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The Core Capabilities of Digital Executives


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The intention of becoming a digital leader is to catalyze changes and drive digital transformation; to inspire and innovate, to improve and advance, to facilitate and encourage, and to walk the talk, become the part of change. As change is often uncomfortable, yet necessary part of reaching the future and sustain the success

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The Core Capabilities of Digital Executives

  1. 1. Pearl Zhu Digital Leader, Innovator, the Author of “Digital Master” Book Series (18+ Books), the “Fture of CIO” Blog (3900+ Posting) The Core Capabilities of Digital Executives
  2. 2. Copyright 2016 Pearl Zhu www.PEARLZHU.COM FutureofCIO.Blogspot.Com Digital Visionary & Leader
  3. 3. The Core Capabilities
  4. 4. Multidimensional Thinking
  5. 5. Innovation Capability
  6. 6. Learning Agility
  7. 7. Problem-Solving Capability
  8. 8. Change Capability
  9. 9. Judgment/Decision Capability
  10. 10. Inspiration Capability
  11. 11. Hard-Core Capability
  12. 12. Digital Leadership