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Using Edublogs


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Tutorial on how to link to external audio files when using Edublogs

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Using Edublogs

  1. 1. Using Edublogs Linking to external Audio Files (mp3)
  2. 2. Step1. Select the “Embed” Flash button
  3. 3. Step2. Type in the URL for the mp3 player - then select OK
  4. 4. Step3. Type in the player width then select OK
  5. 5. Step4. Type in the player height then select OK
  6. 6. The player code is added to the editing window
  7. 7. Step5. Select the code button
  8. 8. Step6. Type in the URL for the mp3 file
  9. 9. Format for the extra coding The following format must be used: fvars=“file= e0j8qtjmus.mp3&autostart=false” NB: Replace the URL in this example with your own mp3 file URL (shown in blue)
  10. 10. The code with URL entered correctly
  11. 11. Step7. Select the visual button
  12. 12. Step8. Save the blog and preview the result
  13. 13. The End