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Engineering A Global Content Marketing Plan


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Learn how to engineer a global content marketing plan!

Published in: Marketing
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Engineering A Global Content Marketing Plan

  1. Developing a Global Content Marketing Plan @PamDidner
  2. Today’s Webinar • Benefits of Planning • Elements of Global Content Plan • Planning Challenges • Planning saga • Enjoy the presentation
  3. Key Takeaways • Think about content planning holistically • Connect the dots among various planning elements • Plan for re-planning
  4. Hi! @PamDidner here!
  5. Learn how to plan, develop, promote and measure your content effectively across borders Pre-order and receive 30% off on Check out: www.globalcontent. marketing Avail. on 9/19
  6. Let’s sit back for a minute…
  7. Global Content Planning Does the word “Global” put extra weight on our shoulders?
  8. Do you get stressed out just thinking about “Global Content Planning”?
  9. Don’t Stress Out
  10. The usage of a global content plan • Align on business objectives, audiences and editorial topics • Rally a team (internal stakeholders/ external agencies) • Allocate budget • Show management you have your act together • Use the plan for content execution
  11. The global content plan is ONLY an internal document.
  12. If it’s an internal document… Why should we stress out?
  13. Relax It’s only an internal document
  14. Peel the onion…
  15. Break down into two elements Global Gl 115 Content Planning Cp 116
  16. Set “Global” aside
  17. Let’s talk about “Content Planning” first
  18. The ultimate purpose of content planning Grow business
  19. Grow Business by creating educational, compelling, enjoyable content
  20. Key elements of content planning • Business goals • Marketing objectives • Target audiences • Product launch dates • Product messaging and positioning • Editorial topics and plan
  21. What elements change when we add the word “Global”?
  22. Bear in mind, The Global Content Plan is an internal document
  23. Global in an internal sense Work together to create content plan Headquarters Local or Region
  24. In small businesses Headquarters = Locals
  25. Global means: Headquarters work with Local Local provides feedback to content plan
  26. Typical elements of global content planning Headquarters (consolidated) Local Business Goals Marke8ng Objec8ves Target Audiences Product launch dates Product messaging/ Posi8on Editorial topics and Plan Country priori8es Budget
  27. Holy Grail of Global Content Planning • Roles and responsibilities between HQ / locals • Centralization vs. Decentralization • Budget Allocation
  28. Reality • Often no “Content Marketing” Group • Budget embedded into different groups • Lack of ownership • Management doesn’t understand content marketing • And more…
  29. Therefore, Global content planning is different from company to company
  30. Global content planning starts with YOU
  31. Proactively… • Identify the necessary elements • Gather information from various sources • Educate your stakeholders
  32. There is no short cut
  33. Planning VS Plans Planning is an active ongoing process, while, a plan is the documentation at one point in time.
  34. Planning VS. Plans Neither planning nor a plan guarantees success, yet both are absolutely essential.
  35. Key takeaways • Think about global content planning holistically • Connect the dots among various planning elements • Plan for re-planning
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  37. Q & A