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Swaddle Buddy™ Sack


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How to swaddle a baby using the Swaddle Buddy™ Sack

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Swaddle Buddy™ Sack

  1. 1. Swaddle Buddy™ Sack Copyright 2012 Pea Wee Baby™ LLC
  2. 2. Step #1 Position swaddle as shownWhite square of velcro fabric in Arm Wrap Arm Wrapcenter of Arm Wrap goes downSwaddle Wrap portion is folded down as shown Swaddle Wrap Swaddle Wrap
  3. 3. Step #2Lay baby on Arm Wrap portion of swaddleBaby’s armpits should be even with the top edge as shown
  4. 4. Step #3 Raise baby’s right armBring up end of Arm Wrap towards baby’s torso Lower baby’s armBring end of Arm Wrap backdown over top of baby’s arm
  5. 5. Step #4 Finish wrapping end of ArmWrap around outside of baby’sarm keeping it snug around top of arm Roll baby a bit to the rightAttach end of Arm Wrap to the velcro fabric on the back side
  6. 6. Step #5Repeat Step #3 with baby’s left arm The Arm Wrap should comebetween baby’s arm & torso and over the top of the arm
  7. 7. Step #6 Repeat Step #4 to finish wrapping baby’s left arm At this point the Arm Wrapshould be in baby’s armpits andwrapped snugly around the top of the armBoth hands should be covered and not showing
  8. 8. Step #7Baby’s legs are inside leg pouchBring Swaddle Wrap portion up across baby’s chest Position top edge slightly lowerthan even with baby’s shoulders
  9. 9. Step #8Roll baby to the right and wrap around one side of Swaddle Wrap portion Roll baby to the left, wrap around other side of Swaddle Wrap portion and attach to velcro fabricAdjust to fit by folding down top edge if needed