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Enjoy Halloween with the Islands characters


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Cut-outs of Islands characters and fancy dress costumes for a Halloween activity. Enjoy with your pupils these scary ideas...

- Create puppets with Rita, Oscar and the rest using ice-cream stick. Create a story about Halloween, practice it in the class and go to another class to present it.
- Use the bodies of the characters but change the face and stick the picture of your pupils instead so they can be the protagonists of the story! They will love to interact with their favourite characters.
- Switch costumes and make a Jack-o-Frankenstein, a VampGhost, a SkeleWitch and play with the new names.
- Use the costumes to put the new vocabulary on a context. Use it to practice sentences such as "Rita is dressing up as a Ghost. She is wearing a white sheet" .
- Create stickers with the pictures. They will love this little "treat".

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