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  • Be smart about how you stand out. There are good ways to stand out…
  • You’re pitching a product…you…at a job fair. Know your product!
  • Job fairs offer a great opportunity to network with a potential employer
  • Indiana tech class presentation

    1. 1. GRP has worked with more than 800 employers to develop more than 2700 internships in Northeast Indiana
    2. 2. Be a SUPER candidate
    3. 3. Have your resume up to date at all times. Check it and recheck it for errors and mistakes. If you are interested in aposition, research it and create a resume specific to it. Print on nice paper (not plain white copy paper). Don’t fold it when you mail it. Don’t staple it.If emailing it as an attachment, create a PDF of it first.
    4. 4. Always be professional and don’t follow up more than once a week!
    5. 5. First, Why Follow Up??? 1. It demonstrates initiative and interest in a position 2. You can verify that your resume was received and not lost in a spam filter somewhere 3. It can help you stand out in the crowd of qualified candidatesWhen Should I Follow UP?  Generally within 2 weeks of sending your resumeHow Do I Follow Up?  Email the hiring manager (Quick way to remind them to look for your resume)  Send a typed letter (Great for reiterating why you’re a good fit)  Send a hand written note (only if you have good handwriting)  Call (make sure you rehearse what you’ll say) "Hi, my name is ______ and I submitted my resume for your ______ opening. Im extremely interested in this opportunity, and I just wanted to touch base with you this position and see if there is a possibility of setting up a meeting to discuss my qualifications.”
    6. 6.  Send a follow up letter thanking them for letting you know about your status. Let them know you’re still interested in their company  Keep looking, a rejection is not the end of the world so don’t take it personally.  Consider asking the person who interviewed you for advice on how to make yourself a stronger candidate Look for ways to make yourself astronger candidate…take a class, join aprofessional organization, practiceyour interview skills, clean up youronline profile
    7. 7. The Art of Interviewing First Impressions
    8. 8. RESEARCH THE COMPANY INTERVIEWING YOU Check out their website Look for press releasesIf they are a public company, see how they are doing on the stock exchange Talk to past interns about their experiences Know their company mission and culture
    10. 10. ABC’s of Image Appearance Wardrobe clothing accessories Grooming hair skin nails makeup fragrance breath (don’t chew gum)
    11. 11. ABC’s of Image Behavior Etiquette Phone/email Manners Introductions Handshakes Civility Respectful behavior Consideration of others Attitude Positive attitude Self-confidence Self-esteem
    12. 12. ABC’s of Image Communication VerbalSpeaking skills (avoid “Like” and “Um”) Grammar Vocabulary Presentation skills Nonverbal Posture Gestures Eye contact Facial expressions Listening skills Written Language Grammar Professionalism
    13. 13. SEND A THANK YOU LETTER  Within 24 hours of you interview • Typed letter • Hand written card • Email • Send a thank you letter to everyone you interview with  It’s likely that many other candidates will also send a letter, so be sure to utilize other follow up strategiesHaven’t Heard Anything a Few Weeks Later (or by thedate they gave you)?  Send another hand written note indicating your interest  Call the person you interviewed with (after the timeframe they gave you) Tip  Get business cards printed up and provide one when you follow up. It’s a great way to get noticed and keep your information fresh and interesting.
    14. 14. Get an online version of your resume (Get nice business cards ( or Sample thank you letters (Get a matching business correspondence kit (Office Depot) Linked In (
    15. 15. Jennifer Fisher, Program Manager Graduate Retention Program Twitter: JenfisherfwBlog: