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Melody and Alicia: anorexia and bulimia


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Class presentation by Melody and Alicia on anorexia and bulimia

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Melody and Alicia: anorexia and bulimia

  1. 1.  Disorders: Trastornos Diseases: enfermedades Pressure: Presión Thinness: Delgadez
  2. 2. -Eating disorders are terriblediseases caused by manyfactors, which may includeemotional and personalityproblems, family pressure, apossible genetic or biologicalsusceptibility and living in a culturein which there is a lot of food andan obsession with thinness.
  3. 3.  Degrees: Grados Categorized: Categorizan Common: Común Purging: Purgación State: Estado Starvation: Inanición Severe: Severa
  4. 4. -Eating disorders are usuallymanifested by obesity. They havedifferent degrees, generallycategorized as anorexia nervosa andbulimia nervosa. Bulimia nervosa, which is more common, describes acycle of binding and purging.-Anorexia nervosa is a state ofstarvation (hunger) and wasting, whichcan be performed with severe dietingor purging.
  5. 5.  Share: Comparten Characteristics: Características Depression: Depresión Concealment: Ocultación Weight loss: Perdida de peso
  6. 6. -Bulimia and anorexia sharecommon characteristics-depression, concealmentand obsession with weightloss, but differ inseverity, personality traitsand other factors.
  7. 7.  Self-starvation : Autoinanición Medieval writings: escritos medievales Defined: Definida A medical problem: Un problema médico
  8. 8. -These disorders are notnew. The descriptions ofself-starvation are found inmedieval writings. Anorexianervosa was first defined asa medical problem in 1873.