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Matt Gymer 2012 Innovate Carolina Presentation


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Matt Gymer's 2012 Innovate Carolina presentation

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Matt Gymer 2012 Innovate Carolina Presentation

  2. 2. L1 – Progress of Disruptive Innovation Performance Performance that customers in the main-stream market can absorb TimeSource: Clayton M. Christensen, Richard Bohmer, and John Kenagy
  3. 3. Disruptions of Healthcare Professions Complexity of diagnosis and treatment Performance that patients need or can use TimeSource: Clayton M. Christensen, Richard Bohmer, and John Kenagy
  4. 4. Disruption of Healthcare Institutions Complexity of diagnosis and treatment Performance that patients need or can use TimeSource: Clayton M. Christensen, Richard Bohmer, and John Kenagy
  5. 5. Novant Innovation DNA of Novant Innovation must include capacity for addressing disruptions in health care professions (care) and institutions (business process) Depth Business Process (i.e. ED) Distinctive Care at the Bedside Remarkable Patient ExperienceSource: OVO Innovations Breadth
  6. 6. Organizational Nimbleness Disrupted markets will require Novant managers to exploit old certainties, explore new business models, and execute leadership ambidexterity. “High Change” future Change Range of possible “Anticipated” future futures “Low Change” future TodaySource: OVO Innovations Time
  7. 7. L2 – Manage as Designer• Boundary Span• Use of Employee Narratives• Rapid Cycle Development• New Value Creation• Positive ROI
  8. 8. Novant Vision Elements Safety Our patients are safe and free from harm when they are in our care. Our work environment is one of open communication and timely feedback about the patient’s safety and care experience which is guided by the expectation “First, Do No Harm.” Quality Patients receive integrated healthcare services which deliver superior outcomes as measured against national, state and regional benchmarks, peer databases, internal standards, and the patient and family experience. Our system of care incorporates prevention, early detection, treatment and ongoing health across all venues of care. Our public transparency about our outcomes data creates a compelling reason for patients, communities, physicians and employees to affiliate with Novant and choose us for their healthcare needs. Affordability We deliver a system of care that provides value, as judged by our patients and their payers. Novant will compare favorably to a similar group of top performing health systems. Our sustained financial strength will allow us to grow strategically and invest to meet the needs of the patients and communities we serve.
  9. 9. Novant Vision Elements Easy for Me We deliver a convenient and seamless patient and family experience which is accessible and welcoming. Patients understand they are part of a system of care and can describe what is going to happen during their journey and why. Resources and information are readily available and waits are filled in ways that add value to patients and their families. Voice & Choice Patients receive all the necessary information to make knowledgeable and confident choices about their health conditions, treatment options and overall well-being. We embrace patients as true partners by valuing their perspectives and engaging them in genuine dialogue. Authentic Personalized Relationships We know our patients and see healthcare from their shoes. Patients receive personalized care during and beyond their encounters with us, and always from a place of compassion. They truly feel like family and give us their loyalty because of the genuine, meaningful relationships we have built with them.
  10. 10. Mission: Innovation as a Cross-Functional Moderator• Data broker - deep consumer insight & analytics• Technology integrator - value chain• Strategy executor - short/long term P/L clarity• Trust builder - individual voice & meaningful purpose• Designer - business models• Value creator - market making opportunities
  11. 11. Value Creation ELIMINATE RAISE Which factors can you Which factors should be eliminate that your industry raised well above the has long competed on? industry’s standard? - COSTS + VALUE REDUCE CREATE Which factors should be Which factors should be reduced well below the created that the industry has industry’s standard? never offered? - VALUE INNOVATION - - FOUR ACTIONS FRAMEWORK-Source: Business Model Generation
  12. 12. Automated Idea Generation Automated idea graduation criteria are completely configurable based on user data and site use patterns Idea scoring criteria include: vote up/down button, number of comments attached to idea, Number of subject matter expert reviews of idea, frequency idea is “shared with a friend” Frequency the idea is opened and viewed, speed at which ideas gather comments, cross market/facility views, overall collaboration is critical
  13. 13. Manual Idea Graduation Corporate-wide Innovation Challenges feed innovation funnel Subject matter experts (badge) help shape ideas Innovation council members score ideas Executive Team chooses ideas to fund and test
  14. 14. Idea Display
  15. 15. Questions or Comments