2008 7 A Finding God


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7A Finding God ppt for Mr. Chang :)

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2008 7 A Finding God

  1. 1. 7A Finding God 2007-2008 <ul><li>Pictures & Words </li></ul>
  2. 2. God’s power of giving new life is like rain. Rain is like God’s life giving power to all plants on Earth. Just as rain and sunlight tend and nourish to all plants’ needs, God is like a gardener to the earth, a gardener who makes all the plants healthy. Rain is also soft and gentle which displays God’s happiness or as some say God’s tears of joy. This happens when a baby is born or a believer is gained. Savanah Sabatini 7A
  3. 3. God’s affection is like a pillow. A pillow provides me comfort when I sleep. His affection provides me comfort because when I need someone to look up to and ask for help, He is always there. If I didn’t have a pillow then sleeping at night or any other time would be sore and uncomfortable. When I have a pillow it prevents me from developing knots in my neck, which keeps me from enjoying the next day. If I didn’t have God’s affection I would be lost and uncomfortable because He helps me calm down and makes me feel relaxed when I am stressed. I can always turn to him for advice and love. God’s affection helps me through the day to enjoy life and to enjoy all that God gives me. A pillow holds all of my dreams. That is because when I dream about something it comes from my head, and then it sinks right into the pillow. The affection that God gives me is like that because He holds all of my dreams. When He holds all of my dreams I know that He will try to make them come true. Sleeping on a pillow is a pleasure just like holding God in my head and in my heart. God’s love and care is a pleasure to have because knowing someone who loves me makes me feel worth it. God’s affection is never ending because He will love me for who I am and will do the same for everyone else. God is affectionate! – Alyson Shoji
  4. 4. God’s power is life- giving like water because God gave us all life. Without water all life would die. Water helps us grow plants, it helps us live, and it helps animals live. God gives us all life and without Him, we would stop living. God’s power in creation keeps us alive. God’s power is also gentle like a small wave in the ocean. His power can be gentle because it saves people by telling them how to live good lives. God is helpful like water because He helps all people in the world do things to grow closer to Himself. God’s power can also be destructive like a huge tidal wave. God can destroy all things if He wanted to, but God doesn’t because He as big as He is, God is gentle like a small wave in the ocean. - Brinton Mahoney  
  5. 5.     God’s firmness resembles a pagoda, because both are immovable and stable. God will never allow us to be alongside the devil or anything harmful because of our choices or anything else , God will always shield us from Satan’s evil ways. The Pagoda is a building which has many meanings, but the one that represents God the most is being a small shelter, and again God himself will always be our sanctuary for any reason. Perhaps you had a bad day, or you are asking for forgiveness because of sins or for making poor choices. Last but not least, a pagoda is also beautiful, graceful and elegant. Without God’s firmness there wouldn’t be any earth or His beautiful creations. - Chris Chow
  6. 6. God is like water because He provides us with water as a sign of protection. By providing us with water He allows us to live and function. With the sun to keep us warm and help farmers to grow different types of crops, such as fruits and vegetables, the rain is a big factor. It allows man to survive with clean drinking water, and rivers and oceans where many different sea creatures live. God looks down and protects us with enough water to keep us healthy and alive. -Connor Donohue 7-A
  7. 7. God’s Love   God’s love in me has some of the same characteristics as the ocean. God is sometimes like a rough, choppy ocean. Waves can crash on top of you, just like God being angry for all the sins being committed. On the other side of that, God can be like a gentle and caressing ocean: when I follow all God’s rules and commandments, and I live in peace with others around me. Following the rules just keeps everything more orderly in my life. The ocean’s tide also reminds me of God. When I turn to God, the tide is high in my life, meaning everything is running smoothly thanks to God. When I turn away from God, the tide of my life becomes low. Then nobody is happy! If I stick with God everything will be okay!!! - David Grupen 7A
  8. 8. God is like my dog. Both are forever understanding and are there when I need them. When I whistle for my dog, she’s there in a flash. When I pray to God I know He’s always listening. God comforts me, just like when I hug my dog and I instantly feel better. God cheers me up, just like when my dog does something cute or funny that makes me laugh, even when I’m sad. God is always there for me during my hard times. Both of them love me and I love them. Elizabeth Mueller 7A
  9. 9. God’s heart is like a feather. Just like the brim of a feather, God’s heart is soft; He is merciful. God is truly gentle and kindhearted. When a feather touches me, it is like God’s touch. I feel warm and comforted in side, as if my heart has been cleansed. For example, when I am down in the dumps, God comforts me and makes everything alright. God touches my heart, feels my agony, and nullifies the pain. Feathers are everywhere and so is God. He watches everything thing I do from above in His kingdom. So although He is not literally around me, He still knows everything that I have done. Feathers are from birds, the symbol of purity, and they descend into my life. No one knows God’s appearance, but I do know His inner complexion. He is brilliant, tender, merciful, sympathetic, and passionate. This is why God’s heart is like a feather. - Gloria Miao
  10. 10. God’s guidance reminds me of a pair of glasses because He helps me to see the good and bad in life. He keeps me focused on the good. Sometimes He has to pull me towards the right path and block me from seeing the evil. He clears my thoughts when I’m in doubt. He guides me through life.   Eyeglasses help me see better by correcting my vision. When I wear glasses, the prescription of the lens bends the light before it enters my eyes. The glasses focuses on the picture at the back of my eye. The retina then sends a clear message to the brain. This is similar to the way God keeps me focused on doing good in life. - Nicole Aviles
  11. 11.   God’s power is like a skyscraper. It towers over other buildings like God who towers above all the human beings He created. A skyscraper shelters people from the elements like water and wind. God also shelters us from many dangers. A skyscraper is massive, so it is sturdy against damage from other objects. It is made with quality materials so it doesn’t fall apart. It is strong to withstand the weight on it, like people. God is strong to withstand almost anything and can change what happens in an area. So a skyscraper relates to God in many ways. - Jase Sasaki
  12. 12.   God’s actions are like words in a book. Every word in a book has a meaning like how everything God does is meaningful. An example is His son died on the cross for a reason and that reason was so He could forgive everyone for all of their sins. Also words in a book can be a guide. God too guides us through life. Words in a book guide you to the end of the story. They are powerful because a few words can influence the reader or change the story around completely. God is powerful too because He can influence us to alter our lives for the better   By: Jason Calabrese 7A  
  13. 13. God’s creativity is like a rainbow. God sends us messages of love through His creativity just like a rainbow sends us messages of God’s promises. A rainbow arc splashed across the sky hovers over people, mountains, and buildings just like God’s presence! Putting the rainbow in the sky for everyone to see is one way God shows us His great creativity in using a variety of colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Red reminds us of the blood that He shed on the cross for our sins. Orange is for the amazing sunset, marking the end of another day that God has blessed us to have. Yellow is a symbol for the shining light that always surrounds His presence because of his holiness. Green is for the grass and trees that give us oxygen to live and breathe. Blue is for the sky that is like God’s canvas because He always likes to shape the clouds into different objects. Indigo is like the Holy Spirit because both are there, but we cannot see them. Lastly, violet is a symbol of God’s royal power in this universe. No one else could have invented or thought of making something so magnificent such as a rainbow. Only God’s creativity could have invented something so wonderful. .   Jesi Bautista 7A
  14. 14.   God’s mercy is like water. God’s mercy is demonstrated in baptism, when holy water is used to cleanse your soul of original sin. Water can be all over and everywhere just like God. Water is in different forms. Water is distributed by irrigation to farms and is in the food we eat . So too is God’s mercy distributed to every person that accepts it into their heart. Water is also a flood. God sent us a flood to flush away all the sins in the world and then it became the rainbow. We are flooded with God’s mercy, which means we are flooded with God’s kindness and forgiveness. - Jordan Feeley 7A
  15. 15. God’s power is like a tree. A tree can be kind to me in many ways. A tree can give me shade. On a hot and sweaty day, I may want to be in cool place like under a tree. God can keep me cool by changing the clouds to cover me. A tree can also be kind by giving me shelter. God gives me shelter by protecting me from sin and evil. On a rainy day, I can seek refuge under a tree. The tree can keep me dry, and I can also build a tree house in it. The branches of a tree are like God’s arms. They are reaching out, and being kind to me by holding me (a leaf) in place. These are some examples of how a tree is like God. Justin Magsanoc 7A
  16. 16. By: Kara Kozuma 7A #13 God’s compassion comes through prayer like talking to a good friend on the phone. I know that God is ready to be called up in prayer, just like a friend. Prayer is like a phone-line to God, it’s a way to contact him. Like talking on the phone to a friend, talking to God in prayer is soothing and relaxing. I know someone is on the other line listening and understanding. It is a way to relieve me of my stress because I can express myself to God, just like how I can do that with a friend. Without His compassion, I feel unloved, and when I feel unloved, I feel unhappy. This is like talking to a friend because if I’m lonely and need someone to call, for whatever the reason, I would want them to be there to listen to me. When a friend is listening to me, that is one way of showing compassion, friendship, love towards me. God’s compassion is helpful because when I’m having problems I can pray, just as I can take off to a friend for advice, to help me. I can pray to God for advice to help me get out of these troubled moments. Just like how God is always with me and you, He’s a friend to comfort me. - Kara Kozuma
  17. 17.    God is peaceful like a pond. He gives us life and forgives us for our sins. God gives us serenity and His actions aren’t violent. But God can be ruthless once in a while. He can cause floods or storms that can be so destructive, yet make soothing waves and ripples. A pond can cleanse and nourish just like God can. Both can give us life. When you feel down, you can talk to God and then you feel calm. When you look at a pond that is nice and soothing, you feel tranquil. That is why God is like a peaceful pond. - Kealohilani Rice 7A  
  18. 18. God’s power is like the sun’s rays. Both are warm, bright, gleaming, and powerful. God warms people’s hearts by forgiving them for sinning. God is bright and gleaming because He is our bright light. He guides us through our hardest times and our darkest days. He’s always there to make our lives shine, just like the sun. He has the power to do anything.   - Kylie Kashimoto
  19. 19. I think God is like the clouds. Whenever I look into the sky, I see His face. The clouds represent His body because of the way clouds can cover Earth. Although I can’t see Him, He will always be there watching over me. In the morning, He is performing miracles like bringing life to Earth. When I look up at the sky I can see clouds, and when I see the clouds, I can see pictures of God. - Landon Ogawa
  20. 20. Lisa Edamura 7A #7 God’s guidance is like the moon. The brightness of the moon is pure white like how God is pure and bright. Even in the dark the moon’s light reaches out to us, just as Gods’ light shines in our dark moments. At night the moon shines to guide us in the dark, just like how God guides us out of sin and evil. The moon shines over us to shows us safe areas or dangerous areas in our path; God shows us the safe path by giving us common sense, a brain, and right judgment. - Lisa Edamura
  21. 21. God’s protection is like a giant tree. A tree provides protection from the sun and rain. So, like a tree, God protects us through the bad and scary times in our lives. Amazingly, He can even protect us when it’s unexpected by helping us to choose the right path and know right from wrong. A tree can also provide us with shade. God can also do this because He can control everything. Since He can control the clouds, He could provide us with shade. Also, since a tree can provide shelter, God can also. A tree could provide shelter for animals and even us. God gave us shelter through nature. Some types of these shelters are caves because they were made by God and we could use them as shelter. Just like God, a strong sturdy tree can withstand anything. God is able to withstand anything because He created everything in the world. He’s also been around since the beginning of mankind. Some evidence of this is the Bible. The Bible is good evidence because it was written by Jesus’ followers who experienced His actions and miracles. - Lorin Kawamura 7A
