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Mma Exercises that make you a better fighter


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Are you doing the most effective MMA exercises in your MMA training workouts? Find out what you need to be doing in order to become a better fighter.

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Mma Exercises that make you a better fighter

  1. 1. MMA Exercises That Make You a Better Fighter The success of any MMA Fighter depends on the MMA exercises that he or she uses. Without building a strong foundation first, you will struggle in the future. Developing real strength is probably the first requirement when it comes to Training for MMA. If you don't have a good level of strength, you have nothing. You can use a variety of methods for building the strength required for mixed martial arts. The obvious one is through the use of weight training. This is where most fighters will start. However do not neglect other ways of building up strength. This means using methods techniques used by strongmen and power lifters. Try using awkward heavy objects in your training, such as carrying around large and heavy bags of sand, using a sledgehammer on a big tractor tyre, carrying logs, and anything else that comes to mind, they key is to think outside of the box.. Having the endurance and stamina to go the distance is also extremely important. You will not be much of a fighter if you start struggling for breath after a round or 2. The MMA exercises that you do for developing stamina and endurance will be very different from the exercises that other endurance athletes use. You need to train like you are going to fight. This will entail using weights in your MMA Training Workouts. When you go for a run, make it harder by using a weight. Use a backpack filled with sand, or a weighted vest. Walk with something heavy for a around a field. Carrying a bag of sand around a field will do fat more for you than just running around the field. Increasing the stress on your body when it comes to training for endurance will lead to high levels of stamina. This is more beneficial than just doing basic cardio. Speed and power need to be a part of your basic MMA training. This involves footwork and speed work. A great method to improve your footwork is by skipping with a rope. Try to vary your footwork as you skip. MMA Exercises That Make You a Better Fighter
  2. 2. A speed ball and punch bag should be a big part of your training workouts. Constant practice with these 2 tools will build speed and power. Also pay attention to grappling practice. Neglect this, and your fight is going to be over once you are on the ground. Grappling not only teaches you technique, it also gives your body real time training against an opponent. Mixed martial arts is a tough sport, but it will be a lot tougher if you don't get the basic MMA exercises right. Incorporate these MMA exercises into your MMA routine if you really want to be a great MMA fighter. MMA training is hard, but so is an MMA fighter. For further information visit us at MMA Exercises MMA Exercises That Make You a Better Fighter