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Sadp profile 2011


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Sadp profile 2011

  1. 1. South Asian Diabetes Prevention ProgramBACKGROUNDDiabetes and the resulting complications are significant causes of morbidity and mortality. Theliterature on diabetes in the South Asian population clearly states the high-risk status of thisgroup, which is primarily attributable to genetics, lifestyle risk factors, and the stress related tomigration. South Asians are 4-6 times more likely to develop diabetes than the generalpopulation; incidence of diabetes is 14% versus 5.2% in general population. However, thesecommunities commonly experience challenges accessing healthcare services due to language andcultural barriers. Thus, the overall goal of the South Asian Diabetes Prevention Program is toenhance equitable access to diabetes prevention and management services, as well as, provideculturally-relevant educational resources for South Asian communities within the FlemingdonHealth Centre’s catchment area.PROGRAM PROFILEThe South Asian Diabetes Prevention Program (SADPP) is an innovative project developed byFlemingdon Health Centre (FHC) in collaboration with Social Services Network and is fundedby the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TC LHIN) through the Aging atHome funding.PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONEarly Detection ClinicsThe program outreaches and conducts Diabetes early-detection clinics in the community usingevidence based screening tool tailored for the South Asians risk factors: A first-step check-up toidentify those who are at risk of developing diabetes. The same day a prediabetes awarenessworkshop is delivered.Educational WorkshopsParticipants learn how to make lifestyle changes that are necessary to prevent diabetes.Participants are provided with the newly developed Diabetes Prevention Care Kit to furtherenhance their self management skills and informationReferral Services:Those identified through our screening process to be at-risk of developing diabetes are referredto their family physician to complete the Second-Step check up and confirm if they are at highrisk (prediabetes diagnosis). Those already living with diabetes are referred to managementprograms.Objectives:  Identify those who are at risk of developing Diabetes through early-detection clinics  To raise awareness about diabetes in the South Asian communities  To enhance knowledge and skills around healthy lifestyle modifications and diabetes prevention  Connecting communities to health providers, programs and organizations Page 2 of 3
  2. 2. PROGRAM TEAMA multidisciplinary team part of the Health Promotion Department at Flemingdon Health Centre:  Registered Nurse  Registered Dietitian  Two Outreach Workers  A pool of Outreach Animators with various language skills  A pool of dedicated Volunteers  Project CoordinatorRECENT DEVELOPMENTSA Busy 2010-11The demand from the community for this program continues to grow. During 2010-11, themostly part-time team conducted a combined 79 clinics and workshops during the year, attendedby 1430 participants.Canada’s first-ever South Asian Diabetes Prevention Care KitOnce SADPP was created, a need was felt to develop a culturally and linguistically relevantdiabetes prevention resource care kit tailored for the South Asian communities. This kit would beused to further enhance knowledge, raise awareness, and build skills around healthy lifestylemodifications to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.After conducting an environment scan of services and resources available, it was determined thatvery few or no culturally relevant resources and supports for diabetes prevention exist for theSouth Asian communities. While there are a number of translated resources that exist, there areno resources that incorporate the social determinants of health and address Prediabetes for theSouth Asian communities. The Care Kit was created to bridge the perceivable gap betweenresources and supports tailored to a Westernized culture to one that is culturally andlinguistically relevant for South Asian communities. This kit will be provided at no cost toparticipants that attend SADPP early-detection clinics and workshop sessions in the communitybeginning August 2011. Kit Contents: 1. A Bilingual Handbook (English/Urdu & English/Tamil) 2. A Video that follows a family through the South Asian Diabetes Prevention Program and the changes they learn to make to their lifestyles to prevent diabetes 3. Additional translated resources 4. Interactive tools that are companions to the three areas of lifestyle modification a. Measuring Spoons (Healthy Eating) b. Pedometer (Physical Activity) c. Measuring Tape d. Stress Ball (Mental Health) Page 3 of 3