Peace at Work with Stuart Mackay - Interview


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Interviewed by Sandra Tonkinson
Editor of What Therapy Singapore 30 June 2013

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Peace at Work with Stuart Mackay - Interview

  1. 1. Peace at Work with Stuart Mackay Interviewed by Sandra Tonkinson Editor of What Therapy Singapore 30 June 2013 “My aim is to offer an approach that is simple, clear, and doctrine free. Cultivating peace within is the only focus. Inner peace and stillness is essential in every human life. My wish is that each and every one of us experiences a deeper connection with our essence. Peace at work clarity enables us to release tension and free our creative power.” Stuart Mackay Peace at Work Clarity . The name “Peace at Work Clarity” says it all. When peace is at work, there is clarity. Better decisions come with clarity. This is peace at work in your life – at the workplace, at home, and in all your relationships and spheres of activity. Just 5 minutes a day to RELEASE, not manage, stress and tension sounded a tad too simple and easy. So What Therapy sat down with Stuart Mackay to find out more. Stuart is the author and founder of Clarity Integration – “an intervention and prevention tool to meet the needs of a rapidly changing and stressed-out society” – from Peace at Work Clarity. What is Peace at Work Clarity? Peace at Work Clarity has been the vehicle to promote the awareness of having a clear mind for both personal and business relations for the past three decades.
  2. 2. Before coming to Singapore, Peace at Work partnered with PETRONAS in bringing Clarity Integration to their employees and businesses. It is always free to try. Clarity Integration is a simple but powerful tool to help people be calm, clear, and focused. When we are stress-free and clear, we become more effective, engaged, and happy. You start with 5 minutes a day and build up to 20 minutes, by following the workbook and tracking your clarity progress. The technique promotes focus and deep relaxation or peace state. This supports the release of stress and tension. This is done with an open eye focus technique? Yes. You focus directly into a mirror, which is familiar territory for everyone. As you become calmer and more focused, you can actually feel and see the film-like layers, masks, and impressions of tension being drawn to the surface and releasing. This is a very natural process. There is nothing mystical about Clarity Integration. Once practiced, it becomes clear that our outer environment is also our mirror. You see this at home and at the office. Say, you are having trouble with this person, that person, that person, and the person behind. The common factor is the person in the middle. When you release the tension, all of a sudden, you have good relationships with all these people. You are in the centre and all these people are your mirrors. Where does this tension come from? From the decisions we make. We hold onto both positive and negative experiences from the beginning of our life’s journey. Our life lessons are found in both. This gives us a blend of wisdom (or love) and fear to navigate our journey on earth.
  3. 3. This full collection is what we are dealing at any one time and all of this has come from the decisions we have made along our journey, deciding yes or no or somewhere in between to whatever life has presented us with. Maybe is still a decision. When we hold onto something negative for whatever reason, this is how tension accumulates. If we are experiencing difficulties in our world, anywhere, with anyone, then there is tension to be released. We often try to change the other person to match how we feel. And that is what’s stopping our full expression. So how does clarity and making decisions change everything? Most of our major life lessons are made up of daily mundane micro decisions. It’s the tiny little “oh ok” or “huh, not sure, alright then.” It’s not the big stuff. It’s all the small decisions that build up and create negative tension as they cast shadows from the interior. It’s very rarely the big decisions. Right now, people on earth are making billions and billions of decisions under enormous stress and it’s getting out of control. Understand when we are full of stress and tension we normally react because we are not clear. If we release our tension, we will respond by giving ourselves enough time and room to consider an outcome that serves all. People being sick – that’s also tension? Yeah, absolutely. Dis-ease is tension. This is not a random paradise. With any shadow, there is something obstructing the light. When you release that obstruction, the light comes through. The body is an image of the inner body which is in perfect health. The physical is a reflection of the inner body. Let go of the tension and you will be surprised.
  4. 4. What are the common blocks to healing? Readiness! Pharmaceutical, tobacco, alcohol, and newspaper industries prosper so well because they understand people can sit in a relief-holding pattern for many, many years – sometimes until they die. And they are only too happy to accommodate them. We can blame these industries as much as we can blame the cliff that someone has walked off of. More and more of us are learning self-responsibility, meaning that we alone are responsible for our well-being, not another. I just encourage you to release the stress and tension from your body and your life on a daily basis. Do we need to know the past, like what happened? This is what I call the symptomatology of tension. My experience over the last 30 years is that humanity has become sicker, quicker. There is the sickness industry that has deepened on the “relief only” of every ache and pain conceivable. It is largely built to create a sustainable revenue model. Some healthcare practitioners do fall into the category of “come back and see me next week”. Why? Because I am dependent on you! We are learning more and more that only self-responsibility will get us over the line to good health and that personal effort in letting go is the key.
  5. 5. We don’t have the time or money to spend the rest of our lives working on the issues of the past or the future. The common thread is – we need to learn to let go of the tension that is restricting both. There is cause and effect. Holding on is the cause. The symptoms are the effects. What is the Clarity Integration process like for most people? Compelling. First time is a bit confronting – to actually feel the stress and tension rising and feeling angry, annoyed or scattered, or seeing distortions. Some people also experience physical sensations like aches and pains, tingling, and heat. This is the response of the tension passing through and being released. This is what has been hiding beneath the surface, making you feel indifferent. It is important to maintain a consistent practice but if you find that it is surfacing too quickly, you can scale back your daily routine until it settles down a bit. Using Clarity Integration has made a lot of difference in many people’s lives. Many cancer patients have been using this. This method is not managing stress, but releasing it. It’s about letting go. The Peace at Work Clarity support team is always available for your questions. [Editor's Note: Check out the testimonials on the Peace at Work Clarity website] What does someone without tension look like? They probably wouldn’t be here. [Stuart smiles]
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