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Pearl Research Phoenix Generation (Chinese Consumer Study)


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Published in: Technology, Sports, Business
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Pearl Research Phoenix Generation (Chinese Consumer Study)

  1. 1. Sample – For the full report, contact The Phoenix Generation: Pearl Research’s China Young Consumers 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents Parents Play a Larger Role in Providing Income 29 About the China Youth Project 4 Brand Consciousness is High among Chinese Youth 30 Häagen Dazs in China: A Success Story of Brand Building 31 Methodology 6 Attitudes Toward Counterfeit Products Evolving for Upper‐ 32 City Spotlight: Beijing and Nanjing 9 middle Class First Tier Versus Second Tier Cities 10 Increased Credit Card Usage and Online Purchasing 33 Conclusion and Recommendations 34 Key Highlights 11 Defining the Phoenix Generation 12 Online Gaming 35 Income and Spending 13 Computer Gaming: Top Leisure Activity 36 Internet and Chatting 14 51% of Internet Users in China are under 25 37 Youth Culture 15 Years Old Unique Characteristics of Chinese Society 16 Highly Concentrated Publishing Market with Emerging 38 Chinese Youths are Receptive to International 17 Companies Influences Top Online Games Exceed 1.5m Peak Concurrent Users 39 The me‐we duality 18 Word‐of‐Mouth an Important Source of Information 40 Wealthy Youth and Parents are Influences 19 Meeting Friends Online Through Online Games 41 The Hot List: Cited by Our Interviews 20 Joining a Clan is Popular for MMORPG Gamers 42 Upcoming Trends 21 Gamers Wary of Scams 43 Importance of Connecting with the New Chinese 22 Game Related Cheating and Frauds are Rampant 44 Consumer Interest for Domestically Produced Titles are on the Rise 45 International Games are Considered More Sophisticated 46 Demographics and Income levels 23 Domestic Produced Games Have Lower PC Specs 47 Executive Summary 24 Domestic Produced Games Have an Operational Advantage 48 Different Income Levels 25 Female Gamers and Avatars 49 Little Emperors and Princesses 27 “Cute” Female gamers 50 Growing Urban Disposable Income 28 Internet Cafe an Integral Part of Gaming Culture 51 Game Operators Market Directly to Internet Cafe Patrons 52 Sample. Contact Pearl Research for more information or to purchase this study Email or call 415-738-7660 for further info 2
  3. 3. Table of Contents Online Chatting 53 This is What I Buy: Spending Diary 92 More than 370+ Million IM Users in China 54 Names have Zhu Feng 93 Chatting about Chatting 55 been hidden Gao Rong 96 Seeing is Believing: Growth of Voice and Visual Chatting 57 Popularity of QQ and Potential Growth in Less‐Developed 58 Conclusions 99 Regions About Pearl Research 101 Chatting Enables Meeting Friends and Dating 59 A Need for Speed: The Growth of Racing in China 61 A Growing Car Culture 62 How Fast, How Furious? Drag Racing in Beijing 64 Car Racing Slang 66 Summary 68 Yo Mama! Chinese Urban Slang 69 The New Leifeng: Modern Heroes in China 72 I Admire… 74 The Me Generation 75 More Quotes about Modern Heroes in China 76 In Their Own Words: Select Profiles of Chinese Youth 77 Liu Xuan: Dance Like No One is Watching 78 Hu Weifeng: Life is Short so Enjoy! Names have 81 been hidden Play hard, No Regrets! Liu Yi: 84 Lin Ya: Music Makes Me Feel Alive 87 Xu Junyi: I Like Designer Goods 90 Sample. Contact Pearl Research for more information or to purchase this study Email or call 415-738-7660 for further info 3
  4. 4. Table of Contents Introduction to the China Youth Project Online Survey 4 About the China Youth Project 41 Highlights from Our Online Survey 5 We First Met Zhu Feng 42 Methodology 6 Update on  Zhu Feng 43 Key Highlights 44 Demographics 45 Internet Cafes Usage Varies Popular Websites 46 Income is Below 3,000 RMB 8 Websites to Watch 47 Entertainment Spending Varies Significantly 48 Reading is the Most Popular Leisure Activity Basketball in China 49 Online Games and Downloads are Top Online  18 History and Growth of Basketball Activities 20 Chinese Streetball: The Harlem Globetrotters with Chinese  50 Significant Portion of Youth are Dual Gamers Characteristics – Part 2 51 PCs are Major Gaming Platforms 23 Flair‐Style‐Flash: Why Kobe Bryant Trumps Yao Ming – Part 2 52 High Desktop PC and Cell Phone Penetration 25 Photos From Streetball in Beijing 26 Streetball Terms 28 Going Global: The NBA in China 30 Li Ning Company Limited ‐ Company Profile Snapshot 31 Basketball in China: Conclusion Chinese Hip‐Hop 32 Chinese Hip‐Hop: “Forget the Message, just listen to the  Beats” 37 The Face of Chinese Rap: MC HotDog 39 Changing Government Attitudes Towards Hip‐Hop Fuels Its  Growth 40 Chinese Hip‐Hop: Conclusion 2
