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Twelve Digital Themes of the Board Room


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At today’s “VUCA” digital dynamic, organizations face both unprecedented opportunities to grow and hyper-competition or great risks to survive. Therefore, corporate board plays a more significant role in overseeing business strategy, setting principles and policies, and making the judgment on and assurance of corporate action within a framework of practical knowledge. So how to run a digital savvy board and improve digital organization maturity.

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Twelve Digital Themes of the Board Room

  1. 1. WWW.PEARLZHU.COM Pearl Zhu The Author of “Digital Master,” “CIO Master,” “Digital Valley” Digitize the Board Room
  2. 2. A High Performance Board
  3. 3. An Innovative Board
  4. 4. A Visionary Board
  5. 5. A Value-Added Board
  6. 6. A Learning Board
  7. 7. An Adaptive Board
  8. 8. An Inquisitive Board
  9. 9. An Agile Board
  10. 10. A Heterogeneous Board
  11. 11. A Tech-Savvy Board
  12. 12. An Engaged Board
  13. 13. A Wise Board
  14. 14. Pearl Zhu - A Thought Leader WWW.PEARLZHU.COM