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Augmented reality. Travelling around the world.


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Practical ideas to include augmented reality in your classes. In this one you will learn how to mash-app Street View and Tellagami to create a video and overlay it to a picture for an augmented learning experience!

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Augmented reality. Travelling around the world.

  2. 2. In this box you will develop…
  3. 3. In this box you will find… Headphones Tablet IOS or Android
  4. 4. In this box you will use… + info about Street View StreetView in Google Maps App to find your dreamed place + info about Tellagami Tellagami app to create the avatar and the video Aurasma app to create an aura around the picture of the destination
  5. 5. THE BIG QUESTION What is your dreamed trip? Why? The Eiffel Tower, the liberty statue, the colosseum in Rome, the Big Ben in London, or Chamonix in France, what´s your dreamed destination? and why would you like to go there?
  6. 6. THE TASK Create gallery of dreamed places, each picture of the gallery has augmented information with an avatar in front of a landscape explaining where it is located and why it has been chosen.
  7. 7. THE ACTIVITIES • Discuss and decide your destination with your partner • Open Google Maps App and write the direction in the box.
  8. 8. THE ACTIVITIES • Touch longer on the spot where your destination is so as to activate Street view.
  9. 9. THE ACTIVITIES • Make a screenshot of the image (press ) and it will be saved in library/screenshot. • Print it.
  10. 10. THE ACTIVITIES • Think carefully the reasons why you would like to go there and write them down (Who are you, where and why it is your dreamed place) You can write it here Hello! My name is __________________and my dreamed destination is ____________________ located in ____________________. I like this place because ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________
  11. 11. THE ACTIVITIES • Open the tellagami app • Choose a character • and costumise it
  12. 12. THE ACTIVITIES Finally record (voice) or write the text you wrote before, so the avatar will pronounce it. Save the video.
  13. 13. Activities • Now, let´s add Augmented Reality to the picture with Aurasma, by overlaying the video that you have just created to the picture of the dreamed place so when anyone focuses the picture, the video that you have made will appear. (Internet required) • You don´t know how to do it? Follow the tutorial you will find on the next slide.
  14. 14. +Ideas • Switch the task to “My friend´s dreamed place” so you can organise pupils in teams of two or three, and they have to ask their friends about their dreamed place facilitating dialogue and communication between them.
  15. 15. Any doubts?…contact me! Marta Cervera Moliner @martacervera
  16. 16. Looking for more ideas?