TRENDS: What You Need To Know From CES 2012


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A team of designers and engineers were selected to showcase PDT and provide a scouting report from International CES 2012 in Las Vegas. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow.

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TRENDS: What You Need To Know From CES 2012

  1. 1. 2012 CES TrendsConsumer Electronics Show
  2. 2. SoftKinetic Golf Simulator Mark SchwartzThe 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opened with record numbers including 3100exhibitors, more than 153,000 attendees utilizing more than 1.8 million square feet of exhibition space. Althoughthere are certainly advantages of having so many tech companies in one place, it made the task of sorting outwho and what to see a bit daunting.PDT’s CEO Mark Schwartz and Director of Mechanical Engineering, PDT-TX, Matt McGowan, saw the show asan opportunity to get a pulse on the industry and brought back snapshots detailing some of the standoutproducts at this year’s show.
  3. 3. The Crowd OUR TRIPBass Pro Shops Motorcycleiwave Entertainment Hotel’s FishtankESPN 3D Promo: Boxing Ring
  4. 4. CobraTag G5 Companion Using CobraTag G5 Companion Using APP-CESSORIES v4.0 Bluetooth v4.0 Bluetooth Definition: A patented term that has become mainstream used to describe a product that, with the assistance of an App, works with an Low power bluetooth making iOS or Android device. its way into products.Scosche Radiation Detector for iPhone Cobra iRadar Using the phone as a mapping and display system for inputs from the detector.Scosche cellCONTROL Phone Disabler While Driving i-bike Rugged Case that Links to Sensors on Bike
  5. 5. Ford Evos Concept Interior Ford Evos Concept Exterior Ford Evos Concept Interior NMercedes Gullwing Concept Polaroid Camera CONCEPT DESIGN Polaroid using product design to spice up the Polaroid picture.Mercedes Gullwing Concept Kia Interior Concept Kia Interior Concept Even low cost automobile makers like Kia are investing in ground-One door for front and back seats. breaking product design.
  6. 6. Microsoft Kinect Gaming GAMING Razer’s game-changing device is the first tablet in the world designed specifically for portable gaming. Its power and singularity of purpose produce a new hybrid machine poised to become the hardware of choice for PC game enthusiasts. With Project Fiona,Integrating technology with the gaming environment, Microsoft Razer has innovated in a space has otherwisehas developed arcade and fashion games that give the ability to become increasingly commoditized.put your face in the experience.Microsoft Kinect Fashion Show Razer: Configurable LED Buttons with Touchscreen TouchpadAbility to put different clothing onto your body.Asus Gaming Graphics Card Cyborg Gaming Mouse Razer Project Fiona
  7. 7. Intel Smart TV Intel Personal Cloud Home ServerCONNECTEDThe long sought-after notion of homeautomation is about to become arealty for millions of consumers.That’s because new plug-and-playtechnology such as Belkin’s WeMoand Motorola’s Connected HomeGateway are so simple they can beset up and operated by just about Roku 2 XS Content and Delivery Belkin Connected Homeanyone. They’re also affordable, andcapable of automating everythingfrom home lighting and appliancesto climate control and security... allfrom a mobile device. These systemsare part of a larger trend in userexperience that’s leading to anytime,anywhere management of our digitallives.More social networking, more Ford Mobile Health Seminar Intel Chip In Lenovo Phoneblogging, more RSS feeds, moreemail, more videos…more content.Content is entering more of our livesfrom our phones to our homeentertainment to our kitchen to ourcars. Content delivery and userinterface management will be critical Intel is getting into mobile space…as it enters our lives at every step. new for them.
  8. 8. Mercedes Connected Interface Mercedes Connected InterfaceReads your facebook feeds out loud. Social media entering the vehicle.Ford Touch Interior Intel In-Car Technology Intel In-Car TechnologyPeiker Connected BMW Intel In-Car Technology
