How to Globalize Editorial Planning


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Creating an editorial planning for one region is not difficult. Implementing an editorial planning on a global scale can be challenging. The presentation shares Intel's attempt to globalize their BTB editorial calendar. Pam Didner is the Global Integrated Marketing Manager at Intel.

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How to Globalize Editorial Planning

  1. 1. How to Globalize Your Editorial Planning Pam Didner Global Integrated Marketing Manager September 7th, 2011 11 INTEL CONFIDENTIAL
  2. 2. 2011 Biz. Marketing Objective and Strategy Objective • Increase Intel brand relevance Hero Product Audience • IT Managers • Signal business advantages Comm. • Stimulate interests Strategy • Engage with IT 22 INTEL CONFIDENTIAL
  3. 3. Social and search are rewriting the rules of audience engagement . 33 INTEL CONFIDENTIAL
  4. 4. Global Definition Glob|al (glo’b l) adj: 1 round like e a ball; globe shaped 2 of, relating to or including the whole earth; worldwide. 3 taking all the different aspects of a situation into account. 44 INTEL CONFIDENTIAL
  5. 5. Scalable Editorial Planning Process The Holy Grail: Tight collaboration between HQ and Geo* 1 Prioritize Countries and Topics (HQ w/ Geo Feedback) 2 Finalize Editorial Timeline (HQ) HQ-driven 3 Create Geo editorial Geo-driven calendar(HQ+Geo) (w/agency help) (w/ agency help) 4a Create Topic Marketing Kit (HQ) 4b Craft Engagement Plan (Geo) 5 Share Engagement Results (Geo) 6 Refine Editorial Planning, Marketing Kit (HQ w/ Geo feedback) 5 * HQ = Headquarters Geo = Geographies or regional offices5 INTEL CONFIDENTIAL
  6. 6. Example of Global Editorial Calendar HQ recommendation 2011 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Windows 7 Product Launch Product Launch Cloud Topics Migration #1 Mobility #2 Virtualization Computing 66 INTEL CONFIDENTIAL
  7. 7. Example of Geo Editorial Calendar within HQ framework 2011 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Windows 7 Product Launch #1 Mobility Cloud Computing China Migration EMEA Windows 7 Migration Product Launch #1 Product Launch #2 Virtualization(Europe, Middle East and Africa) 7 7 INTEL CONFIDENTIAL
  8. 8. Topic Marketing Kit Intel Story Messaging and Positioning Search Terms A list of content pieces • E-mail template, landing pages etc. • Case studies, webinars, social media conversation guide etc. 88 INTEL CONFIDENTIAL
  9. 9. Geo Plan Starts with Topic Marketing Kit Search Selective Targeted Co-Marketing Advertising Topic Marketing Direct Kit Marketing PR Local Optimized Events Landing Pages 99 INTEL CONFIDENTIAL
  10. 10. Key Learnings • Long lead time of producing a kit  Less topics, three is ideal • Up and personal with all geos  Clear roles and responsibilities between HQ and Geos • Content is king and creative is queen  Storytelling with simple creative 1010 INTEL CONFIDENTIAL