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Product Owner presentation for Spotify


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Product ideas I put to

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Product Owner presentation for Spotify

  1. 1. Product Owner Presentation! Phil DiCorpo
  2. 2. Objective! Method! Demonstrate my knowledge of the music industry, the Spotify product, and my vision as a product owner We will review of number of features and initiatives that I feel would enhance the Spotify platform and help grow the business
  3. 3. How loud is it going to get?! Instruments owned! Years playing and writing music ! Devices that run Spotify including mobile and Sonos system! Turntables and over 100 records! 15! 11! 2! 4! My passion for music by the numbers 2! 4! 15! 11!
  4. 4. Refinements! New Features! Big Bets! The ideas that follow vary in size and scope
  5. 5. Refinements! Going from good to great
  6. 6. Playlist Annotations! Whatʼs New! •  Allow users to add a message when adding a track to a playlist! •  Messages are displayed when other users play each track! Benefits! •  Enhance usersʼ listening experience by adding a layer of personlization and social context to a playlist! •  Allow artists and experts to share their knowledge and influences with listeners! Phil  DiCorpo                                            X   Q-­‐%p’s  produc%on  on   this  track  makes  it  one   of  my  favorites  in  90s   hip  hop  
  7. 7. Activity Feed Comments! Whatʼs New! •  Allow users to add comments to items in their activity feed! •  Comments for a userʼs activity are displayed in either a new section or as part of Notifications! Benefits! •  Provides a dynamic and lightweight way for users to socialize around the music they listen to ! •  Removes reliance on third-party platforms like Facebook and Twitter for social collaboration and helps reinforce user engagement within Spotify! 4 12
  8. 8. New Features! Getting the mix just right
  9. 9. Customized Artist Pages! Whatʼs New! •  New portal for artists to customize their page on Spotify! •  Provides the ability to include links to social media, blogs, videos, unreleased demos and remixes, upcoming shows, etc.! Benefits! •  Establish Spotify as the only unified platform for artists and labels to distribute music and communicate with their fans! •  Engage users and make Spotify the one-stop-shop for not only listening to music, but also connecting with the artists behind the music! Background! •  Existing services that provide complete platforms for artists include Bandcamp, MySpace, and custom websites for more established artists !
  10. 10. Upcoming Shows Playlist! Whatʼs New! •  New dynamically generated playlist that includes the top tracks of artists who are playing upcoming shows in a userʼs location! •  Tracks are ordered chronologically by performance date! Benefits! •  Advances Spotify as an online tool for users to experience music in their offline world ! Background! •  Existing services like Pollstar already have a well-established database of events and APIs for accessing this data ! Venue When Fillmore Auditorium Great American Saturday, May 6 Friday, May 5
  11. 11. Virtual DJ Experience! Whatʼs New! •  New section within Spotify that allows multiple users to listen to another user DJ in real-time! •  Provides social features like chat as well as a way for users to provide feedback to DJs on their set! Benefits! •  Spotify feature which could displace entire products that compete for user adoption and engagement! •  Lets users connect with other users in new ways to share, discover, and discuss music on Spotify! •  Provides a platform for “special events” that allow artists to connect with their fans by DJing their favorite music ! Background! •  This idea is very similar to existing services like and Mixcloud!
  12. 12. Big Bets! Playing these really loud
  13. 13. Advanced Recommendation Engine! Whatʼs New! •  Leverage Topographical Data Analysis and Spotify listening history to cluster and find relationships between users! •  Introduce new music from a userʼs cluster or nearby clusters for Spotify Radio and other Spotify discovery features ! Benefits! •  Compared with textual or acoustical analysis, this approach more closely parallels how music is referred between friends! •  Allows social collaboration and music discovery between millions of Spotify users in an anonymous way! Background! •  Topographical Data Analysis (TDA) is an emerging technology being used to cluster and find relationships between data sets with a large number of variables, such as genetics, drug discovery, and geological studies!
  14. 14. 2-sided Marketplace for Apps! Whatʼs New! •  Expand App Finder to be a true 2-sided marketplace where users can add Paid or Free apps to Spotify! •  Include social proofs like ratings and reviews to reward apps that enhance the Spotify experience in innovative ways! Benefits! •  Leverage the over 20 million Spotify users to create an attractive market for developers as well as a new stream of revenue for Spotify! •  Allow third-party developers to innovate on the Spotify experience to help drive user engagement and platform loyalty! Background! •  2-sided marketplaces have been a proven business model for delivering extensibility for consumer and Enterprise products ! $1.99 (34)
  15. 15. Integration with DJ software! Whatʼs New! •  Allow DJs to leverage Spotify tracks in their live sets as part of remixes and sampling! •  Integrate with DJ software like Traktor to enable access to Spotifyʼs offline content while maintaining the integrity of Ogg Vorbis file protections! Benefits! •  Enable thousands of DJs to use Spotify as a platform to create and remix music! •  Embrace an influential and growing user segment to help reinforce Spotifyʼs competitive position against iTunes, Beatport, and others ! Background! •  DJ software needs access to complete tracks to analyze songs and establish beat grids! •  Beat grids help set cue points in a song that are used for looping and sampling during a DJʼs performance !
  16. 16. Thank you for listening!