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China Social Media Overview


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An overview of the social media landscape in China.

Published in: Social Media, Marketing
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China Social Media Overview

  1. China Social Media Overview @PamDidner
  2. Here it is
  3. Fun Fact 1 Time Zone
  4. Fun Fact 4 Municipalities Beijing Shanghai Chongqing Tianjin
  5. Fun Fact 31 Provinces
  6. Fun Fact Average Age: 36.7
  7. Fun Fact 56 Minorities 80 Dialects
  8. Fun Fact ~190 cities with > 1M people
  9. Fun Fact 1.3B people
  10. Big and Diversified
  11. City Tiers Population size GDP Economic Growth Historical / cultural significance.
  12. Tier I and 2 Cities (Developed)
  13. Tier 3-4 (Developing)
  14. Tier 5 – Counties/Towns/ Villages (Emerging)
  15. Understand Demographics h"p://­‐vast-­‐poten4al-­‐beyond-­‐chinas-­‐4er-­‐1-­‐ci4es/
  16. Big Brother is watching
  17. Censorship
  18. FB, Twitter, Google, WordPress, YouTube & other sites are banned Source: the Economist video
  19. It doesn’t mean you can’t complain PM 2.5: Air Pollution Monitoring Standard PM (Particulate Matter) 2.5 micrometers: particles are so small that they can get into the lungs, causing serious health issues.
  20. Netizens spoke! Source: the Economist video
  21. Forced government to take aggressive actions to fight air pollution
  22. Compare with Los Angeles
  23. Compare with Cleveland
  24. Spoke loudly about corruption Activists say the watch on China's railway minister Sheng Guangzu's wrist is a Rolex Oyster Perpetual (US$>7,000)
  25. Big brother AND every one else are watching
  26. Government is watching and listening
  27. Freedom with a boundary
  28. Yet, Chinese are as social as us
  29. Spend 4-5 hours per day on-line
  30. Western social media platforms are banned
  31. Don’t worry!
  32. China developed home-grown tools
  33. Weibo
  34. Source: Ogilvy China
  35. Some tools are arguably BETTER than the US social media platforms A bit of FB, IM, Gaming, Social with strangers, Dating etc…
  36. The tools are different, our behaviors are the same… Source: Digital Jungle YouTube video
  37. Chinese love their devices, just like us.
  38. Value the family
  39. Respect their elders and take care of their young
  40. We are similar • Family • Holiday Celebration • Career • Health • Financial Stability • Safety
  41. We’re different • Cultural Differences • Language Barriers • Religious Beliefs • Laws and Regulations • Usage Behavior • MKT Channel Fragmentation
  42. Face the same purchasing challenges • Information overload • Short attention span • Decision-making process • Limited budget
  43. Deep down
  44. How should we plan content marketing between China and the US?
  45. Content marketing is different from company to company
  46. Working Model Work together to plan & create content Headquarters Local or Region
  47. Align on • Business / marketing objectives • Target Audience • Editorial Topics • Roles and Responsibilities • Budget Allocation • Success Metrics
  48. Business objectives: • Increase revenue • Decrease cost Marketing objectives: • Build brand equity • Create/retain customers • Enables sales
  49. Translate business objectives to marketing objectives Business: Increase <xx>% of <product> revenue <$xM> by expanding to <segment> Marketing: Establish <Product> as the preferred choice for <whom> in the <segment> by building awareness and driving demand.
  50. Start with audience persona Global persona vs. Local persona
  51. Understand your audience via: • Buyer Research • Seller Interviews • Keyword search • Social listening Local-driven
  52. Jointly agree on annual editorial topics 2013 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Topics Product Cloud Mobility Launch #1 Product Launch #2 Big Data
  53. Determine who creates content • Who leads vs. who follows • Decentralization vs. Centralization
  54. Centralization vs. Decentralization • Products and Services • Management Preference • Budget Allocation • Organizational Structure
  55. Search Determined by • Product • Topic • Content Local-driven
  56. Marketing to China • Define business models/ communication approach • Be open-minded • Make mistakes • Make more mistakes • Hire great partners and team members