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Telecoms canto mba#2 b


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Telecoms canto mba#2 b

  1. 1. Now in its Fully updated for 2011 including latest industry trends th 7 year and emerging business models19-23 September 2011 St Maarten, Netherlands AntillesCanto Caribbean Comprehensive • Motivating • EngagingTelecoms Mini MBA Developing and aligning competencies for organisational success BRAND NEW! Competency Development Journal enabling you to apply your learning specifically to your own business context and to develop a solid foundation in the following five key competency areas of: 1 Strategy/Business Environment 2 Technology 3 Finance 4 Leadership 5 Marketing/Customer Focus CANTO offers its members this Bringing together the best training delivery methods and knowledge transfer techniques: excellent opportunity to help shape • Unique Business Simulation ensures training is relevant and the future of Caribbean Telecoms keeps participants engaged throughout Guest Speaker Representatives • Research and Analysis from the experts – the Informa Telecoms & Media research team from the Caribbean • Dynamic and highly engaging programme directors with specialist presenters covering finance and leadership • Unique Networking Opportunities – both during the course, and as part of the Telecoms Mini MBA Alumni Network‘An excellent intensive training programme that covers all • Team assignments – developing, sharing and analysingaspects of the telecoms industry in one week… Ideal for experiences and ideasbusy middle and senior executives. The Caribbean region • On-going support through the Virtual Campus, our online learning and development portalwill benefit tremendously from its own CANTO Mini MBA • Maximising training relevance through the on-going Competencyin Telecoms’ Development Journal (optional)REGENIE FRASER, SECRETARY GENERAL, CANTO
  2. 2. Fully upd atedCanto Caribbean for 2 011Telecoms Mini MBA Who should Why should you attend? attend? Attending the Telecoms Mini MBA from Informa will ensure you: This programme is designed 1 ACHIEVE A BETTER understanding of your 5 LEARN BEST PRACTICE leadership for senior managers, middle people, your products, and your business – techniques and how they can be applied managers aspiring for senior giving you an unparalleled view of where your within the telecoms industry roles, and directors from all organisation stands, its strengths and future 6 ARE FULLY EQUIPPED to take on functions within the growth opportunities new challenges and progress within your telecommunications sector. 2 HAVE A SOLID platform on which to make organisation It has been developed for strategic, technical, financial and management 7 GAIN LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to our those whose time is limited decisions that are reliable, well grounded and Telecoms Mini MBA Alumni Network. You and who work in critical commercially viable will join an exclusive club, in which you can roles or situations where a 3 GAIN A CLEAR picture of the telecommun- readily share ideas and expertise with like- lengthy period away for ications market and its future direction, with minded colleagues via our online study is not possible. The forecasts, timelines and analysis from the experts networking tool Telecoms Mini MBA also provides an ideal opportunity 4 ARE FULLY VERSED in fixed, mobile and to develop the organisation’s convergent network technology and the reasons talent pool and support behind its adoption, its strengths, weaknesses succession planning. and limitationsWhat makes the Informa Telecoms – Full-time analysts on every continent – Localised expertise, coupled with a deep sector knowledge –Mini MBA unique? helping us identify emerging trends and best practise around the world for our clients more incisively than everNo other telecoms training provider offers such a unique MBA – Material is fully reviewed and updated for each series ofprogramme and enhances your training experience: programmesThe Programme Unique benefits of the Informa Telecoms Mini MBA• Programme is designed to maximise competency development in • Join thousands of top Industry Professionals who have already taken the areas that matter most to modern telecoms executives and the Telecoms Mini MBA challenge – significantly improving their managers – the training methods have been rigorously tested and contribution their own business, as well as greatly benefiting their developed since the programme was introduced in 2006 to own career development maximise learning, motivation, engagement and confidence • Excellent networking opportunities – discuss issues and explore• Highly interactive and varied delivery methods – designed to appeal ideas with like-minded professionals throughout the programme to a wide range of preferred learning styles, ensuring participants • Eligibility for the Telecoms Mini MBA Alumni – allowing participants to remain fully engaged and progressing both during the programme, network with top industry professionals throughout the world and after the programme through the on-going (optional) Competency Development Journal • Complimentary Telecoms Industry Outlook report covering hot topics and major issues affecting the industry• Unique Business Simulation running throughout the programme, ensuring participants apply their learning in a simulated environment, • Competency Development Journal (optional) ensures the learning is enabling them to explore and share ideas, test different business APPLIED to your own role and your own organisational context – models and implementation options and share expertise. (Comprising of additional on-line modules and competency development tasks, to be completed within two months of the• The programme has been constantly developed since it was Telecoms Mini MBA end date) introduced to meet the rapidly changing needs of the industry and is fully in line with our customer’s requirements • Post-course support provided as standard – ensuring key personnel have the resources to maximise their competency development, via:Telecoms Academy Expertise – Telecoms Virtual Campus, providing a wide range of training,• Dedicated delivery teams, comprising expert trainers who are fully information, and intelligence resources from Informa Telecoms accredited by Informa, highly experienced, and have built a solid Academy and the Informa Telecoms & Media Research Team – picture of Industry best practice through exposure to many of the top with notifications of significant additional content telcos and vendors globally; specialist presenters covering individual – On-going access to trainers and experts via Linked-In, or direct topic areas – all experts in their field via email• Latest Market trends and intelligence from the Informa Research • Hardcopy and softcopy (colour) fully illustrated course notes provided Team – high quality original research ensures participants of the full • Locations and times to suit you – an extensive public schedule picture of what is really going on in the market place ensures training is provided in different locations worldwide on a – 100+ Analysts worldwide regular basis
  3. 3. The programme formatThis programme is highly participative, focusing on real business, technology and industry issues.The programme is designed to give you a critical understanding of the key competencyareas required for success within the telecommunications industry – enabling you to make Competency Development Journalmore informed and commercially viable strategic decisions. The business simulation is the (CDJ)vehicle through which we maximise the competency development After the programme, the optional Competencyand ensure ideas on strategic implementation can be tested and appraised. Development Journal can be used to ensure youThe programme is made up of modules from five main competency areas, as well as the consolidate the learning and apply it directly tocomprehensive business simulation: your own organisation and role. The CDJ is an• Telecoms Business Environment and Strategy • Leadership and Management on-line programme of additional learning, consolidation and reflection that lasts for 8 weeks,• Emerging Technologies • Customer Focus/Marketing covering the five major competency areas.• Finance in Telecoms • PLUS Unique Business Simulation As part of our ongoing development process the content/running order of this programme is subject to change DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5 Welcome & Business Simulation Telecoms Technologies – The Leadership and People 21st Century Telecoms Marketing Business Simulation: Bringing it Introduction Emerging Picture Development all Together Telecoms Business Environment Leading Successful Change Service Delivery & Supporting Systems Telecoms Industry Outlook Corporate Finance Energising and Inspiring People Operating in a Competitive Delegate Presentations – Sharing Environment – Competitive the Business Case Advantage & the Role of Regulation Business Simulation: Teamwork Leadership Styles Business Simulation: Preparation Award of Licence and Review Session Free Evening Evening: Evening: Evening: Business Simulation – Finish 5pm Business Simulation Business Simulation Developing the Strategy KEY Strategy/business environment Technology Finance Leadership Marketing/customer focus Business simulations, presentations and prep programme, these sessions take a more Telecoms Business Finance in Telecoms formal and thought-provoking look at Environment/Strategy Bringing financial considerations into every marketing and customer expectations. FromSessions that cover up-to-the-minute business activity. A rapid, thorough and branding to pricing, and segmentation toindustry information and analysis. These uncomplicated look at all the essential financial service offerings, a range of essentialsessions combine to give a breakdown of techniques used in modern telecoms. From customer-focused topic areas are covered,where the telecoms industry finds itself in making sense of the three principle accounting before a broader look at competitive2011, with a comprehensive look forward at documents to assessing financial KPIs, these advantage and operating in a competitivewhere it is going, with forecasts and timelines, modules provide an ideal toolkit of knowledge market place. The role of the regulator inas well as regional analysis. Factors that affect and skills for any manager. driving the competitive environment is alsothe operator business model and strategy are • Understanding Corporate finance and looked at in some detail.covered in some detail. accounting • Marketing and the customer proposition• Telecom industry trends and forecasts • The Principle Financial Accounting • Competitive Advantage• Industry structure and services Documents • Operating in a competitive environment• Current and Emerging Strategies • KPIs – Assessing Performance • Telecom regulation Telecoms Technologies Leadership and Management The essentials of good management and Business SimulationNo-nonsense sessions which demystify – Island Telco 2011 leadership. Comprehensive and focused, thesethe telecoms network (fixed, mobile and highly practical interactive sessions provide an A unique practical and interactiveconverged). Covering existing and emerging opportunity to enhance your management and business simulation running throughouttechnologies, these modules ensure you are leadership skills, providing a solid foundation to the programme. This unique businessmuch better equipped to make more drive change and improve standards in any simulation runs throughout the five days,confident and commercially grounded organisation. and offers the opportunity to test your ideasdecisions and technology choices as your • Leadership skills and techniques in a simulated environment. Working inown organisation evolves and grows. • Managing change and business relationships small teams, you will consider and evaluateAttention is paid to the user experience and all the major aspects of setting up andservice proposition, access schemes and core • Implementing plans and maximising running an effective telecommunicationsnetwork technologies; service delivery options; performance company – from initial conception, throughand support/network requirements. The focus market testing, regulatory considerations,is very much on technology as an enabler. Customer Focus/Marketing overall strategy, telco structure, customer• Technology evolution and developments Thought provoking sessions that put the proposition, service offerings, technology• Network building blocks and support customer proposition and experience choices, timelines, cost analysis, profitably. systems sharply in focus. Although the customer Feedback and discussions ensure• Network infrastructures offering is at the heart of most topics during the maximum learning value is achieved.
  4. 4. 19-23 September 2011Programme St Maarten, Netherlands Antilles Telecoms Industry Corporate DAY 1 M3 M5 Outlook – 2011 Finance Many challenges and opportunities face the ever- This module uses a market-oriented approach to Welcome and BusinessM1 changing telecoms industry over the next few assess major areas of applicable financial knowledge. Simulation Introduction years, and this module provides a It provides the tools to allow telecom executives to comprehensive analysis of the current situation, develop their financial awareness, and to apply theirThis initial session sets the tone of the week, as well as predicting future trends, growth skills and knowledge as they develop new serviceincluding the overall programme objectives, timing markets and technologies – and the strategies propositions, or manage busy departments. It betterand administration, the speakers, and what is that are likely to be employed. The aim is to places each participant for survival in the competitiveexpected. Delegates find out about each other and provide a clearer picture of the way ahead – environment of modern their team members. enabling more informed decisions and choices.The business simulation is also introduced in detail. The information is drawn from Informa’s vast THE BUSINESS FINANCE CYCLEThe scope, format and expectations are set out to market intelligence resources. • Identifying the flow of funds in a commercialensure each team is fully aware of the requirements, business • Networks (Mobile, Fixed & Convergence) • Determining the factors influencing the sourcingand that each participant can ensure they maximizethe learning opportunity throughout the modules. • Operator strategies of finance • Regional Developments • Broadband and the Internet The Telecoms Business • Content and Applications (incl. TV) BUSINESS SIMULATIONM2 Environment • Device Trends • Industry Survey Results Telecoms Business SimulationA comprehensive look at the evolving telecomsbusiness world – from shareholder to customer, and – Island Telco 2011all that lies between. The unique Island Telco 2011 BusinessThis module sets the scene for the rest of the DAY 2 Simulation runs throughout the week – actingweek, and covers key elements of the business to tie each of the modules into the biggerenvironment in which telecoms companies find picture in a practical and interactive way. As wethemselves. The view of shareholders, telecom Telecoms Technologies deal with each major aspect of telecomsoperators, vendors, service providers, and very M4 – The Emerging Picture throughout the week, Island Telco 2011 allowsimportantly, the customer, are all examined. The you to test your ideas and understanding in achanging (and increasingly complex) interrelation- With telecom technologies changing rapidly, there simulated environment, maximising theships between the different players are discussed. is a need to thoroughly understand the opportunity for learning, whilst developing a capabilities, limitations, and implications as each much more complete picture of the telecoms• Shareholder Requirements new system is adopted. This module sets out the environment.• Business goals emerging picture logically – tackling the building• Aims of the Telco blocks first, before looking at the different access Working competitively in teams, you are asked and core network systems in more detail. to develop a business plan to run a converged• Telcos provide: telecoms operation on a Caribbean Island – – Spectrum The picture is built up from the basics to include presenting your plans to a license commission – Infrastructure the way in which the different technologies and on day 5 in order to win the license to operate. elements interact to provide the overall user All the major aspects of telecoms need to be• Role of vendors experience. For the mobile technologies, we• The MVNO Case concentrate on the 3GPP family, and the• The Service Proposition evolutionary path through GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CAPITAL STRUCTURE – Basic services 3G W-CDMA and HSxPA, and onto LTE and also • Implications of financial risk – Advanced services including WiMAX. Interoperability, compatibility, • The relationship with operational risk – The Internet and third parties and roaming scenarios are all illustrated. ACCOUNTING DATA AND ITS USE IN CORPORATE• What’s involved and how do they do it? • Network Building Blocks CONTROL AND PLANNING• Procedures – Network – Connecting it all • The two principle documents• User Experience Architectures together • Balance sheet• What does the customer get…? • Profit and loss account • Mobile – The Handset Experience • Putting it all together using the published accounts – 3GPP (GSM) – 3G and Beyond of a major telecoms organisation – The Network Experience Family – Alternative Access – The Overall Experience – 3GPP2 Family (incl. WiFi) CASH FLOW • Tracing the vital flow of cash through every channel• What does the customer want? • Fixed of business activity – Segments – Examples – Access – DSL Technology • Cash being the one certain fact in the whole mix - Heavy Voice Users Schemes – Fibre COST/VOLUME/PROFIT ANALYSIS - Texters – Cable • The strategic trade-off of volume and price - Corporate • Convergence • Contribution analysis - Technophiles • Profit value relationship – Technologies – NGN and IMS – Meeting the Customer Requirements CAPITAL BUDGETING – THE CRITICAL AREA OF - Quick Fixes • WiMAX IRREVERSIBLE INVESTMENT - Intermediate Fixes – Capabilities – Implementation • Appraisal techniques - Difficult/more complex options – Technology • The capital asset pricing model (CAPM)
  5. 5. • Why people resist change and the strategies • Delivering the service DAY 3 for handling this resistance – IN and CAMEL – IMS for service delivery • The main steps for leading successful – Service delivery – Delivering TV services Leadership and People change efforts platforms – Location Based Services M6 • Case studies in leading successful organis- Development • Supporting service provision ational transformation and what we can learnSo, what does it take to be an effective leader in – OSS – BSS – NGOSStoday’s telecommunications environment – a world THE LEADER’S ROLE IN ENERGISING ANDof continuous change and constant challenges? INSPIRING PEOPLE • Inspiring others and talking the talk Operating in a CompetitiveThis day long module is designed to optimise your M9 • Building personal credibility and walking the Environmenteffectiveness as a leader. It explores how you can talkuse your management and leadership style as a Competitive Advantage and the Role of Regulationstrategic tool to align your organisation’s culture • Building and sustaining trust Building and maintaining sustainable competitivewith its strategic business objectives – whilst • Energising the organisation through real advantage in a dynamic environment depends on clearlybuilding support for your projects. empowerment identifying and meeting customers’ strategic requirements LEADERSHIP STYLES profitably. This session briefly looks at how to identify and put in place sources of competitive advantage. • The performance dimension of leadership • The four styles of performance leadership, We then examine the role of Regulation – firstly the purpose and implications of regulating the competitive“Brilliant practical concept….” how and when to use them environment (and any possible unfair competitive SS, SWAZI MTN LTD • Your own performance leadership style profile advantage), followed by the wider requirements of and its implications for the challenges you face providing telecommunication services in developed or • Which styles do you need to develop developing economies. Finally, we take a more detailed look at the key players, licensing, and the key challenges.considered and developed within the simulation, • Sources of competitive • The requirement forincluding: DAY 4 advantage regulation• Overall strategy • Customer • Building market-based • Benefits and• Financial aspects proposition, 21st Century Telecoms sustainable competitive implications of regulation• Leadership and • Marketing and M7 advantage • Key players in regulation people management positioning Marketing • Strategic organisational • Licensing• Competitive • Technology choices Ensuring the provision of a viable and competitive and market alignment • Key challenges landscape • Rollout and launch customer proposition is vital to the success of a • Measuring strategicWhether you work for a telco, vendor or service telecoms operator, and in turn, the telecoms effectivenessprovider, the Island Telco 2011 Business Simulation vendors (handset and network), and service providers. A key element of ensuring that success BUSINESS SIMULATIONprovides an extremely effective environment in is communicating the proposition effectively. DEVELOPING THE STRATEGYwhich to build your understanding of your Time is set aside for teams to further develop their strategycustomers, your organisation, your people, and This module provides useful insights into to ensure they are fully focused on the needs of theyour place in the competitive telecoms landscape. marketing and positioning strategies employed customer in the context of the wider business strategy.Expert reviews, feedback and discussions ensure within the telecommunications industry. We focusmaximum learning value is achieved. on assessing that the right products are developed within different market environments, and that marketing communications are effective, DAY 5The programme looks at real world leaders and focused and timely.examines how they achieve the results that they do. BUSINESS SIMULATION • Marketing principles • Branding BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHERIt also looks at your existing level of competency in • Marketing channels • Promotion With all the pieces of the puzzle in place, the teamscore leadership areas and provides feedback on • Positioning • MVNOs develop their full business plan in preparation for the teamyour leadership style. • Segmentation presentations, ensuring they have covered all the majorWe explore leadership in the real world, with a aspects required for success in the modern telecomsfocus on overcoming resistance to change, dealing business environment.with politics and the dynamics of power distance. Service Delivery and M8FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS ABOUT EXECUTIVE Supporting Systems Delegate team presentationsLEADERSHIP As the service mix becomes increasingly complex• Personal development and leadership Comprehensive business simulation presentations are (and IPcentric), effective service delivery and development in the context of organisational delivered by each team, presentations include: support systems become increasingly important. growth, success and decline • Overall strategy and • The service proposition This module looks at the issues of service• The relationship between leadership and implementation, provision, control, and billing. objectives • Technology choices management? • Market considerations • Content delivery Both the Operational Support System (OSS), and• The core competencies of effective executive • Financial aspects • Network infrastructure Business Support System (BSS) are examined, leadership and how you measure up • People management • The rollout plan including the evolving techniques used in modern• Your personal executive leadership strengths Billing systems and CRM platforms. Finally, we • Positioning & branding and areas for development focus on simplifying the provision of OSS and REVIEW SESSIONLEADING SUCCESSFUL CHANGE BSS systems through initiatives such as NGOSS. This section is used to review the bid presentations –• How to anticipate the need for change • The Service Mix providing valuable feedback and a critical appraisal. It is• How to create the conditions for change – Fixed – Mobile – Convergent facilitated by the programme speakers.
