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Networking like a pro - Manchester College Presentation


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Published in: Career, Education, Technology
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Networking like a pro - Manchester College Presentation

  1. 1. Networking Like a ProWithout coming off like a used car salesman! Jennifer Fisher Graduate Retention Program Manager Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce
  2. 2. Walk away with anunderstanding ofgood and badnetworking skillsHow you can createopportunity foryourself throughnetworkingIdeas on where youcan network andpractice your skillsPractice makesperfect!
  3. 3. According to a recent survey by the Department of Labor, networking accounts for at least 69% of all annual hires.Networking is one of the BEST ways to find a job or internship.
  4. 4. Create your introduction Hi my name is __________________________ I’m a student at ____________________, studying__________________. I’m currently in my ____________ year. What do you do?
  5. 5. You can’t win thelottery, if you don’tbuy a ticket!
  6. 6. Building real relationships, actively maintaining them, and giving as much as you take.
  7. 7. Jennifer Fisher, Program Manager Graduate Retention Program Twitter: JenfisherfwBlog: