Pmi processes pmbok5


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Pmi processes pmbok5

  1. 1. PMI Processes (Edition 5 + Const) CONTRACT PJCT Work Statement Enter[rise Environment Org Process INITIATING PLANNING INTEGRATION SCOPE PROJECT CHARTER Selection methd PMIS Expert Judgment PM Methodology PJCT MNGMNT PLAN PM Method PMIS Expert Judgment CLOSING QUALITY HR COMMUNICATIONS / STAKEHOLDER RISK Safety Environment PROCUREMENT Claims Management ID STAKEHOLDERS PLAN SCOPE MNGMNT SCOPE DEFINITION Product Analysis Alternatives Judgment Stakeholder analysis CREATE WBS WBS Templates Decomposition MONITORING & CONTROL COST Financial COLLECT RQMNTS PM plan Matrix EXECUTION TIME ACTIVITY DEFINITION Decomposition Templates Rolling Wave Plan Judgement ACTIVITY SEQUENCE Precedence / Arrow diagram, Network Diagram Dependencies ACT RESOURCE EST Judgment Alternatives Published data Bottom up estimate ACT DURATION Analogous estimate Parametric 3 point Reserve analysis SCHEDULE DVLP Network, CPM, what if?, resource level, Leads & Lags COST ESTIMATE Analogous estimate, Resource costs, Bottom Up, Parametric, Cost of quality, Tenders/bids COST BUDGET Cost aggregation Reserve analysis Parametric estimates, Funding Limit reconciliation QUALITY PLANNING Cost benefit analysis’ Benchmarking, Experiments, Cost of Quality, Metrics / checklists INTEGRATED CHANGE CONTROL PM Methodology PMIS Expert Judgment CLOSE PROJECT PM Methodology, PMIS, Judgment COST CONTROL Cost change control, Performance measurement, Forecasting, Variance management QUALITY CONTROL Cause & effect Control charts Flowcharts Histogram Pareto charts Run charts/trends Scatter diagram Inspection & samples ACQUIRE TEAM Pre-assignment, Negotiation, Acquisition, Virtual DEVELOP TEAM General Management, Training, Teams, Rules, Collocate MANAGE TEAM Observations & conversations, Appraisals, Training, Issues Log, Conflict management (Part of Execution) SCOPE CONTROL Change Control Variance Analysis Configuration Mngmnt Repalnning Inspection SCHEDULE CONTROL Progress Reports Change Control Performance Measure PM Software Variance, Comparison Charts RISK MNGMNT PLAN Planning meeting & analysis, Enterprise standards PLAN STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT QUALITY ASSURANCE Audits, Process analysis, QC Tools SCOPE VERIFICATION COMMS PLANNING Comms requirements, Comms technology RISK ID Document review Checklist analysis Assumptions analysis Brainstorming, Delphi, Interviews, Diagrams QUAL ANALYSIS Probability & Impact (Low/Med/High) assessment matrix, category / priority QUANT ANALYSIS Simulations, data gathering, Monte Carlo MANAGE COMMS (INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION) Comms skills, Info gather, store, distribute MANAGE S’HOLDERS Issues logs, experience, meetings PERFORMANCE REPORTS Presentations Meetings Time & Cost reports Performance gathering CONDUCT PROCUREMENT Bidder conference Advertise, prequal Selection criteria, negotiations, independent estimates RISK MONITORING & CONTROL Risk assessment Audits Variance & Trend Reserve Analysis CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION Change Control Inspections & audits Payment system Performance Claims admin Records Mngmnt IT tools Letters by condition of contract for evaluation of contract difficulties etc. Close / Lessons learnt CONTRACT CLOSURE Claims Resolution CONTROL STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT As executed programme /mnt/temp/unoconv/20131109050852/pmiprocessespmbok5-131108230851-phpapp02.doc PLAN PROCUREMENT Standard forms, Judgement RISK RESPONSE Strategic for +ve & -ve Contingency Scenario DIRECT & MANAGE EXECUTION PM Methodology PMIS MONITORING & CONTROL PM Methodology PMIS Earned Value Expert Judgment HR PLANNING Org charts, Job Descriptions, Networking, Organisation Theory, RACI Chart Close Financial Close Quality / Safety Assurance Close Team