Pearson Career Workforce Education


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Presented by Tom Darling, National Director of Workforce Education, Pearson Education

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Pearson Career Workforce Education

  1. 1. Building an OnlineWorkforce Presence
  2. 2. Introduction Pearson Education • World’s largest education company • Our programs, tools and curricula help to educate more than 100 million people worldwide – more than any other private enterprise.2
  3. 3. Pearson Workforce Education • Comprehensive learning programs for high-demand jobs, many of which lead to a nationally-recognized certification • Short courses designed to engage adult learners • Soft skills modules available to enhance the learning experience • Tools and assessments to help students, educators and organizations succeed • No upfront costs for adopting courses - the College doesn’t purchase anything until students have registered3
  4. 4. Why Pearson Workforce Education? • Flexibility • Quality • Partnership4
  5. 5. Flexibility • Select the courses that are right for your area to build your local workforce • Build your program as you go without upfront investment risks • Have full control over the course, with the ability to schedule when you deem appropriate • Hire your own instructors for better cost control and increased profits • Conduct the course in either an instructor-led fully online format or in an instructor-led hybrid format • Conduct the courses in your LMS or ours5
  6. 6. Quality • Courses are aligned to industry standards and certification standards • National Subject Matter Experts design the course and the content within the course • Additional Subject Matter Experts review the course for relevancy, topics, and amount of time spent on each topic • A board of Workforce Directors advises on the selection and development of courses •Award-winning learning design baked into all of the courses6
  7. 7. Partnership • Pearson is the worlds leading learning company, and our tools and products have helped to educate over 100 million people worldwide • Pearson provides the marketing support to enable programs to drive more enrollments into their courses • Our programs deliver results and student success7
  8. 8. Courses that Serve Your Market Local Market Data Top Careers by the numbers8
  9. 9. Courses that Serve Your Market9
  10. 10. Proven Learning Design – Everything Included10
  11. 11. Media-Rich Lessons11
  12. 12. Skills Development and Practice12
  13. 13. Other Services – Pearson Instructor Education – online instructor professional development modules – Remediation programs to assist student improvement in math, reading and writing – Marketing kits with each course to provide targeted copy to generate student enrollments – Hosting options – Pearson can host the courses for you at no additional charge, or you can host through your own LMS13
  14. 14. Pearson Workforce Education • Areas of Focus – Green Education – Health Care – Information Technology – Project Management and Quality – General Business and Management – Advanced Manufacturing – Hospitality and Tourism – Employability and Career Skills – Basic Academic Remediation14
  15. 15. Pearson Workforce Education Anticipated Timeline Approximately 40 courses will be live in January 2012, with another 60 live in summer of 2012, including: – ICD-10 – Patient Access Specialist – Medical Administrative Specialist – Six Sigma – Project Management Certifications – Workplace Readiness Modules – Health Care Reform – CompTIA A+, N+, S+ and CCNA15
  16. 16. How It Works16
  17. 17. Pearson Workforce Education Tom Darling National Director of Workforce Education Pearson Education 317-428-3013 (office) 317-266-9812 (cell)17