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Cruelty to animals by Miriam and Sara


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Class presentation by Miriam and Sara

Published in: Education
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Cruelty to animals by Miriam and Sara

  1. 1. Cruelty to animals is a majorconcern that is sometimes notgiven the importance it deserves.
  2. 2. Examples of the fight against cruelty toanimals are the organizations “ALMA”and “ACTYMA”
  3. 3. Gain or profit: Ganancia o provecho.Lucrative business: Negocio lucrativo.
  4. 4. USES:Wool is widely used forits elasticity and length.For wool, sheep are shorn(hair is cut) once a year.They lie down and areshaved close to the skinwith mechanical shears orscissors. More than abillion animals areexploited for their wool.-Shorn: esquilada.-Lie down : tumbarse.
  5. 5. The total of the perpetrators aremen and 80% of the "worsttorturers" belongs to highsocioeconomic class, and thosewho usually try to help theseinjured animals are predominantlypoor people.-Worst torturers: Peores torturadores.-Injured: Heridos.