Important tips about google panguin


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Important tips about google panguin

  1. 1. There are a few points which causes of Google penalty for website. Website not follows rulesaccording to Google Webmaster strategy and Guidelines. Website might be busy in one or more offollowing activities.1. Keyword stuffing on website pages: Keyword density on web page is necessary but onlimit. Keyword stuffing is the process which can help to show particular information in WebPages.Keyword stuffing use for maintain a targeted word relative to information page. Keyword densityas we all know is the given amount of times that a keyword is given within a given amount ofwords. Google don’t hate too much. So Google give relaxation for 1-3% keyword stuffing on relativepage with that word. When page have keyword more then it then Google punished for that.http://www.pearllike.com2. Cloaking: In terms of Black hat SEO cloaking is the way which can produce a huge traffic forwebsite. But not for long-time because according to Google norms and guidelines this is non-ethicalway. Google cloaking is "a site that re-directs altered Web-Pages when search engines crawl thewebsite." In other words, a person reading the site would see different content or information inrespect of searching than the search engine robot reading the website. Most of the time, cloaking isimplemented in order to get better search engine ranking by confusing the search engine robot intothinking the content on the page is different than it really is.
  2. 2. http://www.pearllike.com3. Duplicate content from other websites: According to SEO tips. Content is a king forwebsite optimization. Google loves a fresh and unique content on website for relevant topic or aproduct. Google want to provide right information in its searching result. When Google go forsearch for any Keywords then crawling website for that keyword and see the duplicate content onwebsite then think “Hey! I have seen this content before”. It is a harmful for website Google mayban or penalized for ever.4. Paid back links: As per as SEO tips links are queen of website. So Google prefer non paidback links generated by manually. If “back links” are paid for or not. If it stature it out like, the factthat “” is specially set up to sell links then it might undervalue the link. In that respectGoogle "probably" wont penalize the link but it is a bit more risky than a naturally acquired nonpaid link. Generally Google not prefer the paid Backlink. It will punish to website for done buy backlinks.5. Hidden text: Hidden text is text which is entrenched in the Source code and seen only bythe search engine except not seen by website visitors. Those that use “hidden text” consider that itcan get better their page’s ranking and in a few cases it may well become visible to do but the effectis very small.
  3. 3. 6. Linking to websites that are involved in above activities (bad navigation): Thistechnique use for generate traffic from other link to main targeted URL. In website there are somany navigation or heading which is not relative to respected page.Kind of Google Penalties 1. Filtering: This is gentle form of penalty. Google adjust your website page ranking and indexing. So if your site was ranking at number one for certain keywords, your site’s ranking will come down for those keywords. 2. “-950” ranking penalties: This penalty is forced on pages of website not on whole website. Google moves your web-page to 950th position. 3. “-60” Ranking penalties: Google moves whole website to 6th page on search result because of clocking. 4. “-30 /-40” Ranking penalties: Google moves your site to 3rd/4th pages. (-60 and -30/-40 ranking penalty are forced mostly because of duplicate contents) 5. Complete Ban: This is the harshest penalty in which Google totally bans a website and remove it from its index. So if you search for just name of website, you will not see website in search list.
  4. 4. Check Google Penalty Recovery website ranking:How to check for Google PenaltySearch for your domain name without “www” and without your domain TLD (like .com/.net/.org.For example if you want to check if this domain has been penalized or not, searches for blog demy.If your website is not on number one, you have been penalized. To find out what penalty, checkpage 3/4, page 6 or page 95.How to recover from Google PenaltyGoogle slaps penalty because its algorithm think that your website is flouting Google WebmastersGuidelines. There is no magic formula to recover from these penalties. One of the way is to gothrough Google Webmasters Guidelines and review your website against those guidelines. Removea thing (webpage, link etc) that violates those guidelines. This should help your website ranking.But as everything is algorithmic it will take time and there no guarantee that you will get ourwebsite to front page of Google. You can also request Google to reconsider your website after youhave done complete clean up. This is again time consuming process and you do not know whenyour request will be considered. For this reason, it is advisable to abandon your website and startnew one.Another idea that you can try is to get more traffic through social media sites like facebook, twitterand social networking sites. Though it is not going to make up for lost organic traffic but till yournew website comes up there is no harm in trying.Important Note – Important lesson to learn is never depend on only one source for getting visitors.Make social traffic building task as important as SEO.Contact us :Pearllike Technologyadmin@pearllike.com