  9. 9. Motorola Fitness WatchHEALTHMONITORINGThe term “mobile health” (mHealth) refersto healthcare services delivered via mobiledevices. Most of the focus is on selfmonitoring, which has emerged as a newconsumer category. Garmin Ant+ Booth, Watch DisplayThe trend is growing so rapidly that BestBuy has begun selling Aetna healthinsurance on a trial basis to help supportits mHealth device sales. Two of the mostnotable mHealth devices at CES were thenew Aria Wi-Fi Scale from Fitbit, and thenew BodyMedia FIT monitoring platform.The scale uploads weight, body fat and Fitbit’s Aria WiFi Scalebody mass index info to a collection ofonline tools that track progress, while themonitoring platform is touted as the firstpersonalized feedback technology thatrecommends activity and dietaryadjustments based on the user’s calorieburning and food intake.
  10. 10. Bodymedia Booth Bodymedia Health Tracker Constant health monitor… even while you sleep!Bodymedia Health Tracker Bodymedia Body Meter
  11. 11. iBallz ipad Protector iCASE From the super rugged to super goofy, you could not escape the smartphone and tablet case mania this year at CES. It’s curious why manufacturers keep making devices thinner and less durable when a majority of customers add a case.in2uit Boomcase IPhone Stand Just goofy.
  12. 12. iLuv Booth iPhone Case BoothAnother business built on ipad/phone/etc stands and cases.IPhone Case Mania IPhone Case Mania
  13. 13. More computing and more content needs more power. POWER: WIRELESS The auto industry used to lead the charge in alternative power. Now with just about everything being wireless, the consumer electronics industry is picking up some R&D.Wireless Power TI Eval Kit Wireless Power - Phone Wireless Power - Recharging Backup BatteryWireless Power Blender Demo Wireless Power Car Demo Wireless Power on Packaging Notice blue light on KaboomNo cords!! bottle.
  14. 14. Wireless Power in Print Material Wireless Power in Print MaterialThe combination of wireless power enabled retailshelving and electrically charged film makes for eyepopping advertising. Notice the left mag vs. the right mag.Wireless Power Tabletop Demo Wireless Power Tabletop DemoWireless power is thin and easily implemented in phonesand furniture/auto/etc.
  15. 15. Goal Zero Rugged Backup BACKUP BATTERY Battery Staying connected was a big theme at the show this year as evident by the slew of companies touting their backup battery solutions.Duracell wireless charging station (backup Duracell Booth Switch 75 LED Bulbbattery + Phone)Hyperjuice Backup Batteries
  16. 16. Intel Booth Samsung Booth, Cinema 3D SMALL / THIN Thinner and lighter has been around for years but CES will be the launching platform for many Ultrabooks, thin and light fullyIntel/Dell XPS Ultrabook LG 55” OLED 3D TV, Super Thin functional laptops to offset some of the craze seen from less functional tablets. PDT worked with Dell several years ago to develop Adamo 13 and Adamo XPS using the thinnest technology and manufacturing techniques in the industry.Intel/Dell XPS Ultrabook Xi3 Booth Sony TabletReal carbon fiber skin on bottom, superthin. Gorgeous ID, Smooth edges, wafer thin.
  17. 17. Glasses Free 3D HD Intel Retail 3D Intelligence VISIONMidland XTC Helmet Cam Hold retail box up to the camera, identifies item, on screen shows 3D Doesn’t work that well. image of toy.Midland XTC Helmet Cam Polaroid 3D Tablet Head’s Up Display Is 3D really that cool?Liquid Image Camera Integrated Sony Steadyshot Onstar For-My-Vehicle Mirrorin Goggles Impressive display of steadyshot vs not.
  18. 18. Mark Schwartz,CEO CONTRIBUTORS“I anticipate two major hurdles approaching the consumerelectronics industry quickly. Demand placed on batteries willnecessitate major innovation in battery power or processorenergy demands. And, the cross pollination of segmentedactivities (I’m in my car/on my phone/on my laptop) createsinfinite possibilities for wireless products, thus drivingdemand for wireless standards.”Matt McGowan,Director ME, PDT-TX“CES 2012 was yet another year where companies focusedon eco system products surrounding the smartphone.Whether we get content in the car, home or on the move,staying connected and powered is essential. ”