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Lecture 9 media (cont.)


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These are the slides from my Studying Society course at Durham University’s Foundation Centre. This weeks lecture focusses more on the relationship between media and individual, and examines the relationship between media violence and violence in society.

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Lecture 9 media (cont.)

  1. 1. Power and the Media 2
  2. 2. OutlineMedia control over societylast weeknorms/valuesbiasMedia control over the individualCase study: Media violencearguments forarguments againstSummary
  3. 3. Media control over societyNormsValuesBiasHypodermic syringe model Vs uses and gratifications
  4. 4. Simpsons episodeSeason 2 Episode 9Itchy and Scratchy and Marge
  5. 5. Does violent media lead toviolence behaviour?One of the most studied topic in social sciencesTHERE IS NO CONSENSUSNO CONSENSUS
  6. 6. Group activityIn your groups discuss possible arguments for and against, draw on asmany examples as you can.For the purposes of this argument media violence may include:-• Computer games• Cartoons• Wrestling/ Boxing/MMA• Music which glamorises violenceRelate to hypodermic and uses and gratifications modelsDo the different media have similar effects?
  7. 7. Copycate.g. Jamie Bulger case
  8. 8. Catharsis
  9. 9. Desensitizatione.g. BreivikSensitization?
  10. 10. PsychologicaldamageChildren can be traumatized bysome media leading to lastingdamage
  11. 11. Resources for further reading…Media awareness network – really good overview of the research to dateWikipedia article is pretty good – but note the discussion (click on the talktab)Be careful, a lot of the stuff online is biased (usually conservative) andassumes that society is more violent today than previously (verycontestable!!).