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Activitict for Halloween


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Lots of scary ICT Activities you can practice with you Primary pupils for Halloween

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Activitict for Halloween

  1. 1. When planning how to include a technological resource in my sessions I always ask myself…
  2. 2. What is the pedagogical purpose for using it? Is it a receptive or a productive activity? What are my pupils going to create?
  3. 3. I try to choose tools that let my students create and produce something, not just receive information, so I can enhance speaking and writing skills,helping them feel that they are capable of creating something, that they are competent
  4. 4. Here are some
  5. 5. Cartoonize Halloween
  6. 6. Cartoonize Halloween We all love cartoons. Pow Toon is a great site that allows you to create easy and great cartoon-style animations and share them. The great thing is that they have an EDU site called PowToon4Edu and they have a Halloween library to create a spooky cartoon animation. Think and create a story using the library characters or...use the characters we presented here, or...create your own characters and mix them all to make it more significant.
  7. 7. Write and publish your Halloween book
  8. 8. Write and publish your Halloween book Literacy is a basic skill, we all know that, but when there is a final purpose to it as much fun as creating, publishing and sharing a book, then it turns into a great learning activity. Story Bird has a great Halloween library and allows your students to create a story out of those pictures. This is the one we have created for your younger learners. Act it out in class!
  9. 9. Write and publish your own Halloween book This is the book we have created for you and for your younger learners, we hope you enjoy it! NUMBER COSTUMES PARTY Why don’t you act it out in class?
  10. 10. Create a Halloween card or a musical video you and your students can star in!
  11. 11. Create a Halloween card or a musical video you and your students can star in! JibJab is a site that allows you to create videos featuring you or your friends. It´s fun, it´s easy and they have libraries for special dates such as Halloween. Look! Our Poptropica characters from Islands star in this video and they wish you a Happy Halloween!