  22. 22. God’s care is like the comfort you receive when you hug a teddy bear. God protects us from harm, saved all of us from sin, and listens to our prayers. He loves each and every one of us, even those who commit mortal sin. When you squeeze a teddy bear, it “hugs” you back, and it gives you its love just like God.  - Monica Miyose
  23. 23. God’s strength is like water . Water is a liquid and a major component of all living things , just as God is a component in part of us. Water seems harmless , but it is so strong that it can create tsunamis, waves, floods and tide pools. It is stronger than wind, air, and fire. In the same way God is more powerful than anyone. God’s strength is infinite like the supply of water. There can always be more. God uses His power to help us by teaching people what is right and what is wrong. He helps us with our troubles in life and He is always there so you can pray to Him. Water helps us too. For example, it helps plants to grow. No living thing can survive without water or God. - Novelle Yu
  24. 24. God’s love is like a lei since both are never-ending circles that surround us. When we don’t water and care for the lei, the lei will wilt. So too if we don’t have God’s care, we will sin, making us not worthy for life in Heaven. The aroma a lei creates, fills me and removes all stress and anger just like God’s care fills me with His love and peace. A lei is unique and beautiful in its own way. A lei is simple and can be bought anywhere. To receive God’s care you do not need anything; it is free, simply love God in return. God’s care is like a gift of a lei. Ryan Smiley
  25. 25. God’s tenderness is like the rain. The rain makes the plants bloom and dry lands fertile, but instead God fertilizes the lonely with love. When it rains, hidden animals come out without having to worry. When God comes by, hidden people come out to hear the word of the Lord. The rain brings scenes of rainbows, and it is a time when the sun can rest. God also brings out smiles and hugs much like rainbows do. God is not only in the rain; God is everywhere, you just have to look. - Sarah Lindsay
  26. 26. God’s power is just like the blazing flames of a fire. He blazes the world with all His love. His power can be just like fire because fire is extremely dangerous. God can be dangerous when I do something wrong or if I disobey Him. God can be awesome just like the fire because when I do something good, He rewards me. God is also like water where He can be sometimes smooth, sometimes rough. He can be sometimes calm, and sometimes violent. He is very changeable. Nobody really knew what He looks like or what He really did. We believe what the Bible tells us and learn what He did. - Scott Byun 7- A
  27. 27. God’s trust is like a pet guinea pig. My guinea pig is always there for me, just like God. When I do my homework, she keeps me company. I can talk to both my pet and God with ease. I know that they will never tell anyone my secrets. I can talk to them whenever I need to, about what I don’t feel comfortable telling my parents. My guinea pig is my best friend; she will not leave me in the dust. God is trustworthy and will not leave me. I can feel my pet’s love; she knows who I am. God too knows the real me. Both comfort me when no one is around; when I am sad, or frustrated, I can talk to them and let out my anger; they soothe me when I am stressed. They always make me feel good inside. I will always trust and love them. Tanya Kadoishi
  28. 28. G od’s heart is like the sun because the sun is bright just as God is. He is good and wise. Many people turn to Him for help. He is the one who always gives us the right advice. The sun is big like God’s heart: kind, caring, guiding us through danger. The rays of the sun are like the hands of God’s reaching out to us to comfort us when we are sad. When I am miserable I think of God then I am okay because I remember about all the things that have happened to Him and how He suffered all that pain for us. It reminds me that my situation is not so bad. The sun is high in the sky. God is up there in the sky with his loving heart in the heaven watching us. When the sun shines its light on us, it is like God watching is. When you can’t see the sun you still know its there. So too, when you can’t see God you know, He is always there with his loving heart. - Tiffany Wang
  29. 29. God’s love is like the sun that’s in sky every day. The sun gives off light that we need to see. Without God’s love, we will have no reason to love and live. The sun’s light gives our bodies the warmth that we need just as God’s love gives all of us warmth because we are His creations and we are His people. God’s love is everywhere on earth, even where dark dwells. When the sun sets, His love will still be in our hearts, even beyond our deaths.     Timothy Lee 7-A