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  1. 2. Sonic Boom is the new album to be released in October 2009 from Kiss. On August 24 th 2009 Kiss announced that Sonic Boom, their first material in 11 years was to be released in the UK and Europe through Loud and Proud/Roadrunner records on the 5 th October 2009. The album was produced by front man Paul Stanley and includes 11 new kiss albums. A quote from Gene Simmons in this piece says “ Sonic Boom may be the best new record we've done since Destroyer! It's rock and roll over meets love gun!” Paul Stanley also states: “ Sonic Boom is the perfect title for what we're creating – it's earth shaking and deafening.” Waly Van Middensorp, Sr VP international of Roadrunner records states: “ We are excited to have the world's premier rock band join forces with the world's premier rock label” This opening announcement about the bands new album emphasizes that this album is going to be a big hit as they have not released studio material for more than a decade. Also the fact that the rock label and the band are both “premier” ensures that hype around this album amongst critics will be huge.
  2. 3. Also on August 24 th a post about the Kiss Alive 35 tour was posted. The tour was said to be starting on September 25 th till December. Including a tour around the same time they are releasing their new album brings their album more into the spotlight, and by indicating that there will be Sonic Boom tracks played as well as their classics, Kiss have brought more talk around their new album in the hope it will make it more successful.
  3. 4. Many magazines all around the world interviewed Kiss and used them as their front cover. This use of advertising around the world means that Kiss are being promoted everywhere which will make the odds of their album being an international success greater.
  4. 5. All of the magazines include either reviews of interviews with the band. The magazine front covers all include either include a picture of one of the band members or all the band members in their usual style, heavy make-up, black and silver spiky clothing, and most famously Gene Simmons sticking his tongue out. Some of the magazines include a picture of the new album's front cover, mainly because of the beautifully crafted art work. It is also interesting how the newspapers especially have used images of the merchandise available. By using these images of merchandise they are advertising the collectibles that you can purchase.
  5. 6. On August 27 th the single “ Modern day Delilah” was promoted which is from their new unreleased album. The release of one of their songs from their album gave the public a taste of what to expect and made for more hype in the media.
  6. 7. There were a mass amount of reviews for this album in a variety of different magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites etc. Here are a few examples: Kiss – Sonic Boom Review by Melanie Falina / Chicago Metal Music Examiner It's been more than a decade since KISS' last studio album. Eleven years is a decent chunk of time on most scales - but for KISS fans this has seemed an eternity. Recent solo albums by both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley helped to ease the pain somewhat, but then also had some KISS fans wondering, 'Well, why not a new KISS album?' When KISS announced they were to begin working on a new album excitement spread like wildfire through the KISS Army, but there were those who sceptically held the stance that they'd believe it when they saw it - or, in this case, heard it. Well the wait, the wondering, and the disbelieving is about to come to an end on October 6. Produced by KISS' own Paul Stanley, Sonic Boom is on its way. The most recent musical products we've had from these guys were Paul Stanley's solo release Live To Win and Gene Simmons' solo album A**h*le. Stanley's was emotion, Simmons' was fun - and now with Sonic Boom those influences bond and yet include so much more. Sonic Boom is a sexy album packed with good quality songs that insight repeat listening. It's a great blend of old KISS, modern KISS, and even - - - dare it be said? - Some brand spanking new KISS sounds as well. KISS, in their 35 years, has gone on an amazing journey and has a rich, full history. And some KISS fans are devoted, almost cult-like followers, but then there are some who will vehemently dislike any new release simply because it's not a repeat of Destroyer or KISS (the 1974 self-titled debut release). No one can make everyone happy, but Sonic Boom delivers the goods that most KISS fans will receive quite warmly. "Modern Day Delilah" - the only song thus far available to the public - it can be heard on KISS' Official Website. Paul Stanley takes the vocal reigns on this one. "Modern Day Delilah is bold and brassy, a great rock tune with a heady groove and exciting guitar solo. This song is simply infectious, and was the perfect choice as the album's first release. Sonic Boom will be available exclusively at Walmart (stores and online) and Sam's Club in the U.S. and Canada. The album package is a 3-disc set that will include - in addition to Sonic Boom's 11 new songs - Kiss Klassics - a 15-track, re-recorded greatest hits CD, a live concert DVD that was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina earlier this year, and a 20-page booklet. The countdown continues but we're almost ready for take-off.
