Unit 4 lesson 13


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Unit 4 lesson 13

  1. 1. Objective: Today we will participate ina quiz review and review theProperties of Operations and makecomics using Algebra vocabularyterms to help conceptualize the partsof Algebra
  2. 2. • Please copy the table on your paper• You will use this table to create something very cool!• Try to work swiftly, as you will need all your time for the next part of today’s lesson
  3. 3. Remember it by… addition multiplication Commutative property switch A+b=b+a a*b=b*a Associative property group A + (b + c) = (a + b) + c A ( b * c) = (a * b) * c Identity property Same number 5+0=5 5*1=5 Distributive property A(b*c) = ab * acTimes everything in group A(b + c) = ab + ac A(b*c) = a(d)- wow! Zero property Must equal zero -a + a = 0 A* 0=0
  4. 4. • Using the puzzle template and the property table, create a property of operation puzzle.• Rules:• Each property name piece must connect with the example piece• The puzzle must be decorated• All the words that must be legible• You will have 15 minutes to finish your puzzle• You must have fun and be creative!
  5. 5. • Now find a friend and trade your puzzles to see who can put it together the fastest….• Keep track who wins each time and report it to your teacher!• You will have 10 mins…
  6. 6. Keep your puzzle… You can use it for many things! • You can use it as a study guideWhat can I do withthis puzzle now??? • You can have future contests • You can frame it and make it a piece of artwork • You can show it to your parents so they can see how smart you are! • You can put it in your memory book to remember • your 7th grade year when you turn 90 years
  7. 7. Take a look at the comic on the next page…
  8. 8. • Now you will have 3 minutes to do a Gallery Walk• You are asked to walk around and observe some other comics.• PLEASE BEHAVE AS IF YOU ARE IN AN ART MUSEUM• Once you are finished observing the comics, start your own comic strip• YOU MUST INCLUDE ALL THE WORDS ON THE
  9. 9. • You must create your own comic using the vocabulary words below:• Variable• Coefficient This assignment is due tomorrow, but you will need to• Term start NOW… trust me, you• Expression HAVE to start now… don’t delay… don’t procrastinate!• Equation START NOW!!!!• Constant• Like Terms• Unlike Terms