  5. 5. Table of Contents Chuppies and Aspirationalists: Wide Spectrum of Chinese  This is My Life: Interview Excerpts Consumers 64 Feng Tao: “Just Do It” 54 China’s Population: Shrinking Young Cohort 69 Liang Kun: “Enjoy Your Life and Don’t Be Afraid To  55 Consumer Segmentation Varies by Income and  Make Mistakes” Psychographic Factors 74 Gao Ertan: “You Will Have No Regrets if You Try Your  56 Rural Consumers Best” 57 The Aspirationalists 79 Ye Zisheng: “You Only Have One Chance at Life” 58 The Migrants 84 Mao Liwen: “Never Give Up!” 59 The Big Stylers 88 Tan Qin: “Because It’s Fashionable” 60 Parasite Singles 96 About Pearl Research 61 Baofahu Kids 62 Chuppies 3
  6. 6. Sample – For the full report, contact Table of Contents Introduction to the Phoenix Generation  4 Online Games Market: Review of Trends  ‐ 20 Importance of Connecting with the New Chinese Consumer ‐4 Economic Downturn and its Effects ‐ 21 Background: Rural Internet Users Up by 13% ‐6 An Evolving Games Market ‐ 22 52% of Internet Users in China Under 25 years Old  ‐ 7 Chinese Government Regulates Virtual Currencies ‐ 23 Top Online Games Exceed 1.8m Peak Concurrent Users‐ 8 Conclusions – Challenges and Opportunities  ‐ 24 Analysis of Competitive Games Tournaments ‐9 Government restrictions loosen, allowing large scale‐game  Give Me A Beat: Success of Casual Game Audition ‐25 tournaments ‐10 Audition’s Appeal: Simple Gameplay and Easy to Learn‐26 Selling Virtual Items Sustains Business Model ‐27 Growth of Organized Gaming Competitions: From the Internet  Audition Lacks a Deep Story or Leveling Up ‐28 Cafes to National Tourneys‐11 Demographics – 29 Increased Sponsorships, International Marketing Spurs Growth ‐ Audition Conclusion ‐30 12 Companies Embrace Sponsorship of Tournaments ‐13 Chinese Gamers have their Eyes on the International Gaming  This is My Life:  Interview Excerpts  ‐31 Arena ‐14 About Pearl Research ‐41 Domestic Tournaments make their Mark ‐15 China is a Popular Stop for Tournaments ‐16 Gamers’ View on Tournaments ‐17 The Next Big Trend: Casual Gaming ‐18 Conclusions: Competitive Game Tournaments ‐19 2
  7. 7. About the China Youth Project About This Study What is Covered? Pearl Research’s China Youth Project is a  Essential facts and statistics including income  comprehensive and insightful lifestyle study  levels, shopping and spending patterns on  on Chinese youths ages 16 to 30.   technology and consumer products Opinions on fashion, music and technology  The study identifies emerging trends,  and celebrities attitudinal shifts and what’s hot in games,  Online behavior and technology adoption and  Internet, entertainment, technology, fashion,  usage. and consumer products.   Attitudes toward their future  Trend‐spotting with a focus on trends that  The report is based on interviews and an  have a business impact. Most importantly,  online surveys of Chinese youth. Pearl  Pearl Research provides insights into the  Research conducted interviews in first‐ and  origins and implications of these trends. second‐tier cities in China, capturing the  Featured interviews with unique individuals.  differences in income levels and preferences  They each have unique stories to tell and can  across the country.    offer some insight into China’s youth. The study helps companies understand this  important demographic and what drives their  lifestyle choices and spending habits.  Pearl Research also provides actionable  strategies on how to effectively connect with  this group. Please feel free to contact us for more  information about our customized research  and consulting services. Email or call 415-738-7660 for further info 7