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  1. 1. Visit our website: Dr. Tobias Maynard’s ord Of Mouth Produced to improve your dental health and awareness Spring/Summer 2009 Toxic Metals fromthedentist stery Solved Summer Refer A Spouse/ My Partner Special starts June 21! Dear Friends, Part I: Colonel Mustard... We treat many Lisa Barrett likes to expose her poisoned by the poisson... families. But, arms in public. Not because they’re in the sushi restaurant! interestingly, some toned from regular work-outs, but of our patients because they’re blemish-free. have a spouse/ “They’re completely gone,” partner who she says, in amazement, of doesn’t visit the dentist. Maybe they the eczema and psoriasis she are fearful, too busy, don’t trust endured there and on her face dentists or are worried about cost. for ten years. But now, after We understand all of these concerns. a five year-long search, she’s But, the risk of waiting can found both the cause and the outweigh any prolonged “avoidance cure: heavy metals toxicity before therapy”. So, we are extending a and chelation treatments, For yea special invitation to any spouse/ respectively. Unhealthy amounts after Lisa endu rs, re of nickel and mercury actually skin reac d partner who avoids the dentist like tion accumulated in her body to the after to heavy the plague. For your willingness to Lisa’s arm erapy “try us out”, we’ll double our usual point where her body began to che lation th metals referral gift card value to lunch for react with symptoms. four! This offer ends on Labor Day. So, how could this active and, otherwise healthy, former sheriff’s We hope you’ll come see us... deputy be more susceptible to toxins than an 80 year-old sun worshipper who lives skin cancer-free? Or a wiry, thin person who eats a trucker’s Best of health, breakfast every morning and never gets heart disease? Simply put, some people’s immune systems are more sensitive than others. Even famous Tobias Maynard people are not immune. Comedic actor, Jeremy Piven quit his Broadway role due to severe mercury toxicity. He attributed his two-year long, Our mission is to provide quality twice daily sushi diet as the cause for his body to accumulate the toxic dentistry to our patients, while levels of “methylmercury” in his system. building friendships with them. Heavy metals toxicity symptoms from aluminum, lead, arsenic, So, we know all of you by name, copper, nickel and mercury may vary in severity and may range from not by a number. We consider your needs, health and finances when weakened immunity, organ problems and deafness to behavioral we plan treatment. Such a holistic problems, memory loss, and insomnia. Sources range from antacids, and patient-centered philosophy has antiperspirants and insecticides to flour, fish and silver fillings. helped us earn your trust as we work to keep your gums and teeth well- maintained and healthy. Thank you! Next issue: How Lisa got her groove back. Got new insurance benefits? Start now to maximize them.
  2. 2. Healthy You Healthy environment The journey of a thousand miles may start with a single step, but 10,000 steps a day can get you on the road to personal fitness. Millions have stepped up to the five- mile challenge and invested in a convenient easy-to-use and highly motivational techno wonder. Clipped to your belt, your pedometer can measure your steps and challenge you to fitness. Did you know…?  Most of us only walk about half the recommended distance per day.  If present patterns continue, by 2010, a quarter of us won’t fit a standard office chair.  You can safely increase your steps by as little as 10% every week or two. Not For  You can divide the day into three parts and try to Women Only include a walk in each part. Commit to your pedometer and wear out your 6 perio facts shoe leather – not the environment! 1 Around age forty both men’s and women’s bone-protecting hormones decline which can lead to thinning bones or osteoporosis. 2 Osteoporosis has been linked to Wish No Longer periodontal disease. As the disease Your dream smile is waiting for you! progresses, it can lead to tooth Your teeth’s enamel allows light to pass through in much the way that loss, jaw problems, bite problems, glass does. That’s why healthy teeth enamel has such a beautiful luster. The and diminished ability to create glass-like nature of fine translucent porcelain veneers allows them to create functional restorations. this same kind of luminous appearance. Yet in spite of this fineness, bacteria- 3 Periodontal (gum) disease resistant veneers can add strength to your enamel, brighten your smile by appears without symptoms, is often several shades, and mask flaws. considered the sixth complication Cosmetic veneers could give you your dream smile if… of diabetes, and has been linked You’re unhappy with the shade or uneven color or mottled appearance of to cardiovascular diseases, your natural enamel which detracts from an otherwise pleasant smile. cancers, kidney and lung diseases,  Mask the cumulative staining effect from coffee, tea, colas, and osteoporosis, and complications of tobacco products, or chemical compounds like fluoride and the antibiotic pregnancy. tetracycline as well as root canal treatment. 4 Regardless of age or gender, minerals like calcium and You are unhappy with the shape and proportion of your teeth. phosphorus, and vitamins A, C,  Enhance the appearance of your smile by acquiring more balanced and D are necessary for strong proportions, disguising gaps and spaces, and covering chipped, broken, or teeth and bones. malformed teeth. 5 Tobacco and alcohol should be You are unhappy with the misaligned appearance of your teeth but don’t avoided, especially in combination. want to wear braces. 6 Brushing, flossing, and regular  Idealize the appearance of slightly rotated, tipped, or misaligned teeth checkups are the building blocks by using veneers as instant orthodontics. behind a healthy mouth and an Whatever you feel, we can work together to determine the best veneer appealing smile regardless of age makeover strategy for your hand-crafted custom-fitted porcelain veneers. or gender. Be sure to bring your wish list to your initial consultation appointment! 2
  3. 3. A Little Or A Lot You can decide how far to go What would it take to keep you smiling and happy? Happiness is a serious issue. Don’t laugh – there’s an actual institute dedicated to researching the topic. One thing is for certain: relationships, work, and social confidence can be affected by your smile. Whether you need just a little bit of help or a complete smile makeover, here are some options that we can use alone, combined with each other, or in combination with other cosmetic options. Crown Crown & Three- Dental A crown can cover Bridge Quarter Implants and protect a tooth Just as a crown Crown A dental implant that has become Sometimes called is a permanently refers to the fragile through decay an onlay, this can placed artificial tooth or large or recurrent restoration of a single be used when part which is anchored fillings. Natural-looking tooth, a crown plus of the natural tooth in your jawbone just porcelain is usually bridge refers to one enamel is still healthy. used for front teeth, like a natural tooth. or more artificial Only three-quarters Implants look and and porcelain fused to metal can be used for teeth used to span of the tooth needs to feel like your own either front or back. a gap. be restored. teeth. Modern restorations like implants, crowns, and bridges are durable, stain- and bacteria-resistant, secure, and long-lasting. Most importantly, they look completely natural – only better than before. Now there’s a happy thought! BEFORE Tempt Your Tastebuds DISGUISE Try White Tea The Chinese have been enjoying this pale beverage with its sweet silky flavor since the Ming Dynasty. White tea has become the infusion of choice among tea – and health – aficionados because it can help your body’s immune system IDEALIZE to fight off viruses and dangerous infection-causing bacteria. Fluoride-rich white tea can also help to prevent the growth of dental plaque – the root cause of tooth decay and gum disease – without staining. Steamed instead of processed, its silvery leaves remain so close to their natural state that white tea also retains more of the powerful anti-oxidant that fights and kills cancer-causing cells than any other type of tea. You can enjoy this refreshing non-staining brew in a cup or in anti-viral and anti-bacterial toothpastes enhanced by the ML09-5 addition of white tea extract. 3
  4. 4. Famous Patient Profile Ann (center) with Andrea & Sandra Ann Bingham Freeman Artists generally think “outside the box.” Dynamic artist and patient Ann Bingham Freeman thinks outside the globe. She’s contributing her highly expressive talent to the traveling exhibit, “Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet.” The project is meant to spread awareness of global warming and present possible solutions. Using a five foot wide fiberglass globe as a canvas, Ann collaborated with two artists/friends from Chicago (birthplace of the project two years ago), Andrea Harris and Sandra Bacon. The result is a colorful world map wake-up call to save all rainforests. Ann painted the Australian continent and molded indigenous animals in relief, to emphasize One of Anne’s bronze figurines the unconscionable phasing out of species as deforestation continues. Such nature-themed imagery is rampant in Ann’s Yucaipa workshop, where bright, colorful canvases of her stylized human and animal figures compete for visitor attention against hand painted tiles, welded sculptures and, her latest love, cast bronze figurines. Ann’s a veritable art media junkie. That she was invited to share in the creation underscores her reputation among artists. Equally meaningful to her is having the opportunity “to let people know how important it is to conserve the environment.” Ann, we are all green with pride at your accomplishment! The Globe officeinformation Use #164 For Tobias F. Maynard, DDS, Inc. Toothpaste 710 Brookside Avenue, Suite 8 Redlands, CA 92373-5181 Rub a dab onto tarnished silver for a natural silver Office Hours Monday closed polish that’s safer to use than Tuesday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm conventional metal cleaners. Wednesday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm (Caveat: this does not work Thursday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm with gel toothpaste.) Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Source: Taste For Life magazine, Contact Information March, 2009 Office (909) 792-1775 Fax (909) 792-1475 Email Office Staff Angela .......................... Office Manager Fran ............Registered Dental Hygienist Natural Sleep Help for Dental Anxiety Christy ........ Registered Dental Assistant/ Many people can’t relax or sleep from anxiety the night before a Front Office Assistant dental appointment. Prescription sleeping pills and muscle relaxers Munique .....................Dental Assistant are a big help to many. Others may prefer to try an herbal supplement endorsed by Clark’s Nutrition, such as Albezia, American Ginseng, Visit our website: Ashwaganda, Chamomile, Hops, Kava, Lemon Balm, Skullcap and Valerian. A helpful Clark’s team member may help you evaluate which of these herbs may help you. Information included is not dental or medical advice. For your Contents may not be reproduced without permission from the publisher. specific information be sure to consult our office. If you do not wish © PATIENT NEWS PUBLISHING (800) 667-0268 to receive this newsletter, please contact us directly. 14600-44734 ML09-5