Interviewing with Confidence


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Webinar presented for IPFW on 10-18-12

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Interviewing with Confidence

  1. 1. Interview with Confidence Jennifer Fisher Culture and Retention Manager Group Dekko
  2. 2. Different types of interviews How to prepare to be great What to wear, do, sayQuestions to ask the interviewer How to follow up
  3. 3. Phone Interviews• Very popular now to help recruiters screen candidates.• Can be a challenge for anyone, even the most prepared interviewee because you can’t actually see who’s interviewing you.• Prepare the way you would for an in person interview.• Make sure that you are in a quiet and interruption free environment to conduct the interview.• Best to do over landline to avoid cell phone signal problems. If you can’t, make sure you have full signal
  4. 4. In-Person Interviews• Gives you an opportunity to see where the company is located and get a feel for their culture.• Always dress professionally.• You may be interviewed by one person or by a group. Be prepared for either.• Gives you a chance to sell yourself.
  5. 5. First ImpressionsHow long does it take to make an impression? Within thirty seconds people judge: economic level educational level social position level of sophistication ability to successBy four minutes most have made decisions about: trustworthiness compassion reliability Intelligence Capability Humility Friendliness confidence
  6. 6. ABC’s of Image Appearance Wardrobe clothing accessories Grooming hair skin nails makeup fragrance breath (don’t chew gum)
  7. 7. ABC’s of Image Behavior Etiquette phone/email table manners Introductions handshakes Civility respectful behavior consideration of others Attitude positive attitude self-confidence self-esteem
  8. 8. Skype Interviews• Done online and provides video feed of both the candidate and the interviewer.• Must have a good connection on both ends for it to work well.• Allows you to interact with the candidate and see their professional appearance.• Can be a great alternative for candidates who cannot come onsite for an interview.
  9. 9. RESEARCH THE COMPANY YOU ARE INTERVIEWING WITH Check out their website The more that you know, the more they will listen Know how your skills can help their company Be prepared with questions for them based on your research
  10. 10. SWOT Analysis•What do you have to offer an •What are areas that you feel organization? you need to improve on?•What sets you apart from other •What steps are you taking to candidates? ensure that these weaknesses•Keep it professional! do not affect your work? Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats•Based on what you know about • What are barriers you have the organization, what identified based on what you opportunities do you see for know about the organization? yourself there?•What do you see for your future? (1 year plan, 5 year plan, etc.)
  11. 11. Why is it so important to ask the right questions during a phone interview or during a face to face job interview?Because, as an applicant, the questions you ask may portray a positive light on your motivations for applying for the position, may even give the interviewer a good impression on your knowledge and skills - the questions you ask can increase your odds to get the job down the road.
  12. 12. 1. What are the challenges for this position? 2. What are the main skills necessary for this position?3. What are the personal strengths/traits required for making the difference in this position? 4. What are the department/organization’s goals? 5. How do you describe the learning curve for this position? 6. Where is the department located within company organizational structure? interview-questions-to-ask-during-a-phone- interview.html
  13. 13. The Art of a Thank You Letter Don’t forget to follow up with a thank you Highlight the things you talked about Talk about your skills again If you’re no longer interested in the job, tell them If you are interested in the job, tell them Provide contact information
  14. 14. Jennifer Fisher, Culture and Retention Manager, Group Dekko Twitter: JenfisherfwBlog: