association of Cost and Management Accountants (ACMA), Nigeria has accepted the MOU for qualify for your International Student ID card, you must be age 12 or The International Association for Accounting mutual relationship between PHU and ACMA. The Association of Cost and Management Accountants Education and Research (IAAER) older and currently enrolled as a full-time degree seeking student at (ACMA), Nigeria is the leading Association for today’s qualified Cost and Management Accountants. International Benevolent Research Forum, ACMA is a self-regulating Accounting Association. an accredited institution. Continuing education, language school, and India (IBRF) The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines has signed MOU with PHU and recognize our qualification non-degree seeking students are not eligible. . and credits. The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is the nation’s foremost organisation in the field of alternative medicines with a membership in excess of 70,000 practitioners, 10000 students and 195 affiliated centres spread across the length and breadth of the nation. Pebble Hills University is recognized by Certified Financial Advisers Association International (CFAA International), Chartered Agency Managers Association International (CAMA International) and Professional Institute of Management Executives International (PIME International) PHU MBA graduates are eligible to sit for the Certified MBA Examination of the International Certification Institute.