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Dscoop8 Peak Focus Attract, Recruit and Hire the Right People Presentation Slides

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Dscoop8 Peak Focus Presentation

  1. 1. Jerry Scher Peak FocusAttract, Recruit and Hire The Right People February 22, 2013
  2. 2. Talent Impacts Performance “All the clever strategies andadvanced technologies in the world are nowhere as effective without great people to put them to work” Jack Welch
  3. 3. Why?How? What?
  4. 4. Why?
  5. 5. Executive Decisions Do we have the right people? Are we doing the right thingsAre we doing the rights things right?
  6. 6. Challenges You FaceBusiness Growth Workforce Model Objectives SkillsWorkforce Competitive Quality of HireDiversity LandscapeInnovators Organizational Social Media Required Fit Explosion
  7. 7. Performance Challenges Theory of Optimization People(A x A x A)P differentiation Lagging & Performance leading through indicators metrics
  8. 8. Talent R.O.I. Cost per hire Resume overload Quality of hire Time to productivity Integration and moraleOn-boarding and development Management satisfactionEmployee Retention - 1 year
  9. 9. What?
  10. 10. Industry JobsPrint and Web Designer Digital Pre-Press Marketing ManagerOperations Manager Work Flow Manager CIO, CMO, CTO, CFODigital Press Operator Account Executive Business DeveloperEstimator Logistics/Fulfillment Quality Control MGRController/Accounting VP Sales & Marketing Creative Services ManagerPromotional Products Database Specialist CSR-Project ManagerOffset Press Operator President/CEO Administrative AssistantDigital Imaging Computer System IT ManagerSpecialist Specialist
  11. 11. Recruiting & Promoting Basics Eligibility Suitability Interests Interview Certifications Work Preferences Confirm eligibility Specific job skills Work Values Assess suitability Educational levels Interpersonal skills By engaging candidates Education subjects Type experience AttitudesAmount of experience Motivations Overall Score - Integrate all test results into an overall score that can includes eligibility, suitability and interview scores.
  12. 12. Behavioral CompetenciesStrategic Judgment - combination of traits necessary to recognizerelevant information and formulate an effective strategyEffective Enforcing – ability to skillfully correct others when they areviolating rules or performing poorlyInnovative – ability to create new and more effective ways of doingthingsProvides Direction - tendency to manifest traits necessary for aleadership roleInterpersonal Skills – balance of traits that relate to effective interactionwith othersPeople Oriented – balance of traits that would enable one to positivelyinteract with othersOrganizational Compatibility – tendency t work co-operatively withothers (assuming sufficient job related knowledge and team compatibility)Negotiating – tendency to bargain in order to reach a beneficialagreement
  13. 13. Traits and Work Preferences Management – “C” Marketing Technology Manager LevelTakes Initiative Takes Initiative AnalyticalAnalytical Wants Challenge PersistentFinance/Business Optimistic PreciseWants Challenge Self-Improvement Takes InitiativeAnalyzes Pitfalls Analytical Wants ChallengeWants to Lead Enthusiastic OrganizedAuthoritative Persistent CollaborativeHandles Conflict Collaborative Computers/ScienceInfluencing Enlists Cooperation Pressure ToleranceOrganized/Systematic Research & Learning Enlists CooperationPressure Tolerance Planning Effective Enforcing
  14. 14. Predicting Sales Effectiveness Creatively Organize and Ability to Persistent Plan Engage Disciplined Follow up Strategic Self- Influencer andTakes Initiative Improvement Assertive
  15. 15. Next Generation Business Development SpecialistTakes Initiative Negotiating Research & Frank Blunt Learning Wants Outgoing Team Warmth & Defensive Challenge Empathy Analytical Persistent Collaborative Assertive Evasive Influencing Self- Enlists Certain Harsh Acceptance Cooperation Optimistic Teaching Experimenting Organized Self-Sacrificing Self- Authoritative Tolerance of Dogmatic SkepticalImprovement Bluntness Enthusiastic Pressure Diplomatic Self-Critical Tolerance
  16. 16. How?
  17. 17. Define Talent AcquisitionProcess of Attracting and On- Boarding Talent to Drive Performance
  18. 18. Talent Acquisition and Alignment Systematic process, right tools for hiring or promoting RIGHT, The First Time!
  19. 19. Define The Job Essential Duties Education and Performance Training Expectations Experience Attributes & Required Competencies
  20. 20. Build a Candidate PipelineRookie or 24/7 Describe Pro Technology Person Everywhere Wanted Brand Skills Vertical Industry Attract withTransfer Markets and Training Company
  21. 21. Screen for Eligibility Resume Review Social Media Search Eligibility Questionnaire
  22. 22. Assess For SuitabilityHarrison Assessment Technology From Peak Focus, LLC
  23. 23. Suitability Competencies Business Industry Client Focus Acumen NetworkCommunication Relationship Multi-level Skills Building Contacts Technology Collaborative Sales & Expertise Skills Marketing
  24. 24. Suitability Questionnaire• Work specific• Cross-referencing technology• 8,103 comparisons• 2,701 multiple questions• Less than 30 minutes• Only positive statements• Built-in lie detection• Meets all legal requirements (EEOC)
  25. 25. The All Important Interview• Engage in two-way conversation• When You’re Talking…• Uncover and predict potential• Learn what you don’t already know• Rate your Interview Skill
  26. 26. Interview Basics• Prepare• Define job• Eligibility & Suitability• Review resumes• Google, LinkedIn, etc.• Select Team & Assign
  27. 27. Interview for Eligibility• Education & Employment• Industry Knowledge• Time Management• Business Knowledge• Technology Competence• Business/Sales Philosophy• Personal Goals• Ranking
  28. 28. Interview for Suitability• Job Specific• Strengths• Weaknesses• Behavioral questions• Situational testing
  29. 29. Let’s Work on Our Interview Skills
  30. 30. Talent Acquisition and Alignment Systematic process, right tools for hiring or promoting RIGHT, The First Time!
  31. 31. Re-engineer Your Process 404.931.9291 jerry@peakfocuscoach.com www.peakfocuscoach.com