  7. 8. This review has been written in great favour of Kiss. The reviewer is quite clearly a big fan of Kiss. The emphasis on it being “ 11 years” which to fans has seemed like an “ eternity” creates a vision of this album being something that people have been waiting for and depending upon. With this vision the audience will clearly become intrigued in what this album is all about and as they read on can find out about the different songs that have been put on the track. The journalist has also used many rhetorical questions to show how this new high anticipated album has many surprises to it.
  8. 9. KISS - Sonic Boom (Loud &Proud/Roadrunner) – review by Geoff Barton from the Classic Rock Magazine Kiss and hyperbole go hand in hand. Always have done, always will. Gene Simmons is talking about this album like it's his second coming -which will doubtless please the insatiable ladies in the, er, Ladies Room. Paul Stanley has got in the act too, calling Sonic Boom the best record Kiss have made in 30 years - putting it on a par with 1979's illustrious Dynasty. Of course, you can trust us at Classic Rock to boldly cut through the bluster and reveal the brutal, honest truth. And our verdict is... we agree. Sonic Boom is bloody brilliant. Kiss's first new studio album in 11 years delivers the goods in spectacular fashion. It's like waiting for a Tesco van to turn up outside your home and instead a Chieftain tank arrives, packed full of fillet steaks. If you read our preview on the Classic Rock website, you'll doubtless remember the comment: 'Kiss seem to have combined the best of all their eras into a single winning package.' So you get echoes of Rock And Roll Over - where the Flash Four added a neat commercial sheen to their hard rockin' sensibilities - in the music as well as the album cover. Hints of the sprawling grandeur of Creatures Of The Night. Tinges of the chest-thumping teaze of Crazy Nights. So it goes on. Yet Sonic Boom is no determinedly retro package. It's purely the sound of Kiss playing to their strengths. Kicking off in scintillating style with "Modern Day Delilah," what's evident immediately is the level of commitment from rhythm guitarist/vocalist Stanley. Sonic Boom probably wouldn't have happened if the Starchild hadn't pulled the strings (leaving Gene dangling underneath the lighting rig) and on...Delilah Stanley sings his platform soles off. Simmons sounds refreshed too, carving out his personaility on "Russian Roulette" and "I'm An Animal" with the sensitivity of a tattooist wielding a rusty steak-knife. Put simply, the Demon is back to his lascivious best. There's no Ace or Peter, of course. We never thought we'd write the following, but... we don't miss 'em. Guitarist Tommy Thayer puts in a remarkable performance - akin to Eddie Van Halen replicating Frehley licks - and Thayer's showcase song, "When Lightning Strikes," isn't half bad either. Ditto drummer Eric Singer, whose playing is impeccable, and whose singing on the chundering "All For The Glory" is every bit as good as Criss's on "Black Diamond." Standouts? Well, Stand is a 21st century "God Gave Rock And Roll To You," no doubt about it; "Danger Us" is the sort of throwaway classic you thought Kiss had forgotten how to write; and "Say Yeah" is perhaps the most triumphal album closer of all time. In a world without heroes, thank God Kiss are alive and licking once again. 9/10 Geoff Barton
  9. 10. This review from Geoff Barton provides a different glimpse of the album. As the magazine is obviously known for telling the truth as they state, and is well known amongst its audience who love the genre, the review provides us with the reality of how good the album actually is. Again they stress the importance of it being 11 years, and they promote the song “ Modern day Delilah”. Also in reading all of this promotional material I found that the phrase “ Rock and Roll All Over” is repeatedly used, suggesting that this is another marketing strategy, to show that Kiss are the full “rock and roll”. In this review I love the simile comparing the new album to a steak filled tank. The Tesco reference does justice as people do often sit around waiting for their food for the week to come to them.
  10. 11. Kiss Boom Rah By DARRYL STERDAN from the Sun Newspaper What didn't go into KISS's new album Sonic Boom seems almost as important to Gene Simmons as what did. "There are no ballads," the demon bassist growls down the phone from L.A. when asked about the band's first studio disc since 1998's Psycho Circus. "There are no keyboards. There are no synths. There are no girl background singers." Of course, there's also no Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. But a lack of original members didn't stop Gene and longtime partner Paul Stanley from taking an old-school, back-to-basics approach to their 19th album. The disc is due for release Oct. 6. It's definitely their strongest work in decades. Here's a song-by-song preview: Modern Day Delilah 3:37 - A funky guitar lick straight from the 1970s hooks up with an 1980s arrangement and a big chorus for a killer opener voiced by Paul. "Yeah, yeah!" are his first words. No argument here. Russian Roulette 4:32 - Gene steps up to the mic on a gear-shifting stomper anchored by his grinding bass, dripping with his usual lascivious lyrics, and graced with a smoking Tommy Thayer solo. Two aces in a row. Never Enough 3:27 -Another outsized 1980s hair-metal arena-rocker from Paul -- but from the slinky guitars and bare-bones beat to Stanley's high-register vocals, it works. Three for three. Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect) 3:03 -Gene's turn again -- and he dishes up a classic power-chord glam-slam that wouldn't have been out of place on Dressed to Kill. The best song so far. And that's saying something. Stand 4:50 -Stanley and Simmons share the mic on a bombastically stadium-rock anthem to solidarity and perseverance. Hot and Cold 3:37 -Simmons gets the disc back on track with a punchy '70s-style cowbell rocker in the mold of Dr. Love. "Baby, feel my tower of power," leers Gene. Another wicked solo from Thayer. All For the Glory 3:49 Drummer Singer -- who wears Criss' gear and handles his tunes onstage -- shows off his raspy vocal prowess on this solidly driving number. Danger Us 4:23 Another classic riff -- there's a bit of God of Thunder in there, but faster and more fiery -- along with another wailing vocal from Paul. I'm an Animal 3:47 Armed with a lumbering beat and a swaggering Zep-like guitar lick, Gene bellows out a dinosaur-stomper reminiscent of War Machine and I Love it Loud. When Lightning Strikes 3:45 As his reward for all his blistering Frehley-style fretwork, Thayer gets the vocal spotlight on this chunk of power-chord cowbell-plonk rock. Say Yeah 4:27 The guitars go from jangly to chugging and Paul plays with some echoing vocals on this Tears Are Falling-like closing anthem. You wanted the best? This time, you actually got it.
  11. 12. Kiss decided to exclusively sell their album at Walmart stores. This idea meant that the audience would have to come to one store, and therefore the store itself would use big promotions and advertising. The package that the album comes in includes a three disc set featuring Kiss Klassics, a 15 track with re-recorded greatest hits, a live DVD and a 20 page booklet. This package means that it will be seen as a memento of the band, especially for big fans. The Walmart webiste where you can pre-order your copies of the album includes an “about the album” and reviews available from other customers. The use of these reviews allows customers browsing their site to come upon it and take a peek of other everyday fans opinions. By including all the details of the album it also shows the audience what is in this package. The price of the package is extremely cheap at $12 average. As we see from an interview with Gene Simmons later on the reason behind this was to “give back to the public”, however I suspect they decided on a cheap price because of either their uncertainty on how well the album would do, or for the pure fact they are rich enough to release a cheap album they know will sell well.
  12. 13. Here is a picture of the mass amount of merchandise available in stores. The article by Whitney Pastorek shows us how many ridiculous items the band have been able to get away with selling. Face-painted rockers KISS have joined the growing list of bands partnering with Walmart for an exclusive release: The upcoming SONIC BOOM -- the band's first album in 11 years -- is a three-disc set featuring the new album, a remastered greatest-hits CD, and a DVD shot in Argentina on the band's most recent tour. To sweeten the deal (and potentially frighten more Walmart shoppers), the album will be sold from "KISS Korners" set up in stores, featuring band gear and collectibles at recessionary prices. A Gene Simmons-flavored Mr. Potato Head? Yes please! I can hear you saying, "Yes, but what does SONIC BOOM sound like? Will it allow me to rock and roll all nite?" Assuming people are still into this crazy circus of a band - last season's American Idol finale indicated they might be -- will KISS find as much success as Sugarland and AC/DC, both of whom rode a Walmart deal to No. 1? Only time will tell. For now, you can preorder SONIC BOOM at . Or you can go on a total rant about how much you hate big box stores. But please, do it with your tongue hanging out, at least.
  13. 14. The big craze around the Mr.Potato Head's has been a revelation in merchandise history, as was found by Mike Duff who wrote a report for BNET. Wal-Mart Isn't Kutting Korners to Kapitalize on KISS By Mike Duff In its battle of the bands with Target, Wal-Mart is getting serious. Or perhaps delirious, but, no matter what, its latest entertainment initiative looks to be fun and productive. Wal-Mart revealed yesterday that it would be mounting what it refers to as KISS Korners in its electronics and Halloween aisles to support its exclusive distribution of the band's new album Sonic Boom. Among the featured items involved are Mr. Potato Head versions of all four band members in full makeup. That's not all, of course, even if the Mr. Potato Heads are likely to be a couldn't-top-them-with-sour-cream marketing and sales success, particularly among hard-core KISS fans. The multifaceted KISS Korner merchandise initiative will be in place when Sonic Boom releases on Oct. 6 exclusively at Walmart stores, Sam's Clubs and The release certainly counts as a value proposition, given that the eleven-track CD is part of a three-disc set that also features a new generation KISS greatest hits CD and a live DVD shot in Argentina during the band's South American tour, all for $12 bucks. Clearly, Wal-Mart is making a pricing statement with its recent entertainment products, one that may pressure other retailers. Walmart's “Kiss Korners” is a prime example of how Kiss have over promoted their band and new album and made it quite clear that they are back. It is a bit like going back in time and seeing all the merchandise that used to be around, as we all know Kiss were also big back then on their ridiculous amounts of merchandise.
  14. 15. It is quite interesting to see that the trading card pack is $10 when the album package itself is only $12. It is quite clear now how they have managed to make the actual album so cheap. The merchandise is so expensive. With the over advertising and marketing of these goods we can see that Kiss have went about promoting and marketing very wisely. The illusion of a cheap album allows almost everybody the ability to buy it, it sounds like a great deal. However for all those fans out there, the must have merchandise is expensive, and the fact that it all relates to the new album and the tour along with it means that they have been pulled into a trap.
  15. 17. Kiss also have a myspace, which allows them to post blogs and information about the album to those who have a myspace. You are allowed to subscribe to their blogs and become friends with them which means that more people have the chance to find them through searching and looking at what their friends have on their pages. This is a great way to promote their album as many students are now using social networking sites as a way to socialize. This way they are targeting a younger audience, and because they haven't had an album out in 11 years this allows them to put a new spin upon their image and pull a different audience in.
  16. 18. The actual label themselves have a website which is promoting the new album. This means that people who are are fans of the label and the other artists that they have signed can take a look at this new album. It also allows you to pre-order and you can get a free “Koaster” (obviously misspelled). Again more merchandise is used to pull in the audience
  17. 19. The Band have also taken new promotional pictures where they are wearing their new outfits which caused hype in the fan base. Using the same style and image with the make-up and hair allows them to remind the audience that they are still there and they are back.
  18. 20. There have been mass amounts of interviews with the band and individual members. The interviews with the band allow them to show how they are a group, and allow them all to express how they feel about their upcoming events. Also the interviews with Gene and Paul show how they are the leaders of this band, and create a “main character” in the band for the audience to idolize. here are some examples: