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The Devereaux Legacy: Chapter One


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The Devereaux Legacy: Chapter One

  1. 1. Author's Note: Because the Exchange messed up my existing chapters, adding question marks for all punctuation, I'm converting all of my old chapters into Power Point format. I didn't really change anything in the writing except for a few misspellings. This means that my first few chapters are still told in observational style: I have a hard enough time thinking of things to say in newer chapters, let alone thinking of the narrative for old chapters. But, on the plus side, I got Keith to redo my cover pages, so now they all reflect the name change from The Reluctant Legacy to The Devereaux Legacy! Go me! Thanks for reading and I hope you don't cringe as much as I do when I read these first few chapters :) ~peasant007
  2. 2. Hello everyone, peasant007 here bringing you another legacy story. I know, I know, my last one only lasted two chapters (well, three technically, but I canceled it halfway through the writing and I couldn't reverse some of the actions) but, I promise that this one will be as entertaining with the same quality features such as using spell check! So, how about we meet our new Legacy Founder?
  3. 3. Here he is, in all of his first face glory, Joshua Devereaux. Josh is a Knowledge/Family Sim, Cancer, 5 across the board with the LTW to become the Hand of Poseidon. He's starting out as a college student at Sim State University. Welcome to this Legacy Josh! Josh: Hey! This is so awesome! I'm so looking forward to meeting a bunch of SimSelves and other Legacy Sims. Everything is coming up Joshua!
  4. 4. Josh: So. Where's the game show? Which SimSelf am I going to marry? What kind of Legacy Sims am I going to meet? Do I get to kick a bunch of zombie butt? Can I have my own TV show like Long the Bounty Hunter? SimMe: Yeeeah. So...about that...How can I best put this?
  5. 5. SimMe: You see, I've decided to do some major changes... ***
  6. 6. Stargate Command, underneath Cheyenne Mountain: Daniel Jackson: So, yeah. It turns out that there's been a change in plans, and peasant007 won't be using you guys right now. Robin: OMG! What are you going to do with us? Daniel Jackson: Well, you guys are free to travel wherever you wish. The Legacy Sims, on the other hand, will be gated to various versions of Strangetown and such, where they will all have plenty of undocumented adventures. Peasant007 wants to let you all know that she is a big fan of all of your work, and maybe sometime in the future she will want to use you. But for now... Well, let's just say it's not you, it's her. Professor Butters: *nodding* Perfectly understandable. This is, perhaps, for the best. And with that, they left. (Clockwise from back: Candi, Professor Butters, Orikes and Robin)
  7. 7. The Legacy Sims however, were a tad bit more difficult. Gage Uglacy: Rawr. Blonde AND in uniform. Hey baby, how about a little Gage in your life? Samantha Carter: *Looking at Jack* Sir? Jack: Daniel? Does this strike you as a bit disturbing? Daniel: Ummm. Yeah, Jack. Actually it does. Jack: I thought so. Carter, shoot him if he does that again. Carter: Yes sir! (Gage and Don Uglacy from Candi's “Uglacy Family”)
  8. 8. Finally, all but one Legacy Sim had departed. Teal'c entered into the Gate Room with a rather stoic looking Cecil Goodytwoshoes. (Of course, if it had been anybody else, one would say that he looked disgruntled...but this is Cecil we're talking about). Jack: Ah, Teal'c. I was wondering when you were going to bring him. Well Cecil, it looks like this is goodbye. I can't say that I'm going to miss the attitude. Cecil: *brushing off his shoulder and smoothing his jacket where Teal'c had been gripping him* I would prefer it if you referred to me as Mr. Goodytwoshoes as I do not... Jack: Teal'c? Has he been talking like this the entire time? (Cecil Goodytwoshoes from Professor Butters' “Squeaky Clean Legacy”)
  9. 9. Teal'c: Indeed he has been, O'Neill.
  10. 10. Jack: Okay Cecil buddy, here's the plan. If you so much as speak another word, I'm gonna zat you and throw you through the gate. Speaking of which, Carter, where is my buddy Cecil being gated to?
  11. 11. Carter: Well sir, it appears that he's going to be relocated to Pleasantview.
  12. 12. Jack: *wincing* Ooo. Tough break there. Cecil: *brushing his pant leg and arching an eyebrow* Of course, that would not be unnatural, as Pleasantview is my native town. I fail to see why this would not be a positive relocation for me. Jack: *pulling out the Zat gun* I mean it Ceece, I will zat you.
  13. 13. Jack: And, I don't think you're going to your Pleasantview, but rather peasant007's Pleasantview. Cecil's eyes widened ever so slightly. Jack: Oh, but I'm sure you're going to be just fine there, right Daniel?
  14. 14. Daniel: Um, actually Jack, I'm not so sure. I mean, is this really necessary? It would be considered inhumane... Jack: Daniel...?
  15. 15. Jack: Everything. Will. Be. Fine. Jack ushered Cecil to the gate. Jack: *waving as Cecil walks through* So long buddy. Have fun. Don't let the event horizon hit you in the butt on your way through!
  16. 16. When the event horizon shut down, Jack turned to the rest of the SG-1 team. Jack: Gosh, I'm really going to miss them. Especially my bestest buddy Cecil. Teal'c: *still glaring, eyelid twitching* It appears O'Neill, that you are using a form of sarcasm, are you not? Jack: *clapping Teal'c on his shoulder* Good, Teal'c. You're learning! Teal'c: Indeed. ***
  17. 17. Upon hearing the news of my rather ungraceful way of eliminating difficult characters to write for, Josh seemed...irritated. Josh: So, you're hoping that people will get the Stargate reference? SimMe: That's the idea. Besides, it made me and my real life husband laugh. Josh: So, no SimSelves or Legacy Sims? SimMe: Nope, closed borders now. Josh: What about the unexpected zombies? SimMe: Pulled the mod.
  18. 18. Josh brightened. Josh: But then that means I'll get the first Legacy house, right?
  19. 19. SimMe: Considering the fact that the London Bridge Legacy is still living there, that would be a no.
  20. 20. Josh: This totally sucks! You're just planning on torturing me with Townie Sims with no real story of my own! What, it's just going to be a bunch of pictures of me wetting myself and being married to Sandy Bruty? SimMe: No, Sandy got turned into a zombie in the unpublished part of my original legacy.
  21. 21. SimMe: Besides, I have plenty of stuff planned out. Honest, I do! Josh: MmHmm. So I'm just going to be an average legacy? SimMe: See the asterisk, averageness subject to change. And, okay, I'm totally done arguing with you Sims. I could send you to Pleasantview to wallow in misery if you would like. I'm sure Jack O'Neill (Mmmm, McGyver. Except without the mullet) will be more than happy to throw you through the Stargate.
  22. 22. Josh dropped the attitude. Josh: Oh. Ahem. Well, when you put it that way, I suppose I can handle being the rebound Legacy. SimMe: I thought as much. Off to school with you. ***
  23. 23. Dear Diary. Wait, diary sounds too girly. Hmm. Dear Journal. No, that sounds just as dumb. Captain's Log. Blech, too pretentious. Hmm Oh! I know. Dear Bob. Yeah, perfect. Dear Bob, I am perfectly aware of that woman controlling all of my actions. I am forced to study all day long. Even though I am a Knowledge Sim, I am making it a specific point to be the worst one out there, just to get even with her. Nay, I will not be happy getting skill points, and I think I will only really like doing term papers and homework occasionally. I am also a Family Sim secondary, but instead of wanting a ghastly townie to fall in love with, I think I am going to much prefer wanting to go downtown or juggling coffee cups, despite the fact that I only have 5 playful points. That will show her!
  24. 24. Of course, naturally, my dorm is filling up with a bunch of Sandy Bruty clones. Thankfully, the camera is not on me as that woman is looking for a suitable match. This gives me ample opportunity to walk away from what ever skill session I was in the middle of to plan my escape from this wretched legacy. As Bob as my witness, I will escape. You know, when my Free Will is turned back on.
  25. 25. Fortunately, she's just as shallow as I am about looks, so despite the threats about torturing me, she just can't bring herself to torture her own eyes. Everything is coming up Joshua!
  26. 26. I am also relatively certain that she will not be marrying me to a man, no matter how much they vo gerbbits. Pretty certain...
  27. 27. Ah, and who is lovely Sim? It's almost like I'm looking in a mirror! Of all the people to fall in love with, it might be best to fall in love with myself. Am I correct Bob?
  28. 28. Naturally, before I could escape off the lot, that woman directed me to talk with Joshina. I am not certain what her real name is, as that woman keeps switching between Lisa and Kelly and muttering something about a Pseudo Legacy. Her name is Kelly Phillips. I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget. ...My letters to you Bob, it appears, are also being watched as closely as my actions. Whatever this lovely first face creature's name, in my heart she will be known as Joshina.
  29. 29. Bob, I am also gratified to know that Joshina has impeccable taste. It's too bad that woman failed to remove my PlumbBob for this picture. It's yellow right now because, as I pointed out before, I am making it a specific point to be the worst Knowledge Sim in history. Joshua: 1 That woman: 0. Everything's coming up Joshua!
  30. 30. However Bob, I am rather worried about the vacant expression Joshina gives me. Whenever I ask her what she wants, she claims she wants to gain Logic points, to which I oblige her. But, if looking at her face is like looking in a mirror, does this mean that I have the same vacant expression on my face? Bob forbid!
  31. 31. Of course, naturally, Joshina can't stay out of my presence for too long, and she does her homework in my dorm room as opposed to the many tables that are available. However, that is not the point of this picture. My triumphant point is that once again, that woman failed to remove my PlumbBob. Still not platinum. Nay, skilling I do not like! I believe the score is now 2-0. Do I need to write what everything is coming up for? Joshua, of course!
  32. 32. Josh: It's almost like kissing a mirror! Kelly Joshina: Oh, Josh! Third Skintone Sandy Bruty: But I want to do my homework in here instead of all the empty tables! Needless to say Bob, I am surrounded by idiots.
  33. 33. So, there was only one thing I could do, Bob, and that was to put a lock on my door. Of course, this was met with an astounding flock of Sims desperately wanting to do their homework in there. If I were a psychology major, I would say that without a doubt, they all just wanted something that they couldn't have. Is it me? Or is it my room? I ponder these things nightly.
  34. 34. Joshina and I are getting along very well; though once again, I am a tad bit concerned about her frequent mention of cheese. I am sincerely hoping that she is just talking about the cheese in the omelette, as she is currently not controllable so I am unsure of her actual aspiration, and she still wants to gain Logic points.
  35. 35. Now, of course, every guy has done the "Twin Sister" trick in the mirror. Of course, I haven't, but I imagine kissing Joshina is closer and better than that. I don't find it unpleasant, I must say.
  36. 36. Bob, I can say without a doubt that marrying Joshina will produce many beautiful children. Would I name them Joshua and Joshina Junior? This is another question that keeps me occupied when I should be skilling.
  37. 37. Of course Bob, Joshina is as in love with me as I am with myself.
  38. 38. While researching my own name in a baby book, I found that my name means "God is Salvation". Hmm Of course I am not presumptuous enough to assume that I am The God. Perhaps a minor deity? I could handle that, I think.
  39. 39. Today my Free Will was turned off. I naturally tried to escape this wretched hive of scum and villainy (I exaggerate of course about the villainy, especially since there will be no more unexpected Zombies). However, I found myself distracted by the urge to rake leaves and then jump in the piles. Suddenly I found my actions being controlled again despite the fact that I was having fun for a few hours more than necessary. I am reluctant to say that the score is now 2-1.
  40. 40. Once again I found myself being forced to skill. Assuming that Joshina wants the same things that I want (what look-alike fiancee wouldn't?) I asked her to join me. Joshina was reluctant, however. I naturally assume this due to the fact that I know that my face is not set in the same frown lines that is marring Joshina's perfect first face. I am growing worried. Will things come up Joshua ever again?
  41. 41. Bob, I find that I have more things to ponder. Could Joshina be a Grilled Cheese Sim? Another thing, do I look as stupid dancing?
  42. 42. I found today that I could win the most angry face while Smustling award, if there were such a thing. *Note to self* Invent Most Angry Face While Smustling Award. Then everything will come up Joshua, and I will score many, many points over that woman.
  43. 43. Bob, I found myself most thankful that when directed to "Suck Face" with Joshina, it wasn't my leg that popped up. That would have been rather embarrassing. Everything is coming up Joshua, once again!
  44. 44. Dear Bob, today I am in a celebratory mood, for I have finally moved away from the dorms into my own house. I have, naturally, decided to roll the "Start a Fraternity" want, along with a bunch of other Pleasure and Popularity wants. Do I want to skill? Do I want to go to class? Do I want to write a term paper? Do I want to, at the very least, socialize with Joshina? Nope. I am still winning at my own private war with that woman.
  45. 45. When I moved in, I found out that I was not the first resident here. It turns out that Emily London was here first. The only bonus to being in a rebound Legacy is that whatever was left behind is now meant for me. As my aspiration was just cusping on Gold, I was directed to use the Energizer. Fortunately I did not go green. Bob, is that woman trying to kill me? Surely not...right? This Legacy is just starting!
  46. 46. It was decided for me that I would, indeed, start a fraternity, as I guess that's what Legacy Sims are supposed to do. This quelled my fears about that woman trying to make me miserable. For the moment...
  47. 47. Naturally, as is apparently true to form for London Bridge, my toga party that I threw was not a Roof Raiser. I blame it on the fact that nobody else really dressed in togas.
  48. 48. Clearly Joshina must be a Knowledge Sim, as she decided to stop Smustling to go into the bathroom and do her homework. This lifted my heart a little, but all of my other party guests were rather irked by the fact that they couldn't use the bathroom. Could this be the reason my "Josh is Awesome" toga party was less than a rousing success? More things to ponder while I am supposed to be skilling.
  49. 49. Dear Bob, I am pleased to say that my private war is still going well. My Greek House is now level 5, due to the fact that I constantly want to make friends and throw "Josh is Cool" and "Look at Josh in His Sexy Toga" toga parties. I am saddened to say that none of them are Roof Raisers, however. How can they not be? Look at my abs! Of course, I will occasionally throw that woman a bone, by wanting to get a generic skill point here and there. I think a plaque is being made for me for being the worst Knowledge Sim ever. Everything is coming up Joshua! With a plaque no less!
  50. 50. Dear Bob, today I graduate. Due to the fact that most of the time my Free Will is turned off (curse that woman always thwarting my escape) I managed to pull a 4.0 in Biology. I take great pride in the fact that it was not fun for either me or that woman. Naturally, I wanted to throw an "Everything is Coming up Joshua" graduation party. However, things were looking dim. Remington (my house placeholder. What kind of name is that, anyway? Remington here is like the name John Smith everywhere else) refused to participate in the festivities, no matter how much he was directed. Then, there was the random streaker...
  51. 51. Of course, everyone gathered around to congratulate me and my sheer awesomeness. Yeah, I'm so not a rebound Legacy, I am cool and unique. Score: 3-1
  52. 52. Things were looking glum, so I decided to strip down and show everyone in my altogether What better way to liven up a party and make it an absolute positive Roof Raiser? Bob, apparently that was too much Joshua, if there is such a thing. I regret to say that this was the worst party I have ever thrown. Of course, I blame it on Remington and his stupid tattoos. But now I will forever have a "Bad Graduation Party” memory.
  53. 53. It appeared that people were relieved when the confetti blew up and I was back in my clothing. Of course, this must be my imagination, as one can never have too much Joshua. Not too shabby, I must say, but then again I am Joshua. Nothing about me is shabby. Bob, do you know how close I am to finger gunning people? I'll bet if that woman would turn on my Free Will, I would totally do it, even if I only have 5 outgoing points. Now, I guess I have to move back to London Bridge. My spirits are raised though: apparently I am going to live on a beach lot. Though, I do not understand why that woman laughed when she told me. But such worries are beneath me! Everything is coming up Joshua!
  54. 54. Ah. I understand now, Bob. Apparently this was one of those 'the more things change, the more they stay the same' jokes. Stupid cliff separating me from the beach. Personally, I think she makes this a cliff because she sucks at landscaping. Of course, this means war. Score: 3-2. For now. Hugs and Kisses, Joshua. Did I actually write that? *** Thanks for reading. And Josh is right, I do suck at landscaping. Beach lots are a pain to build on when there are those areas that you actually can't. The cliff makes it easier for me. Thanks to MTS2 and the Exchange for the Stargate stuff. And thanks to the SimSelves for appearing briefly in my story along with their Legacy Sims. The next chapter is about halfway done with shooting. I am terrible at writing, so I'm not positive when the next part will show up. However, I see it going up within the next week or so. So until then :)