Black Pearl | Tahitian Black Pearls


Published on - Pearls de Tahiti design exquisite black pearl and white south sea pearl jewellery. Pearls de Tahiti operates exclusively through an online store. If you would prefer to arrange an appointment to personally view our range, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Black Pearl | Tahitian Black Pearls

  1. 1. Pearls de Tahiti is a company based in Sydney,Australia, which offers unique jewellery made fromgenuine Tahitian Pearls and White South Sea pearls.
  2. 2. PENDANTSA Black pearl pendant is a simple but stunning statement.Exotic and unique, each pendant has its own charm. Ourblack pearl pendants come in a wide range of styles, usingGold, silver, diamonds and other precious gems to enhancetheir beauty.
  3. 3. EARRINGSBlack pearl earrings add exotic sophistication to any fashionstatement. Our extensive collection of earrings from CathyQuesnot includes black pearls set with gold,silver,diamondsand many other precious gems.
  4. 4. BRACELETSPearls De Tahiti have crafted a selection of black pearlbracelets to suit all styles and tastes. Exotic materials add tothe beauty of these bracelets, with turquoise, santal, jade,onyx, leather used to enhance the look and feel of theseunique pieces.
  5. 5. RINGSOur range of Tahitian black pearls rings from designer CathyQuesnot includes simple classics and indulgent statementpieces. Using the finest black pearls and rhodium platedsilver settings, these rings will look stunning for a lifetime.
  6. 6. CUFFLINKSWho says pearls are just for women? These black pearlscufflinks will take any man`s look to a new level of style. Setin rhodium plated silver and with the finest black Tahitianpearls , they are a treat (or special gift) to be treasured for alifetime.
  7. 7. ANKLE CHAINOur delicate and whimsical ankle chains are the perfectaccessory to carefree sunny days. With rhodium plated silverand the finest Tahitian pearls, they feel as good as they look.
  8. 8. BLACK PEARL SETSThese matching black pearls earrings and pendants willinstantly lift any outfit to new heights of style. In rhodiumplated silver, white or yellow gold, with enhancements suchas diamond and amethyst, they are unique statements ofsophistication.
  9. 9. CHARMS / KEYRINGSThese cute and stylish black pearls charms are perfect foradding to bracelets, keyrings, handbags, phonestraps...Wherever a little style will be appreciated! In silversettings and fine Tahitian black pearls, they`ll adding charmwherever they go.
  10. 10. STINGRAY COLLECTIONOur Stingray collection of black pearl rings, bracelets andnecklaces is as unique as you are. Each hand made piece isavailable in a range of colours to suit your own personalpalette.
  11. 11. STRANDS / NECKLACESA black pearl necklace, whether a simple strand or a uniquedesigner piece, is an exotic statement in style. This collectionof black pearl necklaces features the finest Tahitian blackpearls and South sea white pearls married with rare exoticmaterials.
  12. 12. Contact UsPhone: 1300-935-690Fax: (02) 82265556Admin address : 70 Castlereagh street, level 5, 2000 Sydney, NSW, Australia.We do not keep stock here and cannot be contacted here. this address is foradministration only*Pearls de Tahiti operates exclusively through an online store. If you would preferto arrange an appointment to personally view our range, please contact us and wewill be happy to assist you.Mailing Address: PO Box 1330