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  1. 1. Evaluation I am in a group with Brooke Marquer and Luke Smith. Our film is called the crook and it is a crime drama. Originally we planned our trailer as a group and did it in a mind map on inspiration. As a group we decided we had to have at least 1 chase scene in it so it adds excitement and suspense to the trailer so people would want to watch it. Camera angles We used an over shoulder shot because as it was only a trailer we didn’t give away who was the killer to the audience but was still able to show the scene.
  2. 2. I used a static camera because I wanted to show the characters running away from the crime scene and it also shows the crime scenes surrounding. I used a close up of Brooke’s feet so no one knew she was the killer and it made it look more effective also it emphasise the jump and makes it look more exciting
  3. 3. This establishing shot helps the audience to establish where the film is set and what surroundings are nearby. Target audience Our target audience is everyone over the age of 12 as the shootings and general content would not be suitable for children under 12. This will appeal to our audience as it is jammed packed with action so it will keep people gripped and on the edge of their seats. Titles I got a bbcident of youtube and put it at the start of my trailer to make it look more realistic and then the trailer looks like it’s linked to the bbc. Also I used a sill title that spun in to add effect to the trailer and it informs people of the actors in the film.
  4. 4. Research My research helped me with my trailer as it gave me ideas of what to put in my trailer and an idea of my target audience and what they like in crime dramas. Filming The filming went well but I think I needed to use a tripod more to stop the hands from shaking the camera Editing By looking at the feedback I got I think I needed to make the titles longer so it gives people an opportunity to read it. Also I think I should of added some sound effects especially when the gun was fired.