  6. 6. Here are just some of the 350 companies worldwide whoseexecutives have attended the Telecoms Mini MBAOperators Econet Wireless MTN Teliasonera Denmark Evolving Systems Government/ Regulator/ Nigerian CommunicationAfghan Wireless Etisalat MTS Mobile Telesystems T-Mobile Hewlett Packard Industry Association Commission Communication Fastlink Nashua Mobile Turk Telekom Bureau Telecom & IT Regulator IBM Company Flora Telecom Nawras Telecom Telecommunication & Telecom Development Turkcell IntelITSAreeba Post (Netherlands Company Afghanistan France Telecom Net One Cellular UfoneArmentel LG Electronics Antillies) Gamcel New Telecom Uganda Telecom TelecommunicationsAsiacell LogicaCMG CANTO Regulatory Authority Geocell Ltd Next Mobile Umniah Mobile CoAstrid Nv Sa Lucent Technologies Comision Federal De (UAE) Globe Telecom O2 Unitel Telecomunicaciones OtherAtheeb Golden Telecom Oman Mobile Mauto Systems Verizon (Mexico) Telecommunications Merryworld Technologies Commission for Atos Origin Grameen Phone Omani Qatari VodacomAtlantique Telecom Telecommunications Barwa Real Estate Grintek Technologies Vodafone Microsoft CommunicationsAzercell Telecom Omantel Regulation (Ireland) BBC GSM Kazakhstan Warid Telecom MotorolaBahrain Telecoms Jersey Telecoms Orascom Telecom Communications Carphone Warehouse Wataniya Telecom Nortel NetworksBakcell Kpn Mobile Pakcom Authority (Zambia) Cinenews Ltd Westcom Wireless OracleBanglalink Sheba Kyivstar GSM Palestine Cellular Council For Electronic Deloitte Business Telecom Communications Wind Telecom Research In Motion Consulting Malaysian Mobile Media (Croatia)Baud Telecom Polkomtel Zain Saudi Networkers Federal Airport Authority Detecon ServicesBelgacom Qanawat Telecom Vendor Services of Nigeria Ernst & Young Mascom WirelessBotswana Mauritius Telecom Roshan Airwave Solutions Siemens Independent First National Bank Telecommunications MCEL Safaricom Ltd Billpro Software Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Harris Stratex NetworksBT CGI Information Systems Authority of South Mckinsey & Company Meteor Mobile Saudi Telecom Springcell IntegratedBulletin Wireless Cisco Systems Africa Communications SK Telecom Technology Neoconsult ApsCable & Wireless Ciscom Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mobilink Supercell Sun Microsystems Stratex Networks of DenmarkCelcom Malaysia Mobilink GSM Telecel Citex Thales Training & Suntel Ltd Ministry of Interior –Cell C Mobiltel Telecom Namibia Comverse Consultancy Symbian Software National (SaudiCeltel Mobily Telefonica Movil Digital Bridge Institute Arabia) Thames River CapitalCosmote Texas Mobinil Telekom Slovenije DMC Stratex Networks Ministry of Posts & The Number UKDeutsche Telekom Mobiserve EMC Computer Vee Networks Telecommunica Universal Service TelenorDocomo Europe Ltd Moldcell Telesis Communication Systems Ministry of Telecoms & IT Provision FundDU Telecom MTC & Security Ericsson (Saudi Arabia) Qatar PetroleumPeace of mind in choosing the Here’s what past Telecoms Mini MBA delegates have had to sayTelecoms Mini MBA from the about the programme: “Effective, detailed, well delivered! Absolutely the most specific, hard hittingInforma Telecoms Academy and to the point telecoms training I have received.” TO, ERICSSON• Informa Telecoms and Media is THE leading provider of industry “Great presenters, extremely knowledgeable” AM, ROSHAN Intelligence and market data to the Telecoms Industry – researched by 100+ analysts globally with full-time analysts on every continent “I really enjoyed the course! I would have liked to be able to spend more time with the teams and presenters” SM, APPLE• Truly outstanding delegate feedback and evaluations – the “Highly comprehensive coverage of the telecoms industry” DS, VIVA MAJORITY rating the course as EXCELLENT, and 98% rating it EXCELLENT or GOOD “Very interesting, made me think out of the box” OO, HARRIS STRATEX• Impressive Alumni – 3500 top industry professionals from around “This is an excellent comprehensive training course giving a clear idea the world and from the different telecom sectors have benefited from of the telecoms industry” GS, DU the Mini MBA for the last six years, including many CEOs, CFOs, “Very useful and so much related to my job!” LA, ZAIN CMOs and CTOs “Great learning experience” VK, VODACOM For more information on the program please contact Teresa or Regenie: Teresa Wankin Operations and Human Resources Manager CANTO, 67 Picton Street Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Tel: (868)622 3770/4781 • Fax: (868)622 3751 Email: • Web: Regenie Fraser Secretary General, 67 Picton Street, Newtown Port of Spain, Trinidad W.I. Tel: (868)622-7448/ 3770/4781 • Fax: (868)622-3751 Email: • Web:
  7. 7. Expert speaker facilityYour team of presenters and facilitators are all experts in their fields, including technical specialists,management consultants and finance specialists. All the facilitators are highly accomplished businesstrainers who will work with you to ensure understanding throughout the five days.PROGRAMME DIRECTORS PROGRAMME PRESENTERSTony Wakefield is Training Director at the Telecoms Academy. Paul Blackhurst is an independent consultant, speaker, trainer, coach andTony started his career in telecoms in 1981 with British Telecom, facilitator. Following on from an early career in business-to-business marketingand now heads up the Informa Telecoms Academy. He trains and sales, Paul moved into management development over 12 years ago andacross a wide range of subjects, including in-depth engineering works across four continents designing and delivering successful managementtraining, and as Programme Director on the Telecoms Mini MBA development and leadership interventions for businesses. He has workedand more advanced programmes. Tony has a degree in widely within the Telecoms sector.Electronics and Physics from Loughborough University, and is a Helena Boschi has worked as an organisation specialist for sixteen years withfull Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management. companies including British Airways, Cable & Wireless, Royal Bank of ScotlandAlan Mayne, Training Manager, has a wealth of experience in and Accenture focussing on leadership, cross-cultural communication andtelecommunications and IT – having previously worked for BT, teamwork. Helena brings a depth of research and knowledge to her programsDEC, and Ericsson, where he had responsibility for supporting the but focuses on the practical, enabling participants to apply concepts and ideasGSM Network roll-out for a UK operator. Alan was also Training to their own organisational environments.Manager for the Ericsson UK training centre, moving to the Stephen Brookson specialises in the provision of tailored finance training. HeTelecoms Academy in 2001. He presents on a range of technical qualified as a chartered accountant in 1980 with KPMG and, after a period inand business courses, and has full responsibility for the Telecoms industry, joined a leading organisation in the provision of training for charteredMini MBA programmes. accountants in practice. He then joined Ernst & Young for a number of years asDave McNally, Senior Telecommunications Trainer, began his a consultant. An independent consultant – he develops training in the publiccareer as a fully qualified Communications Officer and Senior and private sectors.Engineer with Cable and Wireless, Dave now oversees the Anna Carvisiglia is a qualified Chartered Accountant (ACMA) and has workedTelecoms Academy’s suite of advanced technology programmes in senior financial roles across a number of fields, including software and hi-which includes LTE and WiMAX. His huge experience and tech. She has a wealth of experience covering a range of commercial sectors.knowledge, as well as his flexible and dynamic presentation skills Anna runs courses for a wide range of delegates, including senior directors –means he is also a very capable Programme Director on a range using engaging and accelerated learning techniques in a training style which isof telecoms management programmes. lively and energetic.Dr. John Massey has over 15 years experience in telecoms. Eddie Chauncy studied at Cambridge before training as a CharteredDuring this time he has researched and analysed both Accountant and spending over 15 years in senior financial roles for companiestechnologies and business strategies in a range of areas such as Microsoft, Ericsson and Telewest Broadband. Initially working withcovering mobile, fixed, IP and broadcasting. He was previously Ericsson’s international telecoms training centre, Eddie specialised in helpingResearch Director for Informa Telecoms & Media, during which others to develop their financial skills, particularly in the telecoms and hi-techtime he was responsible for the conference agenda for the sectors. He runs highly enjoyable and engaging courses for telecoms operators3GSM World Congress, and researched new technologies and and technology companies as part of the Telecoms Academy in order to create Informa’s schedule of internationalconferences. Chris Dickin was trained as a management accountant with the Rolls-Royce aerospace division in Derby, UK. Academically, he qualified as a professionalDave Bowler has an extremely strong telecommunications accountant and gained a Masters degree in financial control. Practically, he hastraining background, having gained a great deal of experience a wide experience of industry and commerce including senior positions in themanaging training for Cable and Wireless and Mercury finance function of several major companies.Communications. He focuses primarily on advanced technologyand business programmes. Dave oversees the Telecoms Gordon Raitt is an international management consultant specialising in theAcademy Distance Learning portfolio, but also delivers a very development of effective relationships at all levels within an organisation. Hewide range of training programmes to both technical and has almost 20 years experience designing and delivering programmes thatnontechnical audiences. focus on leadership, motivation, teambuilding and the development of customer lifetime value.Paul Kilby offers over 25 years experience in Telecoms & IT. Hehas extensive management, regulatory and project experience, Mike Walshe has worked in Employee Relations, HR and general managementholding a BEng honours degree and an MBA (Cranfield). Paul in a range of companies for twenty five years specialising in leadershipeffectively conveys technical and business concepts to his development and performance management. In 2001 he set up his owndelegates, whatever their background. Specialising in Modern practice and has been retained by a number of businesses to work with theirBusiness & Telecoms Networks, he has special technical interests senior management teams. His open and enthusiastic style, practical approachwithin 3/4G Air Interface & Infrastructure, SS7 over IP, & HSPA. and use of easily applicable tools and techniques ensure that learning is highly relevant and motivational.Sue Uglow is a strategy and marketing specialist who overseesthe Telecoms Academy portfolio of marketing programmes. Grant Vernon is an accountant turned corporate speaker and trainer whoShe has an MBA from Henley Management College and is an specialises in teaching financial intelligence. His expertise is facilitatingexperienced visiting lecturer on strategy, marketing and complicated financial and management theory into simple, immediatelytelecoms with UK business schools and universities. Sue has implementable concepts. He is the author of two popular finance books, aalso been a full time telecoms analyst with Ovum and Gartner founder member of the Professional Speakers Association and is also a guestGroup, and continues to follow the market closely. presenter at several Universities and Business Schools.
  8. 8. TELECOMS ACADEMYCANTO Caribbean TelecomsMini MBA 19-23 September 2011To register please return your completed form to: Venue: Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino St. MaartenTeresa Wankin Contact details: 1 Rhine Road, Maho Bay, St MaartenOperations & HR Manager Tel: (868) 622 3770/4781/0929 Netherlands AntillesCANTO, 67 Picton Street Tel: 599.545.2115Newtown, Port of Spain Fax: (868) 622 3751 Email: reservations@mahobeach.comTrinidad and Tobago, W.I. Email: Web: DETAILS (for ease, attach your business card) – please photocopy form for multiple bookings1 (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Dr) Family Name ____________________________________________________________________________________ Forename __________________________________________________________________E-mail _____________________________________________________________________________________ Tel _______________________________________________________________________________________Fax _______________________________________________________________________________ Job Title ________________________________________________________________________________________Any special requirements? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2 (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Dr) Family Name ____________________________________________________________________________ Forename __________________________________________________________________E-mail _____________________________________________________________________________________ Tel _______________________________________________________________________________________Fax _______________________________________________________________________________ Job Title____________________________________________________________________Any special requirements? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________COMPANY DETAILSName of Company _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Department _________________________________________________________________________________ Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________City _____________________________________________________ Postcode _________________________________ Country _______________________________________________________________________VAT Reg no ______________________________________________________ Nature of Company Business _______________________________________________________________________________________________PAYMENT INFORMATIONI would like to attend the CANTO Caribbean Please charge my credit cardTelecoms Mini MBA on 19-23 September 2011: Card No Expiry Date __/__ Full members US$6,000.00 Card Holder’s Name Affiliate members US$6,500.00 Signature Date __/__/__ Card Billing Address Non-members US$7,000.00 Contact Tel No for Card Holder:Delegates who do not pay with their booking arerequested to provide a copy of bank transfer/credit Enclosed is a cheque made payable to Cantocard/ cheque details to help payment allocation. Payment by bank transfer in US$ to: Account Number 28 • Branch No. 10405Staff at the event will request a credit card guarantee Scotia Bank of Trinidad & Tobago Ltd • Scotia Bank Swift Address: NOSCTTPSAfor delegates without proof of payment. ABA / ROUTING: 021000021 • Swift: CHASUS33 • CHIPS: 0002 • Corresponding Bank: J.P. Morgan Chase NA, 153W 51 Street, 4th Floor, NY, NY 10019 Informa UK Ltd Registered in England and Wales No (GB) 1072954. Registered Office: 37-41 Mortimer St, London W1T 3JH VAT registered No. (GB) 365 4626 36