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Brand Marketing For Charities


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Brand Marketing For Charities

  1. 1. If getting your message across is increasingly depressing, try looking at it from our perspective Better marketing for Charities with better things to do
  2. 2. When it comes to the crunch you can still stand out from the crowd Charities are all asking themselves, can we weather PAW is the brand marketing agency who will. the current financial storm? Can we rely on With extensive experience of defining, developing current donors? And what we can do to raise and delivering incisive, intrusive and impactful brand awareness, as well as the funds that our current communications, we can help you to stand out from commitments will absorb and what our future projects the crowd of good causes, to provide you with clear will demand? points of difference for your charity, your brand and your bottom line. Whether your charity is supporting poverty, addiction, health, intellectual and/or physical disabilities, your In short, we’ll stretch your brand further and your message needs to come across loud and clear. If budget even more. there is charity fatigue out there, you need to wake up the public consciousness. If there is a reticence to So, when it comes to the crunch, credit will be where donate, you need to reinvigorate the moral good. credit is due. But to do so, your brand must be strong. You must be steadfast in presenting your values and consistent in your communications. Your offering and your brand characteristics must be communicated with clarity and with a tone of voice that is altruistic, yet not patronising towards an intelligent public. All this and more will help you rise above the clamour for funds in a recession hit market. Yet there are few who will help you with a passion.
  3. 3. Brand Creation Brand Clarity Better Brand Marketing Our absolute aim is to strategically and creatively And with PAW you’ll be investing with one of the most enlarge your brand footprint, to get your organisation dynamic and creative approaches to brand marketing. noticed and encourage contributors to donate to you with increasingly greater amounts and repeatedly. We’ll help you build your brand, at whatever stage it is at in its life cycle, so it works much harder for your When consumers are considering their options cause. Whether you’ve allocated less than last year to carefully, your brand needs to be top of mind. marketing, reassuringly, you don’t have to be less than inspired. Whatever the media, (ads, brochures, websites, e-marketing), on-line or off-line, we’ll provide you with a platform for your brand and a hierarchy of Do contact me now to arrange messages that will resonate with donors, old and an exploratory meeting. new, delivering the right words and images, at the right time and in the right context. Paul Weinstein Now is the time to invest in marketing, to lock your brand and message into the minds of your prospective supporters, so when they or their family or T: 020 8736 5877 friends are affected by the needs you support, and it’s E: likely some will, they are more inclined to support your charity, based on the latent warmth we’ve already built for your brand.
  4. 4. From your perspective - better brand marketing for Charities who have better things to do with their money T: 020 8736 5877 E: