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Catch Me If You Can : A Social Game


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Catch Me If You Can is a free to play social game you can enjoy at facebook. This document illustrates how to play Catch Me If You Can in a big picture.

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Catch Me If You Can : A Social Game

  1. 1. Proudly Presented by Hedgehogs
  2. 2. Remember those days playing hide and seek with your friends? NOW,
  3. 3. You can do it online at facebook with Catch Me If You Can!
  4. 4. Let’s Play!
  6. 6. USER INTERFACE Choose a Character (Ready & Start) Before Choosing Character After Choosing Character
  7. 7. USER INTERFACE Stay at City (Run away or Chase) Earn Money Observe Chaser Earn Money Track Down the Fugitive
  8. 8. USER INTERFACE Movement (Run away or Chase) World Map Choose a vehicle Moving 01 / 02 / 03 /
  9. 9. USER INTERFACE Game Over Fugitive succeed Chaser Failed in Arresting the Fugitive
  10. 10. USER INTERFACE Game Over Chaser succeed Fugitive failed
  11. 11. USER INTERFACE Ranking
  12. 12. WORLD MAP 20 Countries, 20 Cities New York / USA Korea / Seoul Rio de Janeiro / Brazil China / Beijing Cusco / Peru Japan / Tokyo Toronto / Canada Thailand / Bangkok Paris / France India / Agra London / UK Tanzania / Arusha Rome / Italy Egypt / Cairo Madrid / Spain Russia / Moscow Berlin / Germany Finland / Helsinki Sydney / Australia UAE / Dubai
  13. 13. VEHICLE Airplane, Ship and Train Vehicles Reflecting the Real World Maximum 1 hours Moving from City to City Transportation Requires Cash Play Mini Game during Movement
  14. 14. CITY MAP City Info, Landmark, Mini Games and Witnesses Landmark Witness Mini Game
  15. 15. EARN MONEY By Doing Mini Games Zoo Car Wash Museum Gas Station Parking Lot Library
  16. 16. only Chaser GATHER EVIDENCE See Witnesses in Each City Quiz Related with the Spot I saw the person asked Clue to the about the exchange rate Fugitive’s for Ruble. Hideout
  17. 17. only Chaser GATHER EVIDENCE If You are Arriving at a City Fugitive has never been Nobody seemed to be the person you’re talking about.
  18. 18. only Fugitive OBSERVE CHASER Guess How Close Chasers are approaching L********** sent you $10 because of wrong answer to a quiz. L********** has got a clue to your hideout. Run immediately! L********** started to chase you.
  19. 19. ESCAPE CATCH or Moment Of Truth : When Fugitive met Chaser
  20. 20. ESCAPE CATCH or Moment Of Truth : When Fugitive met Chaser
  21. 21. HEDGEHOGS IS… Hedgehogs is a Creator of a Free to Play Social Game, “Catch Me If You Can” on Facebook. The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing. - Isaiah Berlin in “The Hedgehog and the Fox” Contact Us