Section 9 health and welfare benefits


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Section 9 health and welfare benefits

  1. 1. Section 9 -- HEALTH AND WELFARE BENEFITS 1.) All retirees, spouses or surviving spouses must enroll in andmaintain all availableMedicare parts A & B insurance coverage assoon as they become age-eligibleMedicare eligible. 2.) At the first available opportunity, retirees, spouses or surviving spouses who became Medicare eligible must enroll in a TriMet designated Medicare Risk plan, which are currently Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage and United Healthcare Group Medicare AdvantagePacifiCare Secure Horizons. Having enrolled in Medicare anda Medicare Risk plan and upon providing written confirmation of these Revised 04/25/13 Article I – GENERAL PROVISIONS Page 18-19 of 170 d. The medical coverage of the spouse and dependents of a retiredemployee shall continue for (16) years eleven (11) yearsfrom thedate of death of said retiree effective December 1, 2003; twelve (12) years effective December 1, 2004; thirteen (13) years effectiveDecember 1, 2005; fourteen (14) years effective December 1, 2006, and fifteen (15) years effective December 1, 2007; and sixteen (16) years effective December 1, 2008. The medical coverage of the spouse and dependents of an active employee shall continue for one (1) year after death of said employee. e. Employees who meet the qualifications for full retirement underArticle X, Section 1, Par. 2(a) on or after the first day of themonth following ratification by both parties or following contractaward pursuant to interest arbitration [substitute date certain onceknown] shall be eligible for single coverage under the District’sMedical, Hospital, Prescription Drug, Dental and Vision programsuntil reaching age 65. During this period of coverage, the Districtwill pay 50% of the premium cost. Classes of employees subject to this agreement are as Follows (Article X, Section 1, Par. 2(a) (page 125): Par. 2. The qualifications for full retirement benefits are: a. Ten (10) years of continuous service with the District, Rose City Transit Company, and Portland Traction Company, or ten (10) years continuous service with the District and the Blue Lines, or ten(10) years continuous service with the District and the Vancouver-Portland Bus Company; and
  2. 2. b. Age 62. The normal retirement age under the Plan is 58. Here are some of the bullet points of note: 1. Make everyone change to Kaiser Medical, United Healthcare Group (United got bad reviews on YouTube - Fraud in 2008 accused-of- fraud/. 2-in-review-unitedhealth-groups-year-of-the-dow.aspx 2. Survivor Benefits reduced from 16 years to 1 year. 3. From age 58 to 65 the company only has to pay only 50% of the premium costs. 4. Reminder of what they said: of-liars-and-thieves-that.html