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The Devereaux Legacy: Chapter Three - Part 5.5


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The Devereaux Legacy: Chapter Three - Part 5.5

  1. 1. Welcome to Part Two of Life in a Bottle, Zane Devereaux’s story. In the last part, Lillian had been accused by the Sisters of the Dark for being a rogue witch, and thus had gotten her powers stripped away from her; at least temporarily. Zane, Lillian’s child, is a forced shut in, not able to go to school or really even able to go outside to play with any other children. However, he had managed to secretly befriend the little girl that lives next door, Tina Traveller. As for Sebastian Devereaux, the third generation heir to the Devereaux Legacy, he has almost fully recovered from his wife’s death and has since been going out to find a new potential wife to help him carry on the family line. It appears that he had finally found someone who had caught his interest. Unknown to him, that woman was an imported SimSelf, Tribebohemian, who calls herself Kitty in this mini-verse...
  2. 2. Chapter One Sebastian was in such a good mood. He would find himself singing along with whatever piano tune he was playing, pounding away with a smile on his face.
  3. 3. If he wasn’t playing the piano, he would sing at the karaoke machine that the family had set up in the party room.
  4. 4. Hunter and Ansley would both look at their son curiously. He was never in such a happy- go-lucky mood, even when he was married to Tristen. Sebastian didn’t tell them the reason for his cheerfulness, for fear of jinxing it, but both his parents had their suspicions. And their suspicions were correct: Sebastian had a girlfriend.
  5. 5. “Woot! Three strikes on the tenth frame! It would have been a perfect game if I would have gotten a strike on the ninth frame instead of a spare! 277!” Sebastian proceeded to cheer and do a little nerdy ‘Carlton Dance’ on the lane, grinning happily.
  6. 6. Kitty grinned at Sebastian’s nerdiness. It was one of the things about him that appealed to her. She clapped at Sebastian’s score and said, “Okay, now that we’re done playing a game that you’re good at, how about we go play some pool? I know I’m better than you at that!” Sebastian did a wide eye smile at her. “I wouldn’t be so sure. I’ve been practicing.” “Oh, it’s so totally on!” Kitty responded, rising to the challenge.
  7. 7. “Nine ball, corner pocket,” Kitty announced. She thrust the pool cue, and landed the ball where she predicted. “Aww. I thought we were playing slop. Alright, you’re better at pool than I am,” Sebastian conceded. Kitty looked up at him with a grin. Sure, it was just an outing, not an official date, but every once in a while she would see Sebastian looking at her with his special smile. Of course, when he would see that she was looking at him, he would blush and look away awkwardly. But, she was convinced that Sebastian liked her as much as she liked him. While she was thinking about that, she noticed an all too familiar figure walk into the club. Kitty sighed and casually walked over to the person, trying to make it look like she was chalking up her pool cue.
  8. 8. “I thought you couldn’t leave your house because there would be a lynch mob after you,” Kitty whispered to Ang. “Kitty, you of all people should know that I have no control over who shows up on community lots. Besides, everyone here is townies. They have no beef with me,” Ang replied. “How are things going?” “Are you spying on me? Wait, I know the answer to that question. Let me rephrase that. Are you checking up on us?” “Well Kitty, it took Sebastian two sim weeks to find you. I made him take two shots of elixir to make sure that he wasn’t practically dead when you get around to marrying him. I have every right to be concerned.” Kitty sighed. “Things are going fine. We both have a respectable two bolts for each other, and we’re best friends. Now go away!” With that, Ang wandered off to go bowl.
  9. 9. After the game of pool was over, Sebastian walked up to the bar and ordered a mixed drink. He nervously fiddled with the glass as he pondered his dilemma. He liked Kitty. He really liked Kitty. He really really liked Kitty. But, did she like him? He never really had this problem before. He never dated in high school, and Tristen practically fell into his lap; so this was a new awkwardness that was making it where he was getting in his own way.
  10. 10. As he was thinking about this, two women slid up to the bar next to him. One was Kitty, but the other was a strange woman that Sebastian had never seen before, but felt strangely familiar. Before he could put his finger on it, the red haired woman spoke.
  11. 11. “Ah, getting up some liquid courage there, huh?” she asked, addressing Sebastian. “Uh…” Kitty rolled her eyes and sighed. “Ignore her Sebby. It’s just the town drunk who has had more to drink than usual.” Sebastian glanced at the strange woman with a half smile, thinking she would laugh. She didn’t. In fact, it appeared that she didn’t find the comment amusing at all. Before she could respond, however, Kitty spoke to Sebastian. “I’m going out on the dance floor. Want to come with, Sebastian?” And she walked towards the dance floor, not before shooting a strange glance at the other woman.
  12. 12. Sebastian sighed nervously and finished his drink. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He could feel the strange woman looking at him, and even stranger yet, when he looked back at her, her expression was one of…sympathy? “She likes you. I think you should know that.” “How do you know?” “I just…do. Does that make you feel better?” Sebastian was surprised when he found himself answer, “Actually…yeah. It does. Thanks.” The woman smiled again at Sebastian and left the bar.
  13. 13. Sebastian joined Kitty on the dance floor and the two of them danced for a while; not really saying anything but enjoying each other’s company. After the song ended Sebastian spoke. “She was kinda right.” “Who was kinda right about what?” Kitty asked. “That woman. She was right about the whole liquid courage thing.” Kitty arched an eyebrow at him. “What do you need courage for?”
  14. 14. Sebastian closed his eyes and bent her back in a deep kiss, surprising Kitty. When he was done, he blushed furiously. “Sorry, I just…really wanted to do that.”
  15. 15. Kitty smiled at him, her own cheeks flushed. “It’s about time.” He blinked, surprised at her response. “What?!” “Sebby, I’ve been wanting you to do that since the first time I met you. I was beginning to think that you were never going to get around to doing it.” He felt a stupid grin spread out on his face.
  16. 16. He was going to lean in for another kiss, but then he noticed Mrs. Crumplebottom looking over at the two of them, giving them her patented stink eye. She began hefting her purse, testing to see if it would hit her intended target when she whacked them.
  17. 17. Sebastian grabbed Kitty’s hand, and he found himself holding it. “You want to get out of here and maybe get some coffee or something?” Kitty nodded in response, and they both left, managing to avoid a purse beating from Mrs. Crumplebottom.
  18. 18. The two of them sat at a table in the nearly empty coffee shop, both thankful that it wasn’t bar close, so they could have a quiet conversation without obnoxious drunks interrupting them. Rather, it was Kitty who carried on most of the conversation. Sebastian found his thoughts landing on Tristen. Actually, he was comparing Kitty to Tristen. Kitty was funny, intelligent, and well…pretty much a lot of things that Tristen had not been. Those realizations made him feel disloyal to his dead wife, but the thoughts wouldn’t go away. He blinked, startled, when Kitty snapped her fingers in front of his face. “Earth to Sebastian. Hello? Is there anybody in there?” “Sorry, I was just thinking.” “Well, that much is apparent. What about?” “About…well…about how much fun I have with you,” he said with a lopsided smile. She smiled, pleased. “Let’s go to the photo booth and get a picture of the two of us.”
  19. 19. They giggled a lot when the pictures were being taken, striking weird poses. The pictures came out goofy, but that just made the two of them laugh more. “Do you want this?” Sebastian asked Kitty, hesitantly. He really wanted it for himself, but he was willing to give it to her. But, she just shook her head. “Nah, you can have it. Maybe we can take more another time?” He couldn’t stop grinning.
  20. 20. They both looked outside and noticed that the sun was starting to come up. Sebastian sighed, not wanting the outing that turned into a date to end. This thought was further solidified when he saw Kitty popping her leg up when he kissed her again. “I can walk you home if you want,” he said to her shyly, suddenly feeling very old fashioned. “I would like that very much.”
  21. 21. They strolled hand in hand down the street towards where Kitty lived. The sun rose over the buildings in a flash of beautiful bright light, despite the bit of drizzle that was falling down upon them. The two of them stopped, awed, and sat down on a park bench to watch, comfortably cuddling with each other. If I were looking for a sign, then I needn’t look any further than this, Sebastian thought happily.
  22. 22. When the magic in the air died down a little bit, and the two of them saw people starting to enter the park, they both realized that is was way past their bedtime. Sebastian sighed as he stood up, and held out his hand to help Kitty to her feet. Pulling her into another embrace, and still feeling very old fashioned, he asked her, “Kitty, do you want to come over tonight to meet my parents and have dinner?” Mentally reminding herself not to refer to Ansley as an Ice Queen now or at any other time in the future, she responded with a smile. “Yes. I would love to come over. Sixish sound good?” Time agree upon and one last parting kiss, Sebastian watched her leave. “I think I’m falling in love with you Kitty,” he whispered to her retreating form. Kitty stopped, turned around and grinned. “I know I’m falling in love with you,” she said and walked away, very aware of the surprised look on Sebastian’s face.
  23. 23. Before going to bed, Sebastian quietly hammered a nail over his bed and hung the picture of the two of them over his bed. He fell asleep with a smile on his face.
  24. 24. Chapter Two When he woke up and got ready for the day, Sebastian would find himself whistling a nameless tune. With a hop in his step, he found his mother. “Hey Mom? Is it alright if we have an extra person joining us for dinner tonight?” Ansley’s eyes widened and she smiled. “Would this ‘extra person’ be the girl you’ve been spending all of your time with?” “How did you know I was seeing someone?” Ansley laughed. “Mother’s intuition. Is she…” she trailed off, not wanting to pressure him. Sebastian understood the unasked question, though. He smiled. “She’s pretty special. I hope you like her.”
  25. 25. He was far more outgoing about the issue when he told Hunter about his girlfriend coming over for dinner tonight. Hunter was also not very surprised. He had noticed Sebastian’s general attitude change over the last few weeks, but he smiled at his son’s exuberance.
  26. 26. A little before six, Kitty strode up the walkway to the Devereaux big house. She nervously futzed with her hair. She could be as glib as she wanted with Sebastian, but meeting his parents was a whole different story. Being a SimSelf, she knew exactly who Hunter and Ansley were, but she sincerely hoped that she wouldn’t slip up and reveal how much she actually knew. That would be a deal breaker.
  27. 27. She sighed nervously and jumped a bit when she heard Sebastian say, “Don’t be nervous. I know my parents will adore you.” She smiled. Grinned actually. He was waiting outside. Waiting for her. He was so cute! She ducked her head shyly as he held the door open for her, and the two of them went inside.
  28. 28. The initial introductions went well. Hunter and Kitty took and immediate liking to each other. After those two were introduced, Kitty went into the kitchen to ask Ansley if she needed any help. The two of them chatted amiably while they prepared dinner.
  29. 29. “She seems nice Sebastian,” Ansley said to her son as she pulled the fish out of the oven, “I can’t help but feel that…oh for the love of God! What on earth are you doing?” She asked when she turned around.
  30. 30. “Mom. I’m checking to make sure there’s nothing stuck in my teeth. How gross would that be?” Ansley rolled her eyes in an amused manner. “Check after dinner. It would make much more sense.” Sebastian looked one last time before putting the mirror away. “It doesn’t hurt to look you know, just to make sure” he said with a smile as he followed Ansley into the dining room.
  31. 31. Conversation at dinner was light and easy, though Ansley kept feeling a familiar vibe off of Kitty. She was silent through a lot of the meal as she contemplated that vibe. Then it clicked. Kitty reminded Ansley of the author. She peered intently at her son’s girlfriend. Like the author, but obviously she wasn’t. Sebastian wouldn’t know, as he never met the author. Hunter wouldn’t either; as the author had withdrawn by the time they got married. But Ansley remembered, from her childhood. Abruptly, Ansley asked Kitty, “What are your intentions towards my son?”
  32. 32. Without missing a beat, Kitty caressed Sebastian’s hand and smiled at him. “I intend to make him happy, whatever it takes. And I think he intends to do the same for me.” And the two of them smiled again at each other, making the young Ansley inside squick a little; but the older, outside Ansley overrode it as she contemplated Kitty’s answer. She smiled. “Well, that’s as good of an answer as any,” she replied to the happy pair. Who was she to question when it came to love?
  33. 33. The rest of the evening went by in a blur, and soon it was time for Kitty to go home. The three Devereaux family members waved goodbye to her as she got into her cab and drove off. “Well?” Sebastian asked. He knew he didn’t need their permission, seeing as he was the controlling heir, but approval always made life easier. Hunter nodded his approval and Ansley gave him a rare hug. “We like her.” “Good, I’m glad you do. I do, too. An awful lot. More than like, actually.”
  34. 34. The next evening Sebastian called Kitty and asked her out to dinner, trying to keep the nervousness out of his voice. They both agreed to meet at the fancy restaurant in downtown SimCity.
  35. 35. Kitty had a pretty good idea where it was all going, and she knew what her answer would be, but his shyness and nervousness still made her smile. The fact that he didn’t know how cute he was made him all that much better.
  36. 36. As dinner progressed, Kitty began to grow nervous. He didn’t propose while they were eating, and he didn’t propose when he toasted her (though that was awfully sweet). She silently cursed herself for being a SimSelf at the moment. If she were was vague as the rest of the Sims in the world, she wouldn’t feel as tortured as she did at that moment. She sighed softly and then she noticed him putting something on the table in front of her.
  37. 37. “Kitty, I feel like I can accomplish anything with you by my side. Uh, I don’t know how to say this in a Don Lothario type of way, but, I love you and I would be so very happy if you married me. Please say ‘Yes,’” Sebastian winced, wishing terribly that he were just a little bit smoother. His practiced proposal had flown completely out of his head.
  38. 38. Kitty placed the engagement ring on her finger and smiled gleefully at Sebastian, holding his hand. “Yes,” she said, simply. And I thought I would never be happy again, Sebastian thought. I am glad I was wrong.
  39. 39. Later that night, Hunter was confronted by his very happy son. Sebastian clapped his father on his shoulder and gave him a thumbs up. “We’ve got a wedding to plan, Dad.” Hunter smiled back at his son proudly.
  40. 40. Chapter Three “Daddy? Will Mommy be coming in for my birthday party?” Tina asked her father. “No dear. Your mother is on a hunger strike, protesting against the lack of trees in Pleasantview,” Trent responded to his daughter.
  41. 41. “You should be very proud of your mother,” he continued, “because if her protest reaches out and touches the heart of even one person, then we are that much closer to a better, happier Pleasantview. These are the sacrifices we must make, one person at a time. “So in that vein, your mother and I hope that you enjoy the tree that we planted in your name. That is our birthday present to you. And now that you will be old enough, we both hope that you will also join in our cause.”
  42. 42. As Trent continued on, Tina looked at her father doubtfully. Starving oneself for a useless cause seemed rather….useless. Plus she felt kind of bad that she was going to be eating a birthday cake with her mother practically killing herself in the next room over. As for Zane, he was very excited that his mother allowed him to come over to Tina’s house for her birthday party. He had been certain that she wouldn’t let him. “So what are you going to wish for, Tina?” Zane asked, excitedly.
  43. 43. “Zane, silly, you should know that if you say what you wish for out loud then your wish won’t come true. Everyone knows that.” Tina closed her eyes, silently made her wish, and blew out the candles on her cake.
  44. 44. Zane closed his eyes and sighed when he saw how Tina grew up. “You’re so pretty, Tina!”
  45. 45. Tina smiled and bent down to hug Zane. “Thanks squirt.” After hugging Zane, she turned to her father.
  46. 46. “Daddy, is it okay if I go out with Alexander Goth tonight? He said that he would pick me up when I was done here.” “I don’t see why not,” replied Trent, “Alexander is a fine upstanding young citizen with the interests of Pleasantview in mind.” Zane looked on, disappointed. Tina’s birthday party wasn’t over yet, and she was planning on leaving anyway. He had hoped that he could stay longer.
  47. 47. Tina, for her part, didn’t really care that Alexander had ‘Pleasantview’s interests in mind.’ What she DID care about was the fact that he was a little bit older, had a car, and best of all, just broke up with Lucy Burb.
  48. 48. Zane watched, disappointed, when Tina got into the car that Alexander pulled up in. He had been hoping that he and Tina would get to spend time together. But, he was just a kid, and now she was a teenager. Zane was jealous, and that feeling was completely new to him.
  49. 49. “God, Tina,” Alexander said in a condescending tone, “I would have thought that by now you would have ditched Boo. Really, what will people think? More importantly, what would my father think? You know how he feels about any Devereaux family member. I do not think it would be appropriate for you to socialize with such trash. It will ruin your reputation, and mine.” “Aww, Alexander, he’s just a little kid. He can’t help…” “Tina, if we are to see each other, I really must insist.”
  50. 50. Zane watched as the car pulled away. Alexander Goth didn’t like him. But that was okay. Because Zane was beginning to not like Alexander. Not at all.
  51. 51. Chapter Four Tina and Alexander went to the movie theater to see the newest action movie. Tina wasn’t a fan of them, but Alexander was, so she was willing to go along with it. After they had found their seats, Tina excused herself to use the restroom. As Alexander was sitting there, he noticed Lucy sitting in the row ahead of him. He leaned forward and tapped her on her shoulder. He smiled and winked at her when she turned around. “Hey baby doll. What’s up?” Lucy blushed and looked back at him, about to respond when Tina came back.
  52. 52. “What’s she doing here?” Tina asked, possessively. Lucy quickly turned away, aware that Alexander was still looking at her. Irritated that Alexander was not paying attention to her, Tina asked him again, “Really. I thought you broke up with her. Is she, like, stalking you or something?”
  53. 53. Alexander quickly tuned to Tina. “Is this going to be a problem? I told you that Lucy and I agreed to see other people, to broaden our horizons, but that we would still be friends. Really Tina, your jealous attitude is most unbecoming.” Tina looked away. Alexander was one of the most popular boys at school, so she didn’t want to rock the boat.
  54. 54. That didn’t stop her from glaring at Lucy though, when she saw Lucy hanging around after the movie. Alexander was going to be her boyfriend. Lucy had her chance; now it was Tina’s turn. Alexander paid no attention to either of them as he walked out of the theater.
  55. 55. To prove her silent point, Tina pulled Alexander in for a possessive kiss, making sure that Lucy could see. Oh, and to show anybody else who might be watching, that she was with Alexander Goth.
  56. 56. Naturally, Alexander took it a step further, taking Tina to a couch that was in the lobby and making out with her there, disgusting some of the more sensitive and prudish patrons. After while, he broke away. “Let’s go hang out at the junkyard,” he said to Tina. Tina had heard about what went on at the junkyard, and while she was excited that she was finally cool enough to go, she was still hesitant. “I don’t know Alexander…” “Lucy would have gone with me,” he responded in a hurt tone. Tina didn’t notice him looking at her sideways to see what her reaction was.
  57. 57. It was because of the hurt tone and the desperate need to fit in and be cool that Tina found herself sitting on an old seat from a car looking warily into a bottle of homemade fermented juice. She looked around and saw Alexander socializing with the other kids, and some adults, completely ignoring her. She shrugged and drank the juice. After all, the cool kids were doing it.
  58. 58. What the cool kids were not doing, however, was throwing up after only one bottle; a fact that she was painfully aware of when she saw everyone gathering around and looking at her, laughing. Miserably, Tina looked around for Alexander, hoping that he would come over and soothe her, or at the very least hold back her hair. She didn’t see him anywhere. He had left the junkyard with a bunch of his buddies, leaving her alone.
  59. 59. Chapter Five And so it went. Tina would spend a lot of her days at school hanging on Alexander, and then she would rush home from school to change out of the uniform that even the public school kids had to wear, so she could see him at night. Her school work was sub-par, considering that Zane was no longer able to do it for her, but her parents were too wrapped up in whatever protest rally, or peaceful demonstration they were participating in to notice.
  60. 60. She did spend a bit of her time with Zane, but that would be mostly because Alexander would be late in coming over…if he came at all. On one day that it appeared that Alexander was going to stand her up again, Zane started to point out what he thought was an obvious truth. “He’s not a nice person, Tina. He’s mean to you, and it makes you sad.”
  61. 61. Tina laughed and leaned over to tickle her young friend. “Oh Zane, you don’t understand how it is when two people are dating. He’s not being mean; he’s just under a lot of pressure. Did I tell you that he’s now that captain of the debate team?” “Yes,” Zane responded dryly, surprised at his own tone, “you mentioned it a couple of times. But…” “But nothing squirt. When you’re older you’ll understand.” “Tina, I’m not that much younger than you. If I were the same age, then I…” “Come talk to me when you are, then. Oh! Here he comes. See? I told you he wouldn’t stand me up again.” Zane found himself privately fuming.
  62. 62. He set his face into a complacent look, something he was used to doing, and ignored Alexander when he got shoved by him. “Beat it Boo,” Alexander said meanly to Zane. Tina looked on, feeling a little bad for Zane. “He’s just a little kid…” Alexander rolled his eyes. “Tina, I didn’t come here to fight about a creepy little kid. Is this what you want? I know Lucy would have been concerned about how things went at debate practice…”
  63. 63. Immediately Tina started giving Alexander a backrub. “I’m sorry babe, that was inconsiderate of me. What happened today?” As Alexander vented about his day, Tina rubbed his back and made sympathetic murmurings.
  64. 64. When he was done, Tina asked him what he would like to do. “Do you want to go dancing?” She asked as she did an ungraceful dance move. “You know I detest dancing” “How about roller skating?” “I do not know how. Is that what you would like to see? Me falling down?” “Maybe go to the park?” “I am not in the mood.” “Well then, what do you want to do?” “Tina, why must I always make the plans? Can you not come up with any ideas?” And on this went.
  65. 65. After a while, she came up with the only idea he agreed with. “Well, I guess we could just stay here and you can make out with your girlfriend,” she said as she held his hand. He gave her a confused look. “Tina, you are not my girlfriend. I mean, perhaps some day, but right now, I do not think I am ready to be in another committed relationship.” “Oh…” Tina trailed off, rather hurt. “But, we can still make out. That was a good idea,” Alexander replied magnanimously.
  66. 66. And so they did. Tina didn’t let on about her hurt. She understood that he was just not ready.
  67. 67. Chapter Six Zane’s birthday came, but there was no birthday party for him. His mother seemed to have mellowed a bit, but he knew that asking to throw a party would be pushing it. He stood before his mother as she lectured him. “Now that you are older, the time is drawing near for us to carry out my plans to live at the big house. I suggest, my son, that you do not forget all that I have taught you.” Zane forced a smile on his face. His mother’s magic was gone, so whatever plans she may have had died along with that loss. Of course, he was not about to question her about it, so he just nodded. “Okay Momma…” “Child, I do believe it is time for you to stop calling me that in such a childish manner. ‘Mother’ will suffice.”
  68. 68. Zane just gave his mother a thumbs up, which she looked at derisively. “Okay Mom…Mother. Can I go over to Tina’s house now?” Lillian looked into Zane’s eyes and gave a small smile at what she saw there. “Of course child,” her smile widened a bit, “have fun.” Zane grinned back at her. “I will! Thank you!” And he left the house, happily grinning. Lillian looked after him, her smile turning into a sneer. “Yes,” she whispered to herself, “I suggest you have all the fun you can…”
  69. 69. Tina rushed to the door, thinking that it was Alexander. He was a bit late, but he had promised that she would see him that night. Instead of it being Alexander, though, it was Zane. She plastered a smile on her face. “Zane, all grown up I see,” she said. Zane smiled shyly. “Yeah, and you said to come over and talk to you when I did grow up. So, well, here I am.” Tina looked at the clock and then shrugged. “Okay, yeah, sure. Come on in. We’ll go up to my bedroom and hang out.”
  70. 70. All of the pink was startling to Zane, but it fit Tina. His visit was going well. Tina was aloof at first, but as they began talking he could see that she was truly interested in what he had to say, a first for him. The conversation turned to the Devereaux family at the big house, and he told her about what had happened when he met them. It still stung a lot. He sighed unhappily.
  71. 71. “But, if you’re their grandkid, you would think that they would have taken an interest in you. They haven’t tried to contact you at all?” Zane shook his head. “No. I don’t think they liked me. My Uncle Sebastian certainly didn’t. But I also think he was sad about something. He and Momma… er…Mother were yelling at each other. I don’t know,” he finished miserably. “So why don’t you call them? Maybe they want to talk to you now.” Zane blushed. “I don’t have a phone…” “I do. Use mine right there. Tell them that you want to see them again. I’ll coach you on what to say if you get stuck.”
  72. 72. In an unladylike manner, Tina swung her legs up and propped her feet on the top of the canopy of her bed. She started snapping the gum she had in her mouth as she watched Zane pick up the phone, his hand trembling nervously. He hesitated a bit, looked at the phone in a dismayed manner, and hung it back up. “I--I don’t know their phone number,” he said sadly. He walked towards the other end of the room. Tina sighed, got up and walked up to him.
  73. 73. “Ah, don’t worry about it. Maybe we’ll go over there tomorrow and see them.” Zane looked at her in an uncertain manner. “We?” Tina nodded enthusiastically. She’s always wanted to see the inside of the Devereaux house, and now she might get that chance, seeing as Zane was their relative and all. “Yep. We.” She put her arm around him. “I think they will be happy to see you and they will think you’re pretty neat.”
  74. 74. Zane looked at her happily. “You think I’m neat?” Tina looked at him and shrugged. “Sure, why not?” He smiled even bigger. “I’m glad. Because I was wondering, you know if maybe you and I can be boyfriend and girlfriend. I wouldn’t forget to come over and stuff like, well, like how Alexander Goth does.”
  75. 75. Tina sighed and put her hand on his chin, making him look her in the eye. “Zane, Alexander is my boyfriend,” or he will be eventually, she added mentally, “I can’t just break up with him, you know that.” Zane sounded disappointed when he responded with, “Why not? He’s mean to you. I wouldn’t be. I think you are the nicest and prettiest girl ever, and I would tell you that all the time.” Tina sighed. “Zane…”
  76. 76. He leaned in and gave her a kiss on the lips, interrupting her. He blushed shyly afterwards. “I’m sorry. I really like you, and I don’t know. I’m sorry.”
  77. 77. Tina sighed again and brushed her hand across his cheek. “It’s okay,” she said to him. “You’re cute Zane, you really are. Perhaps you should go now, though. I have to call Alexander and see what’s taking him so long to get here. I’ll talk to you tomorrow though, okay?” Zane nodded and left with the familiar feeling of disappointment in his heart.
  78. 78. But, when he was washing his hands after using the bathroom, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Peering intently a giddy smile appeared on his face. “She thinks I’m cute,” he whispered happily.
  79. 79. Chapter Seven “Are you sure you want to do this now?” Lucy asked Alexander with a look of concern. He scoffed a bit before replying, “Better now than later, otherwise she’s going to keep calling and calling.” The two of them waited on the doorstep when they saw Tina come outside with a happy smile on her face. “Hey Alexander, I’ve been waiting…” she trailed off, seeing Lucy.
  80. 80. “Tina,” Alexander began in a strident tone, “you and I can no longer see each other. Lucy and I are back together so it would be most inappropriate for me to continue slumming the way I have been.” Tina felt as if she had been slapped in the face. “Slumming? What do you mean?” Alexander rolled his eyes. “Surely Tina dear, you must understand. Lucy and I make sense. We both can trace our roots back for a number of generations. The same cannot be said about you. You have no roots to speak of, and while that is not directly your fault, it is still unheard of for someone like me to continue seeing you. I’m sure you will come to realize in time that this is for the best.”
  81. 81. Tina began screaming at him. “But you said that you weren’t ready for a full committed relationship with me! Why do you think you are better than anybody else? You lost EVERYTHING to ‘Project Pleasantview’! And I let you…YOU WERE MY FIRST KISS!” Her shriek echoed through the night. Alexander leaned back and smiled. “Well my dear, I was not going to mention it, but you also lack class, which is an essential thing that I am looking for when I reform Pleasantview. I cannot be with a screeching harridan such as you. Please calm yourself, before you make more of a scene.” Tina screamed even louder and stomped her foot. Alexander just shook his head. “Perhaps I should have not gotten involved with you period. But you know what they say about hindsight.”
  82. 82. As Tina turned to start yelling at Lucy, Alexander heard a voice ask him, “Then why did you get involved with her?” He turned around and saw Zane glaring at him with his arms crossed. He waved his hand dismissively. “Nobody asked you for your opinion.” Zane continued to glare. “I will ask you again. Why did you ‘slum around’ with her if you knew that she wasn’t right for you? What kind of person are you?”
  83. 83. Losing his own sense of propriety, Alexander screwed his own face up into a mean glare and shouted at Zane, “NOBODY ASKED YOU FOR YOUR OPINION BOO! NOBODY WANTS YOU AROUND. WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE IN A FIRE?!”
  84. 84. And then, he shoved Zane away from him as hard as he could. Zane stumbled back a step, but he was not as easily shoved as he had been when he was a child.
  85. 85. Clenching his fists, Zane cocked back his hand, ready to punch the daylights out of Alexander. Before he moved his fist though, he dropped it. Gritting his teeth, he shook his head and said, “You’re not worth it.” He ignored Alexander’s sputters as he went over to Tina and gently ushered her into her house, not bothering to look back at Alexander or Lucy.
  86. 86. Tina was not better the next day. She sobbed as if her heart was breaking and Zane had no idea how to console her. He couldn’t understand why she was so upset. Alexander had treated her poorly and girls who were attracted to jerks confused him, not having the life knowledge that this situation was, unfortunately, a common thing.
  87. 87. “He said he almost loved me!” Tina sobbed as Zane rubbed her back. “He said he was almost at the point where he would write me poetry! And now he wants me to give back all the presents he gave me, because he said that those were signs of his growing commitment and now that he’s not committed to me anymore, he wants them baaaaaack!” she wailed. Of course, that was the stupidest thing Zane had ever heard, but he said nothing of the sort. “Maybe he just said that to make you jealous?” he asked, lamely.
  88. 88. Tina’s head snapped up and she wiped the tears from her face. “What did you say?” Zane blinked and shook his head, “He’s not worth it Tina…” “What did you say about making me jealous?” Zane was confused. “I just said that maybe he wants to make you jealous…”and he trailed off when he saw her smile strangely. “Zane, want to come with me to the junkyard tonight?” “Um…sure.” Tina smiled even stranger, but she flung her arms around him and hugged him.
  89. 89. At the junkyard that night, Tina and Zane made their appearance. Nobody noticed the two of them as she leaned in and started whispering to Zane. “Is he over there?” She asked. Zane looked over her shoulder and nodded, a sinking feeling settling in his stomach.
  90. 90. Lucy was sitting on Alexander’s lap laughing as he brushed his hand on her bare leg. In a playful motion, she shoved his hand away, “Come on Alexander,” she giggled, “not here.” “Aww, come on Luce. Tina would have let me…”
  91. 91. Tina led Zane by the hand over to the couch where Lucy and Alexander were, making sure that they were in plain site. Tina pulled Zane to her and began kissing him. Zane, stunned, kissed her back hesitantly.
  92. 92. Zane felt himself being torn away and shoved by Alexander. “What on earth do you think you are doing, Boo?” Alexander asked, ready to throw a punch at Zane. “Do you honestly think that people will think you are less creepy if they see you with a girl? Everyone knows all about you. They know that you are a Devereaux, so you are one of the people who cased all of the trouble here. Making out with some classless girl will not change the public opinion.”
  93. 93. Tina stepped in and poked him. “Don’t you DARE talk to my BOYFRIEND that way Alexander! Zane is a much better kisser than you are, so you’re just jealous.” Both the boyfriend statement, as well as the better kisser statement, was news to Zane. But he felt the nauseous feeling in his stomach go away, to be replaced by happy butterflies.
  94. 94. Alexander just rolled his eyes. “You two deserve each other. I most certainly am not jealous. Why should I be? But believe me when I say that you both are going to regret this when I am running this town. Come on Lucy, the smell of cheap perfume and desperation is making me sick. Let us go.” And the two of them left. Tina and Zane stood there, both aware of the stares they were getting. Growing uncomfortable, Tina grabbed Zane’s hand. “Let’s go back to my house.” Things had not gone as well as she had hoped.
  95. 95. Chapter Eight Back at home, in Tina’s bedroom, Zane finally was able to speak. “I’m your boyfriend?” He asked confusion on his face, but hope in his heart. Tina looked him over in a calculating manner. Alexander Goth was popular and was a real somebody, but Zane…Zane had legacy family connections. It was a win-win situation. “Sure, why not,” she responded with a shrug, “You were really my knight in shining armor when you were dealing with Alexander.”
  96. 96. Zane was giddy as he grabbed Tina’s hand and kissed it. “I always will be, if you want,” he said to her sweetly. He saw her blush a little, but that strange look in her eye never really left.
  97. 97. He thought nothing more of it though when she began kissing him vigorously. His own heart thumping, he responded in kind, happy…so very happy.
  98. 98. Both of them fell on her bed and continued kissing. He paused and looked at her, smile wide on his face. “I love you Tina,” he said. Tina looked at him. Think how jealous Alexander will be when he finds out, she thought. She smiled at Zane and said, “That’s nice,” and she turned off the light.
  99. 99. That was the shortest three hours of my life, Zane thought happily to himself when he left Tina’s house. Three hours of kissing made his lips a little chapped, but he couldn’t help but grin up at the stars as he practically floated home, utterly and completely in love with Tina. He was her boyfriend. He had a girlfriend! That thought made him clasp his hands together and smile again.
  100. 100. Those happy thoughts were disturbed somewhat when he entered his own house. Something felt different. Zane unconsciously rubbed his neck when he felt the hairs rise upon it and he walked towards the front room.
  101. 101. Lillian cackled at the look of astonishment on Zane’s face. That part of her plan worked. She had her magic back. “Momma,” Zane said, reverting back to his childhood name for her, “what happened? I thought that you…” He stopped and trembled at the look on her face.
  102. 102. “Ah my son,” she began, “it appears that you no longer love me the way you used to. That is alright. I forgive you, for you see, you have finally proven yourself useful to me.”
  103. 103. Zane felt tears fill his eyes. “No Momma, I DO still love you. I never stopped, I just…” “SILENCE!” Lillian commanded. “I will carry through as I originally intended. I wanted this to be easy, but time and again my plans have failed.”
  104. 104. “But this time, I am successful. No one can stop me from taking what I want.” She began waving her wand at Zane, relishing in the power that flowed once again through her veins. A burst of magic shot forward and enveloped him.
  105. 105. “MOMMA! PLEASE! NO!” ***
  106. 106. As morning was breaking, Tina found her mind a bit foggy, as if she had a dream that she couldn’t remember. Chalking it up to tiredness, she glanced over at the house next door she looked at it in a pondering manner.
  107. 107. “Huh. I wonder if anybody is ever going to move in and fix this abandoned place up. It’s been empty forever!” Something nagged at her mind again, but when she tried to catch it, it disappeared completely. Shrugging, she stepped onto the school bus and went to school
  108. 108. Epilogue In the time it took for me and Keith to settle in, we learned a few things. #1: A picture of dogs playing poker is always classy, and should be the center piece of every conversation. “Too bad it’s not dogs playing Warhammer. THAT would be classy.”
  109. 109. #2: Telemarketers will always find you, even in the Sim world. “I’m sorry, I don’t speak English. Goodbye.” *click*
  110. 110. #3: Promises made should ALWAYS be kept. “I thought we promised not to go to the bathroom in front of each other.” “Shhhh, I’m reading.”
  111. 111. #4: Cute toddlers are cute.
  112. 112. #5: Cute toddlers turn into cute kids who have their mother’s sense of humor. “That’s right! I’ll crush your head!”
  113. 113. #6: Keith still likes to strut around in his underwear, no matter how inappropriate it may be.
  114. 114. The best thing we learned of all though was this: #7: Makeovers are awesome, cheap and easy; even when you have absolutely no skill in Photoshop.
  115. 115. “So, there is no texture to this shirt. It’s just a big block of black with the Order of the Stick thing on it.”
  116. 116. “HEY! I’m proud of them! And I look awesome…I mean, WE look awesome in our new threads.”
  117. 117. Oh yeah. We totally do. And pay no mind to the jar with dead butterflies in it… (Keith’s shirt says “Your d12 cries itself to sleep” and the d4 (triangle die) is calling the d12 a Loser.) (My shirt says “Your approval fills me with shame.” We actually own these shirts in real life.) *** Thanks to Tribebohemian, author of “The Victorian’s: A Legacy” (which can be found on for participating in what she refers to as “Operation Save Sebastian.” Those two are so freakin' cute in the game, they make me want to gag... Thank you all for reading and for your awesome comments. See you next time. Until then, Happy Simming!