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Things I've learned and cool art I've received swapping ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)

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Art in Your Pocket

  1. 1. Art in Your Pocket Things I've learned and cool art I've received swapping ATCs
  2. 2. What does ATC mean? Air Traffic Control Appalachian Trail Conservancy American Technical Ceramics American Transplant Congress Air Training Corps Applied Technology Council Aberdeen Test Center Well... yes, but what I mean is... Artist Trading Card
  3. 3. Claude Monet (Oscar Claude Monet) November 14, 1840 - December 5, 1926 Country: France School: Impressionist Successful during his lifetime. Monet's pieces currently reach over $70 million (USD) at auction. Monet had cataracts which profoundly affected the colors and textures of his later works. Most iconic works: 'Waterlilies' paintings, there were several (often seen upon the walls of college students everywhere)
  4. 4. Umm... No, not exactly... I really meant....
  5. 5. 'Near to Bursting' by @Sarabbit on Flickr 'Spring Flight' by @PDXyogini (me) 'Ki'i' by @tinyfroglet on Flickr
  6. 6. What is an ATC? Same size as a baseball card That means: 2.5" by 3.5" (63 mm X 89 mm) "APCs" or "Altered Playing Cards" are also very popular. Any medium is used so long as it fits the size constraint: Collage Stamped images Watercolor Acrylic Fabric/Textiles Plastic Metal etc. 'Water I' by @PDXyogini
  7. 7. Cool Fabric! "thread fabric" made between layer of wash away stabilizer @Judy hand dyed, hand felted, machine embroidered Emma Jane Hogbin
  8. 8. A little history... Concept is credited to M. Vänçi Stirnemann in Zürich (1996) At first swaps took place in galleries. By 2000 face-to-face swaps were happening in several countries. Now clubs, classes, and online swaps are more popular than the in-person swaps. ATCsforALL Swap-Bot Flickr ...and more 'Composure 1' by @Sarabbit on Flickr
  9. 9. A Few "Ground Rules" Traded, not sold Sturdy Postage is higher for ATCs that cannot go through sorting machines (at least $.20 more) No slapping a sticker on a piece a paper or pasting on a computer print out. Moar Stickurs ≠ Cool Names omitted to protected the well- intentioned
  10. 10. Lessons Learned Working with the Inner Critic. Quit thinking so much! Someone will love it. Really. Small pieces == > experiments Photograph work Put your name on your work Really cool, but I'm no longer sure who created it!
  11. 11. Awesome ATCs I've Received "Collaged Butterfly 1/1" Carolyn S. Nehring "Butterfly Collage 1/3" Carol Allen "Collaged Butterflies 2/3" Bonny Baganleong "Clock/Time" - @Craftywench "Time Flies" - Pirjo-Liisa Komu " Come Fly with Me" - Maria Adams
  12. 12. Raven Pin Card @jringling "Shiva" Pirjo-Liisa Komu "Float On" @Goldfoxxe "Old Time Love" - Felicia Ahstic "Love is Good" - Lindy Stockton "Cowboys" - Rick St. Dennis **Large raven is actually a removable, wearable pin!
  13. 13. 'Untitled' Mark Scheuer "Paris: Emotional Technology" Anya Quaethem "Jelly Tag" @daydrifter
  14. 14. Moving Pieces! "Turtle" Mary Mennio A metal brad attaches a second shell overlay that swings around to reveal a heart. <3 Awww
  15. 15. "Red Door" Tina Cleverley "Gay is OK" @vreyainlove
  16. 16. And a few more of my own ATCs Hanami Joy Water III Ask! I Just Floating III
  17. 17. Rainbow Jizo Owl Watched by Night Koi Dreaming I A Water Jewel
  18. 18. "How do you measure a year?" A whole book of ATCs bound with simple ribbon/glue binding
  19. 19. Go ahead, make art! Sherri Montgomery Twitter: @PDXyogini Flickr: PDX Yogini Morning Buzz