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Social media do's and don'ts


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Presentation at the University of Saint Francis, 2/1/13

Published in: Education
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Social media do's and don'ts

  1. 1. By day I am the Culture and Retention Manager for acompany called Group Dekko
  2. 2. I am the Lead Singer, Business Manager, and“wanna be country music rock star” in the band Sugar Shot
  3. 3. so why does this matter?
  4. 4. Just because you CAN post it, doesn’t mean you SHOULD!
  5. 5. 94% of college freshmen are onsome form of Social Media
  6. 6. l ik e b e n ’t !d o e v in k
  7. 7. D ! ! ! I R EF
  8. 8. Keep you social media sites clean!
  9. 9. anywhere from 45% to80% of employers are using the internet to pre-screen candidates
  10. 10. Why Employers Disregarded Candidates After Screening Online 35% of employers reported they have found content on socialnetworking sites that caused them not to hire the candidate.
  11. 11. Networking Building real relationships,actively maintaining them, and giving as much as you take.
  12. 12. According to a recent survey by the Department ofLabor, networking accounts for at least 69% of all annual hires.Networking is one of the BEST ways to find a job or internship.
  13. 13. • More than 350 million active users• 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  14. 14. What’s yourmessage?
  15. 15. You can’t win thelottery, if youdon’t buy a ticket!
  16. 16. Jennifer FisherCulture and Retention Manager Group Dekko Twitter: JenfisherfwBlog: